Weird Punishments Handed Out Instead of Prison
Date : September 12, 2021
By ShaMagic

Coming up are some of the strangest punishments ever recieved.
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Category: Fun


  1. Death

    The Flute of Shame sounds like something Bikini Bottom would do to Squidward

    • jb111082

      Squidward only played in public like…once

    • Last Stand Slover


    • Abby G


    • blackwolf249

      @Death A fitting punishment for a musician who lost his touch.

    • Tiffany Lau


  2. Black Ice

    Now all we need is something equal to the flute of shame for those with cell phones who keep blasting music out of their crappy phone speakers instead of using headphones or ear buds….

    • Toyia Berry

      Sorry you don’t like music witches it’s not my fault your evil can’t get near me when I play my music!!!!!!

    • XxKrazyKrewxX L

      Well even apple earbuds you can hear the users music loudly

    • Mariela Beatriz Gutierrez

      You awsome

    • A A A A A A A A

      @Jolei33 Yep you’re listening to songs blasting very bad music not in sync

    • Merguppy Destiny


  3. The_Darker_Fonts

    What did we learn?

    Ohio’s justice system is hilariously cracked.

    • Abby G

      If I was a landlord, I would spend money from tenants on repairs for their rooms, and food for them

    • Heidi Antoine

      @dream stan number 47 I live in wyoming

    • Jaxon Robinson

      yes it is

    • Jacob Magallon

      Ohio get your people straight

    • {=} Animal Addict {=}

      I live in Ohio, if your planning to move there prepare for bipolar weather :>

  4. Captain Polar

    Gaston: “I use antlers in all of my decorating”
    Sounds legit

    • zora z

      “Even your condom lol”

    • Jack Smith

      @zora z NO

  5. Campbell Sutton

    There is a torture where they would soak your feet in saltwater for 2 days then bring in a goat and leave it there until you cracked or it licked your feet to the BONE

    • Gaming Lam

      Me: sees goat falcon kick

    • meme lord

      Thats just abuse

    • Campbell Sutton

      No it’s torture

    • Gaming Lam

      @Storm Thunder what about morgz for 2 days

    • Elizabeth Persyn

      Its called tickle torture

  6. Zindhu Zanjo

    . This narrator is levelling up. If the old one was a pizza then he is French fries.

    • Pozkitt

      There’s a third narrator who also goes by the name of Jay who voiced in one of the videos designers should go to hell or something.Not sure but you get the idea

    • Zindhu Zanjo

      @Pozkitt yeah I remember, his voice was moreeeee relaxing should I say

    • Pozkitt

      @Zindhu Zanjo If the first was a pizza ,the second was a French fries then the third will be?


      @Pozkitt ketchup

  7. Avrora Lucifer

    i’ve searched for michael cicconetti, he has retired, may his retirement be in perfect peace

    • Jolei33

      Criminal: I want cicconetti!

      Court: he’s retired.

      Criminal NOOOO

    • Markee Uno Quicio

      May he retire in hilarious popularity

    • Victor LolXD

      I’ve searched for (toy story copys)

    • Cicconetti Family


    • Jessica Mitchell

      I liked his punishments

  8. Dsdcain

    First time offender in a certain place in Ohio: *I hope I get Judge Cicconetti.*

    Court system: Sorry he’s retired.

    • Hyrule Champion

      First time offender: DARN IT

  9. MissSara101

    When I was in middle school, I was walking by the auditorium and heard some sounds I was familiar with. I peaked inside to see what was all the ruckus and noticed a viewing of Spice World, but the spectators were a brunch of high school boys who had a history. I wasn’t sure what was going on and didn’t stick around. Word soon got around on what was going on. It turns out, a couple of repeated hooligans at the high school were ordered to watch and take an exam on the film. They were told it would be for a grade to make up for the time in their stay in ISS. It wasn’t clear, but one of the hooligans likely pushed it by doing something sexist or something. However, they weren’t told that it was actually a review for the school’s newspapers and tricked into given it a positive review.

    It didn’t end there. One of the hoodlums was in one of my sister’s classes and was ordered to write a book report of the novel, Emma, while others got to choose a book. 🤣

    • Freya the Wanderer

      I”m surprised the last one didn’t use “drag.” It would have been so simple to drag that term in.

  10. C¤§m¤naμt

    When I was 13 I carved my name into a table at the school I was attending, and being the only one at my school with that name, I was busted. I was made to sand the table down and repaint it during recess periods while others could walk by and see what I was doing.

    • Anita Koshy2

      I don’t have recess, just break to eat food.

    • ArtistGamer FnafRules

      If u put an heart over it as to say u loved yourself then the teachers then would think someone elsed done it

    • ArtistGamer FnafRules

      After years of being bullied and mock and made fun of even bullied by teachers school was started to feel as if it was a punishment and as a prison I stopped going after my 18 birthday I couldn’t handle it anymore am now 36 still resent them for how they treated me

    • kirishimas_favorite_pebble

      Lol I use to do it to last year but I didn’t get in trouble and I’m the only one with this name lol rip u to the school u went to

    • Tiffany Lau

      yikes ☹

  11. John Smith

    Need more real judges like them! Great punishments!

  12. 404_VipersBite

    I knew the Ohio judge would be featured a lot coming into this video. It did not disappoint

  13. Hunter Asbury

    If I was locked to a wooden thing with my worst enemy, I would just throw all the cuss words I knew at them for hours.

    • Watery JellyFish

      @THEREAPEROFSOULZ215 if u did not understand the joke, its ur problem


      @Watery JellyFish no u

    • Watery JellyFish


    • scemer

      @THEREAPEROFSOULZ215 no me


      @scemer lel

  14. Average 2Hou music enjoyer [Daniel]

    I’m gonna cry when he narrates his last video.

    • Beanie Boo Kaleidoscope

      Oh god I don’t even want to think about that-

    • Vlogger Man67

      Yes oh yes

    • meme lord


    • the qu gaming

      Me too me too

    • Raven Galaxy rules

      Wait but he is still doing videos now ?!?!?! 🤨😳😧

  15. Ana Kelly

    The 1st one reminded me of that “Golden Girls” episode where Dorothy and Stan were labeled slumlords. They were sentenced to live in the apartment complex until the building was up to code.
    Great show.

    • Demon Shot Animations


    • ꧁Nᴀɴᴜᴋᴀ Cʜᴀʀᴛᴏʟᴀɴɪ꧂

      Second to reply

    • angel wolfTV

      3 UwU

  16. EIectric Airways

    “Paint with a toothbrush”
    *memories of that one spongebob scene related to that punishment intensifies*

  17. Midnight London

    BRUH, what is wrong with Bambi?! The one time I was drugged by weed by accident, the few days after that when I was still messed up, i watched Bambi twice because it’s just so beautiful. They hand drew everything and it’s just eye candy. Bambi deserves more respect

    • Unchain America

      because to a right-wing Karen, watching Bambi is severe punishment.

    • B

      I don’t think it’s anti Bambi, it shows a mother shot, baby alone, scared, helpless. He killed dear, maybe causing the same situation. To give empathy, seeing more, & the effects after he killed many for their antlers.

    • Its Me

      the effects of weed lasted you for 2 days? dam! that must have been some quality stuff🤣

    • Midnight London

      Why do I have so many likes on this comment, damn lol.

    • nagy zoli

      @Its Me Remember, ACCIDENTALLY drugged by weed :)) We do not question the man, maybe he had to pass through the conference room of the Anual Rastafarian Guys or something :)))

  18. {Skyfire Studios}

    “And I thought internet commenters were harsh critiques”

    *How could you say something so controversial yet so true?*

  19. Edgar Monarrez

    The person that was hunting the deer definitely remembered his childhood…

    • The Mariocrafter

      He probably didn’t watch it as a kid.

    • MaxwellMegaGamer 85


  20. Aaron Benz

    Being forced to watch Bambi reminded me of something hilarious I saw a long time ago. While I can’t remember the exact details, it could be boiled down to one fact of life: “hardened” evil can’t handle cutesy-wootsie.

    • Mr Leafy Vapours

      Haha tell that Harley Quin 🤣