Why Popping Pimples is a Really Bad Idea! Fact Show 19
Date : September 12, 2021
By ShaMagic

Coming up are some amazing facts you wish you knew earlier.
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  1. E lapin

    Now I’m just pictureing someone eating mentos then drinking coke and the coke shooting out of their mouths like it does when you put the mentos in the coke. 😂

    • Francis Dan Chua


    • Francis Dan Chua


    • sai siri

      then there is no need of flight. We can do that and go where we want in a jet speed!!!😂😂😂

    • infected man


    • •Kamaboko_Gonpachiro•

      Imagine if your entire body exploding

  2. Nick Copolla

    That was a really nice video!
    Thank you for your hard work buddy😊

  3. Dawgg Pog

    Teacher-never hold your pee your bladder can explode
    Me- maam can i go to pee
    Teacher – no

    • Mildred Nale

      Well she’s rude and stupid also I have a pee problem and my teacher doesn’t mind me going to the bathroom she just lets me go even then the lesson even on a test my teachers best

    • Thomas Bingham

      As if you had to ask to go toilet an got told no an just sat there like bruh man up an just go for your fucking pee

    • Thomas Bingham

      Clearly they don’t teach spelling

    • Emerson Goldstone

      thats funny

  4. Samine Testa

    When i hear anything scratching i always get chills

  5. Michael Pettersson

    That screeching sounds are related to apes warning sounds are interesting. I can defenitly see that knowledge being used in political advertising when issuing warnings about the opposition.

    The need to relieve ourself are rarely if ever a valid defence for those that get fined for urinating in public even if there is an avalible public toilet nearby or not. The law will always demand priority over bodily needs.

  6. Penny Plant

    I thought I was going to die of a broken heart when my husband passed away suddenly. I swear I could actually feel my heart breaking. It messed me up extremely bad.

    • Penny Plant

      dwn  probably. My dog died a it was worse for me.

    • Sandgross Sales

      I’m so sorry to hear that! If it’s really bad you have to forget about it and move on. Adults usuals do that since they are grown up and use common sense . You don’t have to do that, but good luck. I hope you recover!

    • Sandgross Sales

      @Penny Plant Awweh! RIP. Rest in peace. I’m so sorry to hear that!

    • Penny Plant

      @Sandgross Sales I’m doing really good now. Moved on and found an amazing boyfriend. I know my husband would want me to be happy

    • Sandgross Sales

      @Penny Plant Happy you’re doing well

  7. Penny Plant

    I developed an eating disorder after my husband passed in November of 2018. My dog died exactly a month later. I couldn’t eat from the stress and heartache. Then I just stopped because I didn’t care anymore. I’m still struggling to put weight back on.

    • Gamers Finest

      I’m sad that so many bad things have been happening to you lately, please try to stay strong and remember that things can always get better. You’ll get through this, and if you ever feel like giving up, remember that things can get better. You can and will get through this. I really do hope that things start getting better for you really soon, and hope that your weight continues to improve.

  8. Overkillz2

    I absolutely love how they give credit to every video or picture source they use! I’ve seen so many channels not care. Be Amazed is one of my favorite channels!

    • Patrice Canty

      @myswiftracecar KINDA RUDE

    • Lazypet lily

      @Patrice Canty YEP

    • Gorilla man 69


    • Gorilla man 69


    • minecraft pro helpfull tutorials

      @Gorilla man 69 whatttt

  9. Alex_The Realest

    When I was little, about 6 maybe, I loved cheese. I lOVED cheese lol. I’m lactose so I would have poop problems and I had a blockage and gas pocket and it felt like my colon burst. The most embarrassing part was they gave me something for pain and it made me poop on myself 🤣😭 as soon as they asked me to put a gown on.

    • Misty Falls 1234

      I would’ve been embarrassed so badly

  10. Jill Hanschen

    3:47 I cry from laughing too hard. When a joke gets really funny, like I’m watching “The Blue Collar Comedy Tour” and listening to Jeff Foxworthy going off about men liking bad smells, I’ll be crying the entire time he’s talking. I love good cries like that.

  11. Andrew Ziegler

    I’m 37 now but when I was in middle school I went to summer camp and held my poop for a week because I refused to dig a hole and poop in the ground. I did that for three summers. I look back and think how crazy it was to do all these physical activity wile holding my poop. I should’ve gotten an award or something

    • Erin Jones

      I reward you, Andrew Ziegler, with this special medal for your achievement! 🏅

    • Incidious Gaming

      People have holded it in for way longer I think

    • Azael Ruiz


    • Misty Falls 1234

      You deserve one. If it was me it would’ve just happened when I did the activities.

    • parinita dhali

      Wow I can hold it for even LONGER

  12. Super Ben

    I get the chills when I hear squeaky sounds

    • Tony Hou

      When I hear squeaky sounds, it feels like my brain is vibrating like crazy.

  13. clowninboots

    My uncle passed away a few years back. When he got married, he told his wife to be, “if we ever split up, I’d die of heartache”… They were in the process of divorce papers being finalized. She was moving out. Whilst carrying his wife’s boxes downstairs and crying… He grabbed his chest and fell down the stairs dead. Totally believe in dying from heartache after that. This was 8 years ago

    • Todd Amtmann

      Yes. Broken heart syndrome is a real thing.

    • Beckham Williamson

      Hey Todd Amtmtann, didn’t he call it….Taktsubo cardiopathy?

    • Todd Amtmann

      @Beckham Williamson I’m not sure of the proper terminology, but I do believe you are correct.

    • Katie-Chan

      Omg I’m so sorry for ur loss! I hope u got a happy family when they were not moving or dying! <3

  14. Richard Pierce

    I wasn’t crying! I was lacrimating!

  15. YouJustGotTitaned

    Ah yes, lets eat a food combination that’s well known to bubble and explode

    • dino da engineer [Michelle Hogan]



    It’s crazy how y’all always avoid plagiarism and give credit where it is due, in regards to pictures and short clips. Respect.

  17. Amjad Khan

    Sir, your videos are always very interesting. Whenever there are any funny clips in it, I can’t stop laughing.😄

  18. Wendy G

    I’ve never known anybody that couldn’t stand the sound of fingernails across a chalkboard, lol. Oh, well. 🙂

    • George Tirikos

      Just reading this made my body tingle.

    • Wendy G

      @George Tirikos 🤣🤣🤣 Sorry

  19. TheSovereign2011

    The chin is to protect the front of the face from breaking when you take a big, upright-walker’s fall. I figured that out while watching bathroom tile come at my face and an incredible speed. I was grateful to have the time to turn my head up and take that on the chin. No other animal often has that scar line along the lower mandible.