Classic Redneck Waterslide: Throwback Fails (July 2017)
Date : July 13, 2017
By ShaMagic

We returned into the FailArmy vault to take out some incredible throwbacks. Enjoy some classic hillbilly stops working, funny youngsters, and also some hysterical workout fails. Have a video clip of your very own? Submit it to


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Video clips:
Dad Makes Painful DIY Waterslide
Male Jumps Via a Group
Police Test Do It Yourself Boating
Girl via Glass Table
Man Through Ice, Buddies Save Him Sis Try To Battle Individual Goes Bowling
Woman Has Trouble Eating Milkshake or smoothie After Surgical treatment
Boogie Board Flies uncontrollable
Kid Decrease Cake after It's Finished Cooking
Guy Aims to Do Handstand on Stool
Truck Owns on Freeway with Only Three Wheels
Youngster Flies off Treadmill
Kid on Scooter Eats the Halfpipe
Youngster Attempts Bench Press as well as Falls short
Lady Aiming to Stroll Up Snowy Hill in Heels
Bike Technique Goes Wrong
Skurfing Gone Wrong Woman While Crossing Stream
Person Slides Down Mud at Music Festival
Bike Cyclist Face Plants Into Mud
Infant Intends to Touch Father's Coffee
Skateboarder Erases on Pavement
Skier Attempts to Backflip off Ramp
Person Attempts to Toss Leaf Skimmer
Waterskiing New bride Strikes the Sand
Truck's Wheel Bounces while Owning on Freeway
Drone into Watercraft as well as into Waterdial
Girl Flies over Steed's Head
Youngster Has Bowling Troubles
Little Brother Takes Sisters Makeup
Woman Decline Birthday celebration Cake
Lady Punches Self in Face Playing Boxing Video game
guy trying skateboard trick
Woman Stumbles on Swegway
Child Fails To Hit Golfball
Child Drops Into Ramp on Scooter
Man Skips Throughout Water after Barefoot Waterski Fail
Mower Pulls Auto Behind
Golf enthusiast Breaks Club on Tree
Off-Road Automobile Topples down Hill
Pet dog knocks over swimsuit lady
Individual Lands On Rail In Between His Legs
Dog off dock
bus Plows Via Seven Cars on Freeway
Buddies Try to Reenact Famous Dancing Scene
Grill explodes
Teenagers Break Bridge lands in Ditch
Child Face Plant kingdom at Indoor Play ground
Pet Attempting to Fetch Sphere
Drone into Tree
Girl Attempts Three Handsprings Plus a Complete however Fails
Pet dog Runs Headfirst into Action
Paraglider into Trees
Individual Gets As well Near Wild Seal
New Motorist Keeps Stalling
Kitty box with dog
Reds large fall short
Canoe slip
Child throws up on pet
Guy Decrease Hotdog
Motorcyclist Wheelies and at Intersection
Fork Lift Vehicle driver Conserves Keg
Teenager after Bailing Parkour Feat
Student Swims in Flooded Cardiff Street
Lady Frightens Best Friend with Bull Frog

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