Date : May 17, 2020
By ShaMagic


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HE DESTROYED MY BUS!! | Subscribe:
Today started off like any other day here at the Atwood house but things quickly escalated when Mr. Fox decided to get behind the wheel of my yellow School bus. Technically I guess its just another normal day here. lol.
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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

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  1. Roman Atwood Vlogs

    Please share today’s video with your friends and family! Thank you for everything 🙂 Hope you have enjoyed the longer vids. Smile More

    • Richard Whitford

      Mushroom for Kaaris now

    • Eric Heitz

      Roman Atwood Vlogs lmhh

    • Raetta Lobdell

      I love your videos ????

    • Chawn Armani

      I love you guy’s

  2. Kuir Himnu

    Put it in rice it will be fine

  3. Destiny washington

    Why do i feel like cora is gonna be like roman


      destiny washington because roman is her dad

  4. LC_Music!

    the only thing that could have made this better is if after tanner mentioned its like titanic they could have done the jack and rose signature move for a split second ????

    • Jack Graybird

      LC_Music! Roman was kinda upset of Tanner that time. He couldn’t even ride on Tanner’s joke about Titanic. lol

  5. Forces

    i feel like roman was lowkey mad

    • Hah Hah

      Roman already knew before tanner said it

    • Seth Shroyer

      at 18:00 trying to get the camera, he’s ticked lol

    • Mac and cheese is Good

      Tanner is an idiot

    • Nick Pouch

      They had a camera set up at the pond, so it was definitely planned

  6. Zamebie Zambo


    • Cheryl Hodges

      aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! nnnnnnnnnnooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

    • Marilyn Camarines

      Yea how is he ganna drive his truck now

    • Ethan Long

      I was literally searching the comments for this

    • icecoldbepis172

      Zamebie Zambo yes

  7. John Wargo

    don’t hurt my bus
    drives it into a lake

    • Jong Y

      That’s not a lake its a pond

    • SL1DE

      You just got Vectored

    • Diana Johnson

      What the flip are you talking about????????????????????????

  8. ItzMeAuzi 13

    Please let this be a normal field trip

    • Spencer Sand

      ItzMeAuzi 13 lol no

    • Somewhat Alive

      With the frizz?? No way!

    • Brantlee Gantt

      MrS.Frizzal: is going to the oceon a normal field trip arnold

    • undertale fun2

      With’ Tanner Fox no way

  9. Outsiders 4 life

    Roman: just don’t hurt my bus.
    Tanner: ok.
    10 minutes later it’s in the pond.

  10. Michelina Fluks

    “WE ARE OLDER”5 min later they drive into pond and run to back of bus-

  11. George Garbers

    Ms. Frizzle on drugs

    • Itssydneymy Dudes

      George Garbers CrUsIn AlL dOwN mAiN sTrEeT wE rAn OvEr LiKe 12 KiDs

  12. Rhian B

    It was like the titanic all over again and being lifted up

  13. Peyton Loftsgard

    Who else came here from Roman or Tanners recent video?

  14. the moose

    i just realized that when you went inside the bus after you pulled it out you looked at the trash can and it was standing strait up when the bus was tilted

  15. Casey'slifewithCP

    I like how he thought he could do something else with it then this happens lol at least they are okay

  16. CodeNameCRAAAZY

    Arnold: Please let this be a normal field trip!
    everyone else: WITH THIS GUY?! NO WAY!!
    Arnold: Aww!

  17. Cam Straub

    “I had one idea with the bus that we would still be able to do after today”????????????

  18. EM - 06EC - Camilla Road Sr PS (1353)

    He said
    “let me drive the bus”

  19. my Thomas Channel

    The Magic School Bus Lost episode the bus driver gets drunk

  20. Myles Brown

    Who is he in 2020 rewatching the vlogs? I’m so mad that he isn’t daily anymore ????

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