White Tie DO’s & DON’Ts – Tailcoat & Full Fig Dress Code Guide
Date : March 9, 2020
By ShaMagic

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Ways to tie a bow connection:

1. White Marcella Pique Single End Bow Tie –
2. Evening Scarf in White Silk Satin –
3. Pocket Square with Monogram Preliminary –
4. Over The Calf bone in Black Silk –

White connection is one of the most official dress code you could use in the western hemisphere and also however, a lot of males get it wrong.

Do n'ts.

1. Don't wear sandals. Now, they could look extremely similar to opera pumps additionally called court footwears and they have this bow, they're made out of a shiny leather.

2. Do not use an undoubtedly phony boutonniere. A boutonniere is a lapel blossom and it's nearly obligatory for a white tie ensemble. You could get away without it yet since it's a congratulatory event, it truly looks far better.

3. Do not use a necktie. A necktie is only proper for a company match yet never ever for either black connection or white tie ensembles.

4. Do not wear a routine fit. If the invitation states full fig, white connection, or formal clothing, and also white connection is required, you require a tailcoat.

5. Do not put on a white or off white supper coat.

6. Do not put on a routine tuxedo if the invitation mentions white tie. Merely either invest in a full set which can be tough may be even rent it.

7. Do not wear spats with evening dress.

8. Do not wear black shirts. The only acceptable t shirt for a white tie set is either a Marcella pique front that is rigid or a boil front that is furthermore stiff.

9. Do not wear a developer's name or tag noticeably on your clothes.

10. Do not use wrist watches with white tie. Back then, it was rude to check out your watch when in business since it would indicate you have better points to do.

11. Do not use a studless shirt and do not avoid the bow tie.

12. Do not use an early morning coat.

13. Do not put on a cummerbund with a white connection set. Cummerbunds are not proper with white tie.

14. Do not use scratched lapels on your evening tailcoat.

15. Ensure your tee shirt does not come untucked with your white tie set.

16. Do not wear waistcoats that are as well long. Typically, it's a trademark of somebody who does not wear black tie really commonly to have a waistcoat that peaks out underneath the front of the night tailcoat.


1. Do put on a pocketwatch.
2. Do show some shirt cuff.
3. Use posy and also a top hat.
4. Wear your white connection ensemble with confidence.
5. Wear a night overcoat and also pair it with gloves and also a wonderful silk headscarf in the winter season.
6. Wear a night waistcoat.
7. Wear patent leather night shoes.

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