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Today started off like any other day here at the Atwood house but things quickly escalated when Mr. Fox decided to get behind the wheel of my yellow School bus. Technically I guess its just another normal day here. lol.
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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

Mom’s Going To Be Mad: Throwback Fails (June 2017) || FailArmy

We have actually obtained some remarkable throwback falls short for you to enjoy today! Whatever from funny bellyflops to! Leave a comment about your preferred clip listed below and always remember to send us your funny fail videos to FailArmy.com!


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Golf Club Flies From Teen's Hand
Guy Through Ceiling
Magic Technique Fails
Skateboarder Flies Out of Bowl
Longboard and also Slide
Male Trips over Table
Girl Embarks on Bridge and Into Water
Grown Male Flies from Waterslide
Kid Scorpions at Bottom of Dune
Mom Tries to Trip Dirt Bike
Guy Slides with Drinks in Hand
Watercraft Turns over
Siblings Try to Do Yoga Together
Teen Injures Self after Wall surface Flip
Beer Truck Tips on Overpass
Fish Breaks Loose of Angler's Line
Individual Flops onto Slip n' Slide
Expanded Male Attempts to Utilize Child's Dive Rope
Rope Swinger Breaks Branch
Skier Consumes Snow after Failed Feat
Youngster Consumes Turf while Mountainboarding
Male Gainers off Wall as well as Into Sand
Office Workers Can't Lug Things out of Vehicle
Grandma off Segway
Fitness Professional Decrease Conditioning ball on Self
Teenager Fails to Backflip Off Youngster's Seesaw
Skateboarder Hurts Self on Ramp
Stick Hitman's Nuts
Teen Aims to Skateboard down Steep Dirt Hillside
Little Lady Stops working on Skateboard
Trailer Journeys Alone Down the Freeway
Batter Obtains Hit in Confront with Ricocheted Round
Guy on Spinning Playground Tools
Double Sideflip Fail
Skater Whacks McLaren's Windshield
Skateboarder Smashes Home window of Expensive Car
Individuals Aim to Catch Wasp Nest
Daddy Loads Quad into Bed of Truck
Dolphin steals ipad
Guy Slides off Tire after Stopping working Parkour Feat
Sphere Recovers onto Kid's Head
Blocks on Little Lady
Mommy Slips in Cow Poop
Pet dog Attempts to Eat Cage
Man Tips Over Trampoline
Man Gets on Lake
Young Equine Wants Butt Damaged
Skateboarder Insinuates Dish
Kid Faceplants on FlowRider
Ways to Study a Pool
Dogs Miss Round in Epic Fashion
Teen Embarrassingly Flies over Handlebars
Wakeboarder into Water
Guy off Chair in Workplace
Crab Latches onto Lady
Male Tries to Flight Youthful Bull
Child off Table
Girl Faceplants Sail
Youngster Riding Bike down Dust Hillside
Fresh Catch Causes Kayak to Tip over
Bicycle rider Off Teeter-Totter
Couples Quad Fail
Guy during Bike Race
Man Aims to Barefoot Waterski
Front Tire of Motorcycle Collapses
Man Slips and also Down Ramp
Rollerblader Clips Gateway
Bicyclist Faceplants Rocks
Skateboard Hits Child Between His Legs
People Release Woman off Blob as well as right into Lake
Doctor off Bike
RC Vehicle Loses a Wheel
Protection Camera Catches and Flip
Skier into Tree
Bicyclist Attempts to Get on Top of Bus Quit
Dog attempts to Asleep on Pianists Foot
Guy Breaks Vehicle Home window Attempting to Dive

When Nothing Goes Right: Throwback Fails (June 2017) || FailArmy

When nothing goes right, it's time to relax and see some our favored throwback fails. Today we have actually got some hilarious softball, pet cat fails, as well as some terrific Leave a comment concerning your favored clip listed below and remember to send us your amusing fall short video clips to FailArmy.com!


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Wedding celebration Party Falls into Swimming pool
Pipes Bursts on Highway
Guy Arrive on Nuts Jumping to Concrete System
Baseball Players Collide right into Each Various other
Surfers Directly Miss Each Various other on Wave
Father Pranks Kid with Canteen
Golf player Breaks Club
Lady Falls Backwards on Skimboard
Bridesmaid Slides during Bouquet Toss
Pet dog Gets on Top of Other Pet dog in Pool
Girl Knocks senseless Light Over Her with Hula Hoop
Individual Cannot Capture a Break on Swing
Proprietor Teases Hamster with Food
Umpire Gets it in the Spheres
Young boy vs. Dodgeball
Football Round obtains Video camera Behind Net
Loose Skateboard Bystander
Dad Tries to Make use of New Swegway
Feline Attacks Birds Projected on Wall
BMXer Fails to Nose Manual
Skateboarders Wipeout on Sidewalk
Golf enthusiast Accidentally into Cameraman
Unicyclist Rides off Wall
Mascot Knocks Nuts into Pole
Papa Falls off Child's Mobility scooter
2 Quads Fall Down Side of Hill
Snowboarder Wipes Out on Hill
Dancing Person Insinuates the Kitchen area
Soccer Trickshot Failed
Golf enthusiast Slides right into Lake
Wedding celebration Event Falls right into Swimming pool
Water Pipe Ruptureds on Street
Guy Lands on Nuts Jumping to Concrete Platform
Baseball Players Collide into Each Various other
Internet users Directly Miss Each Other on Wave
Woman Breaks Light While Exercising Swings
Turning Little Woman into Sibling
Individual Putting on Helmet Takes Unforeseen Dip
Rollerblader Goes Over Quarter Pipe Rail
Staffy Fails to Turn on Branch
Softball Player Throws wayward ball
Drone throughout Wedding
Baby Powder in Hair Dryer Trick Failed
Lady on Motorcycle Obtains Stuck in Mud
Lady Gets Assaulted by Peacock throughout Selfie
Lady Slaps Pal in Face during 360 High 5
Skier and Snowboarder Slam into Each Other
Skier and also Snowboarder Bang into Each Various other
Guy Spills Beer Everywhere
Car into Wall surface in Passage
Lady on Scooter Launches off Ramp
Man Knocks Basket of Balls over with Golf Club
Lady Leans right into Ceiling Fan
Pet dog Leaps into Wall Trying to Bring Sphere
National Anthem Fail at Speedway
Skier Slides Down Mountain in Thong
Female and Little Lady Come under Swimming pool
Canine Leaps right into Wall surface Aiming to Bring Round
Little Girl Attempts to Front Flip right into Pool
Kid Splashes at Base of Slide
Youngster Vanishes Behind Halfpipe
Guy Falls off Pier Trying to Take Kayak out of Water
Volley ball Player Smacks Face on Flooring
Bicyclist Consumes His Wheel
Auto Drags Hoover Behind It
Motorcyclist Virtually right into Moose
Man Cannot Box Dive onto Crate
Grandmother Gets Terrified by Phony Spider
Abandoner Drone Strikes Wakeboard Lady