We Waited 5 Years For This!!
Date : May 16, 2020
By ShaMagic

Today was very fun and educational. You already know how much I enjoy this kind of stuff. Hope you enjoy too.
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Category: Fun


  1. Roman Atwood Vlogs

    So thankful to have you here. Thank you for watching. See you Saturday for sure. Smile More

    • Virgie Foret

      Chris yo

    • jordan zemke

      They have a mento dropper you can by to drop a whole pack in. You could do a giant bucket of soda for him and just throw them in instead ????????

    • Jon Deal


    • Ben Marshall

      Roman Atwood Vlogs I remember the vlog where u put the tank in. I have been watching u for 5 years

    • Switch Playz 847

      Roman “Smile More” Me: Noted


    Who else remembers the good old days with Zeus

    • Peyton The fish keeper

      Jason odoniel I do I miss Zeus

    • Beaks YT

      that made me cry when I saw the last vid of him

    • Ramzy Rodriguez

      Me ☹️

    • Payton Anderson

      Jason odoniel me????????

    • Alexia Tull

      @Gabe Schmidt I hope he/she likes Tennis balls too

  3. samantha meyer

    Only the original fans know who fish tank tod is.

    Like if you remember who he is

    • Talkative Hour

      Damn that’s a looong time ago

    • b10tic

      If you love what mr beasts doing
      Sub to my channel and help me reach 10k and ill donate a ton of money !!!

    • b10tic

      Las23elite If you love what mr beasts doing
      Sub to my channel and help me reach 10k and ill donate a ton of money !!!

    • b10tic

      yeah yeap If you love what mr beasts doing
      Sub to my channel and help me reach 10k and ill donate a ton of money !!!

    • Grace Catherine

      samantha meyer ahhh we love todd


    Who’s been here since the smile store has been in there living room in there old house????

    Wow thx for the likes woow 1.9k thx;)

    • Ethan Harvey

      @Gavan George YOUR DUMB

    • ツmistyy

      I remember when there wasnt a warehouse at this house.

    • Sylas the awesome gamer

      i do lol


      I watch before they moved

    • Frankie Mandrolo

      I’m her at 156 hes the best

  5. Thellbro

    Love the sign: ”As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”

    • mii car

      @Ryan Barry shame that you have so much hate in your heart and you rather their kids be perverted and evil!

    • Tarrah Washington

      Ryan Barry key phrase, “their kids” they will raise them how they want to, just as you will raise yours how you want to. ????????‍♀️

    • Blytheboy1997reviews

      Ryan Barry I hope you come to know the Lord in your lifetime, he wants you to know him, you just have to be willing to accept him.

      Don’t reject the lord, he will reject you on judgement day.

    • banana smoothie

      @Blytheboy1997reviews i sure cant wait for that day

    • Dumpster Shawn

      @banana smoothie same

  6. T D

    Who remembers Roman running off of Tod’s house roof into a pond at July 4th celebration?

    • Tiffany Pearce

      Remember when he biked off the roof

    • JackNatti

      T D ha yeah

  7. alex39082

    Cora is so cute when’s she’s being a little giggle box like at the end of the video.

  8. B_NZX 78

    Who remembers when roman used to take the smile more merch to the mail office thing

    Edit: fixing spelling

  9. Kib Larios

    13:13 that was such a “Like father like son” moment.????

    • jack a boy


  10. Kristy Foley

    The one that does smile more stuff is her name Emily

    • Saumya Patel

      Kristy Foley yes

  11. Janelle I.D.

    the real OGs remember noah before he hit puberty lmaooo

    • Grace Catherine

      Janelle I.D. FrrrrrXD

    • Sofía


  12. JT Franey

    Miss the days when people would comment time stamps.. for the boys

    • Justin Little

      YES Bruh, only OGs remember the time stamps.

    • Shane McGrath

      Ah yes, the time stamps. The good ol days

    • C⃠H⃠R⃠I⃠S⃠ R⃠O⃠S⃠A⃠L⃠E⃠Z⃠

      0:00 yeah this time stamp will help

    • JT Franey

      25:40 is the best we get today

    • Amber Turner

      JT Franey 4:35 random time stamp for you

  13. Kevin Hernandez

    Who else been watching Roman since
    The pranks ?

    • Molly Adams


    • Sheena xoxo


    • HyperGameZ274

      OL LW not funny

    • Someone

      Most of his subscribers

    • AlwayZ Crazy

      OL LW you’re rude

  14. Miles Qn

    Roman: I’ll show you the fish tank on Friday’s vlog.

    Also Roman: *shows us the fish tank in the final scenes*

    • FormulaFish15

      Miles Kuehn glad I’m not the only one that was thinking that!

    • Pamela Mueller

      I noticed that too. I saw it at least 5 times in the last 5 minutes of his vlog.

    • Sarah Bee

      That was really funny

  15. Ma’Kai Irvin

    I remember when Roman posted everyday at like 2-3 o’clock

    • Steven


    • Steven

      I would just keep refreshing my yt

    • Sofia Ceballos


    • Grace Catherine

      Ma’Kai Irvin I miss it????

    • BenM

      Pacific 12pm would wait

  16. Karynna Hill

    Dear people in the comments: USE TIME STAMPS

  17. A.C 30

    Who eles been watching since they called him “Fish tank Todd?”

    • Queen Keira

      A.C 30 meee

    • Sheena xoxo


    • Bilal Aslam

      I don’t mean for this to sound rude but I like how you edited your comment and still spelt the word ” else ” wrong

  18. CasualB3ast13

    “Money doesn’t grow on trees” Tod: “Right, but it grows on coral”

    • Jake Kupscuk

      I really can’t believe coral is a lot

  19. Elijah Fernandez

    Roman when he sees the starfish fall:

  20. Grand Botismo

    They were right, money doesn’t grow on trees… it grows underwater