His BIGGEST Day Ever!!

Today we celebrated Kane's seventh Birthday. He truly had the best day ever. Thank you so much for being such a huge part of our family. Your support and love is a real blessing. THANK YOU.

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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my Wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

Classic Redneck Waterslide: Throwback Fails (July 2017)

We returned into the FailArmy vault to take out some incredible throwbacks. Enjoy some classic hillbilly stops working, funny youngsters, and also some hysterical workout fails. Have a video clip of your very own? Submit it to FailArmy.com.


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Video clips:
Dad Makes Painful DIY Waterslide
Male Jumps Via a Group
Police Test Do It Yourself Boating
Girl via Glass Table
Man Through Ice, Buddies Save Him Sis Try To Battle Individual Goes Bowling
Woman Has Trouble Eating Milkshake or smoothie After Surgical treatment
Boogie Board Flies uncontrollable
Kid Decrease Cake after It's Finished Cooking
Guy Aims to Do Handstand on Stool
Truck Owns on Freeway with Only Three Wheels
Youngster Flies off Treadmill
Kid on Scooter Eats the Halfpipe
Youngster Attempts Bench Press as well as Falls short
Lady Aiming to Stroll Up Snowy Hill in Heels
Bike Technique Goes Wrong
Skurfing Gone Wrong Woman While Crossing Stream
Person Slides Down Mud at Music Festival
Bike Cyclist Face Plants Into Mud
Infant Intends to Touch Father's Coffee
Skateboarder Erases on Pavement
Skier Attempts to Backflip off Ramp
Person Attempts to Toss Leaf Skimmer
Waterskiing New bride Strikes the Sand
Truck's Wheel Bounces while Owning on Freeway
Drone into Watercraft as well as into Waterdial
Girl Flies over Steed's Head
Youngster Has Bowling Troubles
Little Brother Takes Sisters Makeup
Woman Decline Birthday celebration Cake
Lady Punches Self in Face Playing Boxing Video game
guy trying skateboard trick
Woman Stumbles on Swegway
Child Fails To Hit Golfball
Child Drops Into Ramp on Scooter
Man Skips Throughout Water after Barefoot Waterski Fail
Mower Pulls Auto Behind
Golf enthusiast Breaks Club on Tree
Off-Road Automobile Topples down Hill
Pet dog knocks over swimsuit lady
Individual Lands On Rail In Between His Legs
Dog off dock
bus Plows Via Seven Cars on Freeway
Buddies Try to Reenact Famous Dancing Scene
Grill explodes
Teenagers Break Bridge lands in Ditch
Child Face Plant kingdom at Indoor Play ground
Pet Attempting to Fetch Sphere
Drone into Tree
Girl Attempts Three Handsprings Plus a Complete however Fails
Pet dog Runs Headfirst into Action
Paraglider into Trees
Individual Gets As well Near Wild Seal
New Motorist Keeps Stalling
Kitty box with dog
Reds large fall short
Canoe slip
Child throws up on pet
Guy Decrease Hotdog
Motorcyclist Wheelies and at Intersection
Fork Lift Vehicle driver Conserves Keg
Teenager after Bailing Parkour Feat
Student Swims in Flooded Cardiff Street
Lady Frightens Best Friend with Bull Frog

Classic bails and Throwback Fails (June 2017) || FailArmy

We returned right into the FailArmy safe to pull out these treasures. Enjoy some classic bails, funny children, as well as much more hysterical falls short. Have a video of your very own? Submit it to FailArmy.com.


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Man Attempts to Move Throughout Floor tiles in Workplace Corridor
Woman Does not Know The best ways to Consume alcohol Quick
Skateboarder Loses Balance and also Flies off Board
Biker Over-Rotates Stoppie
Guy Falls right into Truck Bed
Young puppy Tries to Bring Lengthy Stick Through Doorway
Man Nearly by ATV
Center Cap Falls off Cars and truck throughout Ceremony
Kid Gets Electronic camera With Baseball
Canine Wants to Join Owner's Yoga exercise Party
Downhill Longboarder Virtually into Cars and truck
Pupil Tries to Get on Workdesk and Loss
Teen Knocks Down Drain Pipe
Huge Truck Obtains Traffic light Pole
Longboarder right into Haystack
Person Tries to Swing into Pool
Upside-down Car Stuck Reversing in Website traffic
Vehicle Vehicle driver Can not Capture Boxes
Child With Bike into Bleachers
Infant Boldy Blows Raspberries
Guy Gets Thrown from Jetski
Man Aims to Capture Frisbee after Leaping off Cliff
Mountain Biker Lets Go of Handlebar after Dive
Cyclist Slides Off Big Air Bag
Thick Branch Falls in addition to Woman
Xmas Decoration Falls on Press reporter
Little Kid Falls through Ice in Undergarments
Guy On Diving Board
Man right into Ramp while Racing on Trampolines
Pet dog Can't Jump on Turning Chair
Guy Aims to Jump Across Challenge
Guy Clips Skis on Small Hillside
Woman Backflips off Trampoline
Phone Obtains Secured By Basketball
Grind to Dumpster Dive
Health club Dive Ends in Wall surface Slam
Hefty Weights Decline on Guy's Neck
Buddies on Bikes right into Each Other
Angler Encounters Humpback Whales
Llama Spits on Lady
Workers Aim to Dump Blocks
Lady Nearly Landed on Cat
Infant's Very first time Sledding
Child Kicks Yoga exercise Ball into Own Face
Lightning Strike Hits Post in Chicago
Very first time Motorcycle Fail
Teen Decline Water Balloon on Little Bro
Bridge Jump Bellyflop
Particles at Demolition Derby Flies into Crowd
Forklift into Stack of Sodas
Autos as well as Trash Can Battle on Flooded Road
Car Leaving Dropped
Wheel Pops off Motorcycle
Fisherman Falls off Boat
Guy Attempts to Barefoot Waterski
Lady Tore down Like a Bowling Pin
Fired up Infant Falls Takes Down Drone
Man Falls off Swegway in Workplace
Woman Flung off Rope Swing
Llama Spits on Family
Skier Wipes Out on Fresh Powder
Seagulls Chase Little Boy at the Coastline
Dirt Riders Collision into Each Various other
Vehicle driver Combats Carjacking at Automobile Wash with Tube
Rock Climbing Goes Wrong
Male Frustrated while Putting Get in touch with Cement

Throwback Fails: That’s one greedy cat!

We're taking it back a step with some FailArmy Throwbacks, enjoy some skateboard stops working, summer season stops working as well as a hoggish pet cat. Leave a comment about your favorite clip below as well as remember to send us your funny fall short videos to FailArmy.com!


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Video clips:
Male Carelessly Drops Expensive Video camera
Golfer Come under Lake
Bike Flip Faceplant Fail
Son Hits Papa in the Nuts
Motorcyclist Squeezes with Auto and various other Motorcycle
Diet regimen Coke as well as Mentos Experiment Fail
Vehicle driver Costs right into Flooded Street
Skateboarder Faceplants Halfpipe
Driver Blows up as well as right into Parked Cars and truck
Parking Great deal Purchasing Cart Ride Fail
Reality Tarzan Fail
Canadian Geese versus Woman
Camaro Z28 Catches Fire
Father Falls after Rotating Youngsters
Person Slips while Getting Fish
Individual Tumbles into Water
Waterskiing Crash
Jeep Swept Away by Flood
Vehicle Almost Hits Lady's Head
Little Kid Falls Over During Graduation
Motorcyclist Falls into Ditch
Sea Raft Wipe Out
Man Breaks Flower holder after Falling off Swegway Driver right into 3 Automobiles
Guy Tackles Box Hurdle
Diver Loss Onboard As opposed to Too far
Thief Loss after Swiping Flag from Porch
Vehicle Owns into Flooded Area
Snowboarder into Ramp
Woman Goes Traveling Off Trampoline
Woman Falls Off Steed while Getting Asked to Senior prom
Motorbike into Rear of Subaru
Male's Nuts Wounded by Toy Bullet
Cars and truck on Edge of Intersection
Palm Tree Stump Breaks Fencing
Mentos Bottle Rocket Hits Camerawoman in Face
Goalkeeper Unintentionally Scores Point for Opposing Group
Shark Attacks Fisherman
Dancing In reverse Girl Trips as well as Breaks Table
Individual Riding Zip Line Virtually into Tree
Gymnast Flips off Trampoline
Teenager Operating Forklift Decrease Palettes
Greedy Cat Diminish Fish Tank
Swing Burpees Fail
Little Boy Swimming pool Slide Fail
Traceur Swims
SUV Dashes Water into Vehicle driver's Car
The Fall of DJ Cat
Truck Flips on Salt Lake City Freeway
Scooter Rider as well as Mountainboarder Fall during Method
Individual Faceplants right into Above Ground Swimming Pool
Individual Terrified while Enjoying Terrifying Film
Woman Fails to Leap Over Difficulty
Girl on Mobility scooter Faceplants Sidewalk after Embarking on Ramp
Wardrobe Falls throughout Video game of Hide and Look for
Grown Guy Tries to Show off Sword Skills
Guy Falls Off Plastic Cage Tower
Bear right into Bicyclist on Route
Snowboarder Encounters Various other Snowboarder Head-First
Male Flies into Water while Checking New Dinghy
Swing Establish Light Tube Hit to Back
Vehicle driver Swipes Vehicle Versus Freeway Barrier
Guy Obtains Extremely Excited at Graduation Event
Skateboarder Gets Struck in Nuts with Plaything Football
Silverback Gorilla Offers Center Finger
Other Surfer Causes Man to Diminish Board
Children Uncooperative Throughout Picture Shoot
Baby Falls off Piano Bench
Youngster into Vehicle on Bike
Guy Faceplants Lawn after Bouncing from Trampoline

FailArmy Versus: Gymnastics vs. Parkour

Acrobatics and Parkour athletes constantly assume they're far better than each other, yet who falls short harder? Leave a remark listed below and let us understand who you believe. Have a stop working of your very own? Submit it to FailArmy.com!!


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Video clips:
Gymnast Body Knocks Mat
Three-way Fulltwist to Faceplant
Fooling Flip Faceplant
Guy Quickly Flies off High Bar Spin
Individual Crashes into Snow Flipping off Graffiti Ledge
Parkour Educating Ends in Faceplant during Frontflip
Backflip Mirror Knockout
High Bar Triple Head Smack
Gymnast Diminish Equilibrium Beam of light
Gymnast Sheds Grip of High Bar
Gymnast Swings above Bar and also Falls
Fooling Dual Backflip Fail
Jumping Person Faceplants Mat
Individual Aerial Spins into Sand
Freerunning Educating Ends with Face to Wall surface
Man Dual Frontflips off Little Home
Backflipping Guy Places Foot via Wall surface
Backflip in between Columns Ends in Faceplant
Parkour Professional athlete Slips during Jump Attempt
Parkour Frontflip off Mossy Ledge
Individual Faceplants after Front Flip
Guy Attempts Backflip off Planter Walk
Child Faceplants after Trying a 180 ° Backflip off a Tree
Man Slaps Face on Knee after Walk Jump
Wannabe Thug Jumps off Roofing system and Stops working
Parkour Guy Gets on Pillars and also Come down on Butt
Man Stops working at Jump over Barrier on Stage
Shirtless Gymnast Landed on Bars
Man Flies off High Bar
Gymnast Autumns from Bar Change
Dual Backflip on Floor covering Fail
Youngster Falls off Pommel Steed
Gymnast Loses His Hold above Bar
Lady Smashes down on High Bar throughout Acrobatics Practice
Gymnast Landed on Identical Bars
Crazy Acrobatics Flip Cannot Ruthless Head Bang
Supporter Faceplants while Recording University Employee Video clip
High Bar Olympics Training Fail
Child Stops working at Acrobatics Stunts on Mat
Swing Establish Parkour Gymnastics Fail
Acrobatics Three-way Complete Twist Fail
Acrobatics Woman Crashes down on High Bar
Parkour Roof Faceplant
Double Side Flip off Step Ends Terribly
Parkour Stairway Jump Hip Break
Front Flip Off Park Indicator Fail
Individual Lands Jump to Roofing system in Nutshot
Child Aims to Jump on Top of Dumpster
Man Aims to Leap onto Roof of Removaling Vehicle
Parkour Wall surface Flip Lands Individual in Water
Parkour Freerunner Shatters His Butt
Parkour Person Falls on Butt after Visual Dive
Parkour Fence Break
Guy Falls While Trying Parkour Jump over Block Stairs