Rarest Cats That Exist
Date : September 13, 2021
By ShaMagic

Coming up are some of the rarest cats you won't believe exist.
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  1. kashima

    My dad and I love your content,every time he enters the room he asks me to put Be Amazed.Thank you so much for uploading every day!

    • 《DML_Legendic_DML》

      @Terry Lewis NO HIS DAD ARE TALLEST

    • KokoTheClown

      Awww :3

    • ❃αмιяαн вαℓqιѕ❃

      You might also love this channel called “zorro” he doesn’t really give fake thumbnails for all his videos


      I agree

    • RedRoseSeptember22

      It’s a great channel I enjoy watching it 🙂

  2. Darth Vacation

    As a Bengal owner I can confirm that they most definitely *are* very vocal. You can literally have an entire conversation with them, get to know what their sounds means, and they always like to have the last word 😂

    • Blondie306BoardBabe

      my bengal was the same way. he also loved water, if you ran a bath he was in there, and would scare me half to death when he opened the bathroom door cuz he heard the shower and came to join. he was also super fast and could jump to incredible heights

    • Kara Phillips

      Yeah, mine has a people song too!

    • tropix


    • The Gilmore Clan Creates

      Like my ocicats when someone is in the kitchen or in my closet

    • Sara M

      @THE SAMURAI GAMER mine is terrible for opening doors – I’ve had to put cat-proof looks on all my cupboards, a door wedge under the linen closet door (otherwise all the sheets and towels are pushed off while two sets of eyes stare innocently at me from the empty shelves 👀👀), and I have to keep the security chain on the front door after I found it wide open and a lack of cats or dogs inside!! Never trust a quiet house is a lesson I have thoroughly learned. 🐱🐶💜

  3. LunaChick Fringe

    While I love seeing these different breeds, it makes me sad that people would spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on one cat. These are all gorgeous, interesting and unique, but I’d prefer in giving shelter kitties a home before I spent that kind of money on a single cat. JMO.

    • ofthedarknessthemoonlight

      @just an SDR fan hereTrue. If they adopt from a shelter or breed rescue, good on ’em! I just don’t think we should be breeding more cats when we end up killing so many

    • Anna Nother Thing

      absotively, posolutely!!!

    • Ravina

      I agree! Though watching this video makes me realize that breeders are also out here saving almost extinct breeds, which isn’t a bad thing

    • ofthedarknessthemoonlight

      @Ravina I agree. But I still think that your basic domestic shorthair is a good choice for many folks, especially here in the US, where so many cats are put down.

    • LunaChick Fringe

      @Ravina All of these cat breeds were created by humans; they cannot go extinct. Every breed of cat has evolved the ways they have due to humans determining which genes to save for whatever makes each breed different. It’s still much better, IMO, to adopt from a shelter and to put all breeders out of business.

  4. Chrimsyn

    oh my god just imagining a knight walking with a cat is adorable

    • Mystifying Creations

      Soo cute video😀.
      Guys please do check out #mystifyingcreations to find something equally cute. A compilation of cute cat videos awaits your love.

      Please do subscribe to #mystifyingcreations to keep watching these cute kittens.

    • Seren

      You mean being carried by a Knight?😊

  5. WolfFireheart

    And here I am with my cats, no idea what kind, doesn’t mater.
    I love them, they love me.

    • Chloe Wu

      And your food, and warmth

    • Scott Payne


    • Baby floppa

      You’re an actual old cat lady

    • Pie in space


  6. SmolEmoBean

    “Prove to me you aren’t just a stack of cats in a rain coat”
    Me: *how did you know*

    • Glitter Force Amv and More


    • THE KING

      CaveSnake1273 Shhh u discover our pelan

    • Jami Abdelhamid


  7. Therealhellkitty

    The white Maine Coon is named Lotus… you can see him on YT, he’s stunning and huge.

    • Margaret Anderson


    • Margaret Anderson


    • Margaret Anderson

      My cat is a redheaded cyclical

    • Jami Abdelhamid


    • Aq ito C. Natoy

      I preferre the last two breed can anyone give me that 🐈🐈🐈🐈

  8. Life Rocks

    I have 2 Peterbald cats. They are the most awesome cats I’ve ever had! Sweet, smart, and full of energy!

  9. Eve Paleomylites

    I have a blue tonkinese and he is so friendly. He hates when I go on holiday

    • Axolotl_King

      I have a rushin blue no I’m not rare I got lucky

    • kittyKatSnap

      @Dagmar sorry didn’t know

    • Tara Workman

      Can i see the tonkinese please

    • Axolotl_King

      @Tara Workman boy you think that’s cool I have a rushin blue hes over 2000$

    • Joleen Wemigwans

      I have a black & wiet cat

  10. Michael Sloan

    I once found my cat in an empty case of beer, so he’s either curious or an alcoholic. Also, lykoi look cool.

    • Autophreak

      Why or and not both?

  11. The Monotone Monkey 🐵

    We actually have a Turkish angora cat. We didn’t even know that he was one until recently. The person that sold him to us still doesn’t realise that she sold us one for 80 dollars. He’s so precious too❤️🥰

    • The Monotone Monkey 🐵

      @vanessa wishdoom Wow thanks I didn’t know that Turkey didn’t even exist then 🤭

    • Cadet Crockett

      @The Monotone Monkey 🐵


    • Mystifying Creations

      Soo cute video😀
      Guys please do check out #mystifyingcreations to find something equally cute. A compilation of cute cat videos awaits your love.

      Please do subscribe to #mystifyingcreations to keep watching these cute kittens.

    • GFSTaylor

      Unless you have a pedigree, or have done a DNA test, your cat is almost certainly not a Turkish Van or an Angora. The pattern of a white coat with colour resticted to head and tail is known as a Van pattern, after the markings of the breed, but it can occur in regular domestic moggies too. There are far more moggies with Van patterns, or fluffy white moggies with blue or orange eyes, than there are Turkish Vans or Angoras.

    • Football 399

      @Holden McGroin turkish angora cats are very freindly both mine male one and female one is too but the kitten in scared

  12. Classical Gas

    In 1986, I found a tiny kitten on a freeway! I did t know it was so rare until now! He had blue and green eyes and was deaf. He fathered two batches of kittens. I kept two of the boys. One has blue eyes and the other was green eyed. He was also deaf. They were the only two pure white. I loved those cats!

    • shesaknitter

      @Joan McDermott I have read that a completely white cat is deaf. If the cat has even one or a few hairs that are not white, it won’t be deaf. And it might also have something to do with gender…..maybe it is just all-white females to which that applies.

    • RedRoseSeptember22

      That’s the year I was born 😀

    • RedRoseSeptember22

      @shesaknitter I had a white cat with green eyes but he didn’t appear to be deaf so I dunno :/

    • shesaknitter

      @Joan McDermott If they are totally white, without even a single colored hair, supposedly they will be deaf. Otherwise, they can be almost all white and still hear. Read that some place years ago.

    • shesaknitter

      @RedRoseSeptember22 Maybe he had a single colored hair or two…

  13. StraightMatcha

    All kitties are beautiful no matter how rare they are, but friendly reminder, it’s best to consider adopting instead of buying💖

    • Thea Hogenhuis


    • Lyndsy Joie LALIC

      yea they are not toys after all

    • Calvin the Cat


    • Ryansfortnite vlogs

      It’s not up too you what people do. I got all my animals for free off kijiji. Don’t force your choice onto others.

    • Ryansfortnite vlogs

      Buy or get for free or adopt is all good ways to get a pet. Can’t stand people like you who try to tell others what to do with their own Animals or how they get them. It doesn’t matter where you get your pet as long as you take care of them and give them a loving and caring home.


    *Me (and maybe other viewers): Likes Video without even watching past 2 seconds*
    *All The Ancient Cat Gods: Push Everything Off The Shelf Of Blessings*

  15. Priest Chase

    When I hear, “La Perm,” It actually and quite honestly sounds like a French term and it sounds like, “Le Purm!” It actually sounds like that! I’ll just stay with “Le Purrrm!” :3

  16. E Powell

    I’m surprised how many of these I’ve heard of and actually thought were common.

  17. sk sk

    We’ve got a Bombay in the family. He’s adopted from a shelter. He’s big, strong, happy, intelligent, full of love – and ADHD.

    • Joan McDermott

      I heard that Bombay cats were super friendly and affectionate.

    • linda burris


  18. Aleesha Gilbert

    I have a ragamuffin that was 2000 dollars. Really rare.

    Edit: im watching this video with her and she’s limp in my lap

  19. guto

    i love how half of these go like “this is one of the rarest breeds of cat in the world!” *shows a picture of a cat that looks like half of the strays that live in my neighborhood*