His BIGGEST Day Ever!!
Date : September 12, 2021
By ShaMagic

Today we celebrated Kane's seventh Birthday. He truly had the best day ever. Thank you so much for being such a huge part of our family. Your support and love is a real blessing. THANK YOU.

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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my Wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

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  1. Roman Atwood Vlogs

    Almost a week of Daily Vlogs already!! Holy smokes that went quick. It feels amazing to be back. I can’t wait to keep this going. Thank you so much for staying with us. Lets go!

    • J Morris

      Sommer Ray Videos ctedftdxrxghcradhgcht f

    • Talat Yilmaz

      Super brrttyyy welch. Spoil life bertty pslss change romann you are super woman.

    • Talat Yilmaz

      Roman god mbls due ı wısh foreber u happy

    • 20k_JayRB

      Roman Atwood Vlogs hi

    • Brennen Wilkerson

      @captainrobots rryl

  2. olivia banzhaf

    Noah is adorable with cora. I love seeing him with her

    • Maggie Scott

      olivia banzhaf omg sameeee

    • Beautifulliar93

      when he starts dating girls are going to love how he is with his little sis lol

    • Swag Kace

      @Beautifulliar93 truu

    • Tacomass

      It would be pretty funny if he dropped her

    • Kianna Knox

      Tacomass why in the world would you say that !!!!😡

  3. UnspeakableGaming

    That cake should be framed

    • Dilk Kokkolate

      UnspeakableGaming — Sup!

    • SneakyGG

      Hello unspeakable

    • Rex_man

      Why is this not the top comment 😂


      Pin this

    • Benjamin Di Marco

      Hi Nathan I’m your biggest fan and I have always wanted to meet you so hopefully you see this 😀😌

  4. Collins Key

    Happy birthday!!!

    • ok

      It’s not my birthday silly

    • ok

      Corridos_tacuache91 Chevyv8 how hard

    • Kayla Biller


    • Benjamin Di Marco

      Hi Collin I use to watch you when I was younger and I loved your vids I really liked your age performance and I love your vids 😀😌

  5. Judy Matthews

    The way those kids were swinging that stick could have been tragic if it slipped out of their hands! I felt like I was holding my breath the whole time,😬😱😲❣️

  6. Zed GP

    Imagine the Atwoods living in an apartment building.

    • Mia Canning

      Z J-P you mean dales kids…?

    • Endgame Yt

      You would need the whole thing to them all

  7. Good ole country boy

    Best saying roman ever said “get it you rats” had me dieing😂

  8. Kyle Zammit

    Your son Noah is the most intelligent 14 year old kid I have ever met
    True young gentleman
    He is so humbled and so thankful for everything you guys do for him !

    • RetroZone

      How do you know he’s intelligent

    • H H

      He is very humble to be fair but I’d say otherwise on him being intelligent as we personally don’t know but he is also homeschooled ( not saying homeschool is thick)

    • Rosalinda Traiman


    • Unspoken Demise

      @Gaming With Messi So !???

    • Aot soldier

      @Gaming With Messi what the hell does that have to do with anything

  9. RCLife

    This seems like so nice to have a family like this but at the same time it seems very stressful and annoying for the parents. I remembering being this annoying and for that I just wanna apologize to my parents

    • Oriordan films

      Lol tell them not us

  10. Dark Shadow

    Let a kid unwrap my presents and blow out my candles we throwing hands

    • Spencer Kee

      Hell ya

  11. The Great Dear Leader Jim Pickens

    Dales kids need to learn some respect I’m so fed up of them and I’ve never even met them.
    *Edit* and opening *_his_* (Kanes) preasants too? I’m sorry but Dales kids probably havent ever been told off. At least Romans kids have respect and they are mature…

    • AJ Bennington

      I know right, everyone is like their just kids, its kids being kids.

      But look at romans kids so kind and respectful, they were raised right not sure the others have been.

      It was his day not theirs.

    • K6

      And you need to learn basic spelling 😂😂

    • Scopie

      @AJ Bennington but… they ARE kids

  12. Sophie x

    Dale’s kids need discipline

    • Dulce Herrera

      Just Sophie those kids are Chase’s

    • JusticeWall 9505

      If I were all those kids father, the belt would be off right now

    • Dino_Dinners_ Plans

      Dulce Herrera nope the one that torn his gift open is fakes .

  13. Emily Bright

    Jesus, someone needs to teach Dale’s kids manners.

    • Parker Cottrell

      Bruh those kids annoying as hell

    • ProjectBlue16 _

      Parker Cottrell lol 😂

    • Sebastien S

      Grabs their presents

    • King daredevil

      12:15 kid tried to steal Kane’s gum balls

    • vitalie

      fr they’re so rude and loud

  14. Liam B

    Why is conrad blowing out the candles grabbing kanes gift and unwrapping his gifts

    • Not Nugletz

      Cross Hernandez yeah that’s why they have their own birthdays they shouldn’t be opening open other kids presents………how would you feel if you had a birthday party and other kids Walked up to you and opened your gifts.?????(not trying to be mean)

    • Bella Carter

      Liam bazza I never saw him blow out candles but I did see them opening his gifts

    • ok

      Cross Hernandez that’s not romans kids

    • vitalie

      fr i literally hate that

  15. Lulu_Brocc

    Romans kids are legit so well behaved and a lot of the other kids (not gonna name) where completely crazy.

    • Horizon301

      They don’t show them misbehaving that’s why

    • Nater Potater

      It’s were not where


      Prrrrrrr yeArh right I didn’t know you had to be at work WHAT The Heck I hate my life

    • Amelia Rowe

      Most siblings always do that like me and my sibling

    • Random Kid

      Grace Styles.

  16. Leo_Cadaver

    16:04 That poor little girl! Noah scared her with his almighty Assassin’s Creed sword swinging powers!!!!

    • MangoNinja

      would have been her fault

  17. Audrey-Anne Chouinard

    OMG he was so happy when he got the keeper squad kit. It was so cute!! 🥰

  18. Brianne Blackley

    9:59 get yo hands of Kane’s present

    • Just Eli


    • Zelotix


    • Laiba Abbasi

      i can tell Brit was really annoyed that they were opening his presents and screaming. i mean who wouldn’t be

  19. 4st2ney0

    9:55 i like how flash is just outside barking in the background

  20. Spencer Kee

    I love how mature romans kids are and then there’s Dales

    • vitalie


    • Syncable

      hahahah so true

    • Will Board

      Fr they annoy me sm, when they were singing happy birthday omg

    • Porter Hylok

      So entitled🙄