Rarest Cats That Exist

Coming up are some of the rarest cats you won't believe exist.
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Hilarious Cat Fails (April 2017)

Enjoy these humorous cat fails, a few of them are just imply though!! Which feline is your fave? Tell us in the comment section and do not forget to send your funny stop working video clips to FailArmy.com!!


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Clips in collection:
Man in Cat Mask Frightens Felines
Pet cat Can't Jump
Cats Fight for Cardboard Box
Feline Sits on Automatic Vacuum cleaner as well as Falls
Pet cat Climbing up Commode Poops On Floor
Feline on Chain Attempts to Get on Table
Pet cat Falls off Cat Residence
Feline Puts Cuddling Cat Friend
Pet cat Falls Out of Easter Basket
Cat Diminish Ladder
Canine and Pet cat Contest Bed
Grind On Me Fail – Feline Goes Flying
Cat Gets on Owners Shoulders
Printer Terrifies Cat when Paper Appears
Feline Falls off Bookshelf Backpack
Kitty Falls Asleep While Biting Toe
Cat Flips Backwards
Pet cat Jumps Off Door Into Mirror
Cat Disrupts Yoga Video
Feline Falls In Bathroom
Pet cat Diminish Door Lands on Feet
Pet cat Embarks on Bed and Hits Mirror
Fat Pet cat Stuck In Soda Box Falls
Pet cat Acquires Loaf of Bread
Cat Falls Getting on Drape
Feline Virtually Falls off Chair
Cat Attempts to Jump into Cabinet with Pillow
Fat Feline Struggles to Flip Over
Feline Safeguards Computer mouse
Pet cat Slips on Rug Aiming to Get on Table
Pet cat Tips Over
Feline Throws Other Feline off Roofing system
Cat Jumps for Toy and Runs into Mirror
Cat Diminish Window Sill Trying to Swat at Neighbor Cat
Feline Rolls off Fridge
Feline Encounters Oven n/a
Clumsy Pet cat Aims to Delve into Tub yet Gets Frightened
Feline Pulls Gauze from Jars
Feline Scares Other Pet cat
Cat Dive to Fridge Fail
Feline Attempts as well as Fails to Open up Home window
Feline Jumps in Air and Lands on Girl's Head
Pet cat Appears of No place and also Slaps Man

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