We Made Him FLY!!! ( Worst landing ever )
Date : May 16, 2020
By ShaMagic

Today we launch my man John Ferguson into the sky with the water blob. Brian and Ross double teamed him for one of the highest and hardest jumps I have ever seen here. Thanks so much for watching!
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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my Wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

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    • Linda Hurst

      What age is John

    • Magia

      Hahahahaahhhajjahahaha YEAH BLOOP HAHAHAHHA HOPE ALL IS WELL GODBLESS Came in to have a laugh. Thanks bloop

    • StuckByARailroadCrossing ?

      Roman Atwood Vlogs
      Maybe someone should be in the hamster wheel and then they fly up to the moon and then they come back down and splash all the water out of the pond ????????????

    • Dacin Schmadl

      Roman Atwood Vlogs tftxicndthxxtgyre fuirfguuyrffuht huijjjgfdtf

    • Troy Bourque


  2. Camden Maurer

    The way he moved his arms and feet in the air tho ????????????????

    • Remi

      Midgets are awesome

    • Nathan Howard


    • aGDizzy


    • The Mavericks

      Running man

    • Hak MX736

      Dah dah dah, RUN!!!

  3. Klayton Wielenga

    Roman, let Brian know that we all appreciate his hard work on the lawn. It’s not going unnoticed, nice lines! 😛

    • Mike Mike

      Brian is his pet monkey does what Roman says

    • Yannick Van Maasdam

      @Mike Mike you do what you’re boss tells you to do too right

    • M I Ç H Í CH

      Wow, what crazy,for like

    • Mike Mike

      @SRAD_AJ _ cause it youtube and it has a comment section. We might all be monkeys but i dont show it on YouTube for people to see along with the played out mullet he keeps wearing.

  4. Zak Benoit

    You should let DALLYMD scuba dive in your pond

    • Olivia Rhyne

      I wonder how much stuff he would find

    • Basketball Lover123

      Zak Benoit yessss

    • Johnson Varghese

      Zak Benoit it’s dallmyd

    • jay matuzak

      That would low key be cool

    • RTMP Ninja


  5. Aston Marshall

    Is it a bird, is it a plane, no.


    • Mist Killer

      Nasser Gamer his name is John

    • the duck


    • TNG Rick

      Aston Marshall subcribe to my YouTube Channel I’ll return the favor

    • Hak MX736


    • Richard Englund

      Aston Marshall its John Roblox

  6. water girl54

    First dwarf to go in to space

  7. Cactyy

    Merch idea:

    A school bus in a pond on a t shirt

  8. Bonispoints

    Not only is it in that shape… it’s also named “Fat Boy”

    • The Red Dragon 1


  9. Justin The Great Ponte

    3:36 that’s what true pain sounds like..Roman’s like “I can’t breathe” no Roman he can’t breath

  10. walquez

    The clip made ESPN SportsCenter on Snapchat!!!????

  11. Gabe Avramidis

    3 keys to being successful on YouTube
    •Good equipment
    •big house
    •a little person

    • Kelsey H.

      @Pariket यम्मराज yeah needs to go back to old school.

    • I pad Art

      And to smile more

    • Fernn 13

      And record a dead person

    • Wahid Rashidov

      Pariket यम्मराज he used to work in his parents company.

    • The supremesaints 676

      Roman David Logan

  12. Kaitlin Scott

    I feel so bad laughing because that looked like it hurt…. but I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time ???? thanks for that!! ????

  13. Kurt Ian Castro

    Yow the pond clip is trending on all of social media platforms

    • Marlon

      i like how you misspell you’re and then sound like a news anchor

    • Christian Clayton

      Where is it?

  14. Keaton Phillips

    Dude John was hands down the best part of the vlog

    • Hak MX736

      Keaton Phillips ikr

    • Ethan Jones


  15. Victoria Margaret

    Omg I couldn’t stop laughing. It was amazing him flying !

  16. Kaitlyn Long

    3:38 ok, but Brian’s laugh ????????

    • lil fist


  17. Cirlix

    I send my Condolences to you and your family

  18. Twisted Fusion

    8:33 THE *PLOOP* Got me????????????

  19. Godspeed

    He had no control the moment he launched.????
    Good thing he had a vest on too.

  20. Aidzify

    I swear every vlogger has a dwarf friend ????????