Throwback Fails: Watch out for that! (June 2017)
Date : June 3, 2017
By ShaMagic

We're tossing it down this week, as well as bringing back a few funny stops working. Every little thing from sparkling wine events failing, a Virtual Reality video game failed as well as an amazing scorpion! Leave a comment regarding your preferred clip below and also don't forget to send us your funny fail videos to!


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Video clips:
Cars and truck runs over Person's Skateboard
Man on trampoline
Man off Table while Commemorating
Man on Skateboard
Fish Hitman
Badminton Gamer Dives for Shuttlecock
bail video 5 raw
Woman during Contest of strength Contest
Lady's Face Smacks Flooring while Exercising
Girl in VR knocks her employer in the head with a HTC Vive controller.
Tree Breaks while Individual Climbs It
Individual on Pogo Stick Slips on Pizza
Biker Goes Flying over Handlebars
Trainee Design Falls at Pep Rally
Little Tikes Cozy Sports car Crash and Burn – Rapid as well as Angry Epic Fail
Golfer Can't Leave Sand Catch
Bicycle rider Goes Flying over Handlebars
Teenager Consumes Dust Dropping Hill
Longboarder Eats Pavement
Badminton Player Dives for Shuttlecock
Football Player Breaks $300 Lamp
Yoga exercise sphere fail
paul despises little gurls
Mountain Bicycle rider Crashes off Wood Path
Hamster Has problem with Wheel
Head-over-handlebars stop working
Person Falls off Table while Celebrating
Man Eats Pizza with Quarrel in Front of Him
Individual Cannot Release Rope Swing
Segway Fail
young boy on tricycle gets hit with basketball
Mountain Biker Bends Front Wheel
Teenager Tries to Hold on Rugby Pole
Longboarder Takes Gnarly Spill on Roadway
Rope swing stop working
boom operator tips over equiptment
Skateboarder Pretends to Witch on Halfpipe
Man Gets Pinches by Crabs
Teen Obtains Hit with Basketball
Proprietor Frightens Felines with Dog Outfit
Male Knocks Down Archery Safety Net
Llama Spits in Male's Face
Parking Garage Limbo Goes Wrong
Little Child Discards Soft drink on Face
Individual Dunks after that Breaks Wall
Mountain Biker Almost Crashes into Cow
Barefoot Waterskiing Turnaround Fail
Horse Stops Short of Obstacle
Support Regular Ends in Broken Light
Child Faceplants off End of Slide
Auto Insinuates Rain as well as Crashes right into Guard Rail
Drunk Wedding event Visitor Attempts to Range Wall
Cat Attacks Man
Man is Deathly Worried of Cricket
Individual Pops Medicine ball
Backflipping Teen Eats Yard
Rope Swing Snaps Mid-Swing
Phone Fall under Water while Ice Angling
Motorbike Launches Plank
Man Hurts Gut after Falling off Unicycle
Girl Obtains Thrown Off Horse
Man Falls right into Ditch Loaded with Water
Little Child Holds up Middle Finger Throughout Family members Dinner
Fridge Falls in addition to Thief
Guy Obtains Hit in Head with Ball during Trickshot
Skateboarder Nutshots Self on Rail
Bicyclist Virtually Falls off Cliff
Man Falls off Broken Tree
Youngster Obtains Head Stuck in Foldable Chai
Bikini Lady's Rope Swing Ends Inadequately
Man Soars Across Water on Coastline Chair

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