We Have So Much To Tell You!!
Date : May 16, 2020
By ShaMagic

Use Code Roman for 20% off everything Smile More. The giant Neon sign will be included in one lucky order this month. Just something fun to do. Thank you.

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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my Wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

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  1. Roman Atwood Vlogs

    Thank you so much for coming along today! we really miss everyone. Planning to upload tomorrow too. Thank you all so much. Use Code Roman for 20% off everything Smile More. The Giant Neon will be in one lucky order. Lets Go!

    • Keith Scruggs


    • Nick Bahen

      The Atwoods let’s do girls Blog like Smile more Store and You do Daily Blog that will be Awesome

    • Rybo510

      I absolutely love the kids names. Love them.

    • Thomas Tippeconnie

      Hey, The kids got so big ???????? Keep it up

    • Justin Gunter

      I live big big big bear I love you and all your family came baby little baby girl where are you guys I Wish You Were Here YouTube

  2. Alfie Nicholls

    Who else misses the daily uploads from roman Atwood? ????

    • Bmx Life

      Alfie Nicholls me been here since 2014

    • Nightingale Dreams

      Me…but,I don’t mind if he does these it’s their desicion.

    • Casey Martin

      Alfie Nicholls a$akkaka

    • Aiden Strehle

      Alfie Nicholls I want him to go back!

    • c.r vlogs


  3. Nadia Dankha

    Yes Brit should totally start a new channel! I’d love it!

    • Katie Duncan

      I think so too, as a parent I would love it!

    • Helen Forrester


    • Joey's Gaming


  4. Brandi Mancini

    Brit should definitely start her own channel.. She’s always talked about doing her own channel, and she has all these ideas… Stop debating and just do it girl..

    • poop pee

      I’m sure they will when money starts getting too low because nobody watches a dead channel.

    • Renix

      @poop pee 170k + views in 3 hours might disagree with you

    • Rockytop_Fishing

      She should but if you saw even Roman knows his channel is going down hill he changed his name to RomanAtwoodBarlyVlogs

    • Brandi Mancini

      Well the rich and the fame will only last soo long before it turns into nothing. And at their rate of never /barely uploading anymore it could hurt them in the long run.. But only time will tell.

  5. freddieisabeast32 yeah

    Brit should do it I like the idea of her having a channel ????

    • miguel raigoza

      They can even keep one

  6. Your Life Is A Great Story

    Brit’s looks get better as she’s getting older. She was always cute, but this last year she gotten way more cuter.

    • HippyDippySkippy

      Your Life Is A Great Story idk man her teeth have gotten big and weird.

    • Ronit Sethi

      Your Life Is A Great Story y’all are weird man, why do looks even matter?

    • Lutra

      PeDo fILe

    • lele.babyeee15

      so this isn’t creepy what so ever, i feel bad for them having to deal with ppl like you

    • TPVids & More

      Your Life Is A Great Story bruh one of this dudes vids is Trump looking at some ladies a**

  7. Brianna Kae

    Why don’t you get Cora a play camera, or even one of your old cameras? ????????‍♀️

    • C I A R L E

      Brianna Kae why does Cora have dark eyes when her parents are blue eyed?

    • Actually Disgusting

      C I A R L E babies don’t always get their parents eyes and get their grandparents eyes I have green eyes like my grandma and both my parents have brown

  8. *Mamma of 3 Angels*

    Holy yam nuggets dude those r expensive lights!!! Love em tho!!

  9. *Mamma of 3 Angels*

    I totally think Brit should do her own channel!! I love her! I wanna see her make up stuff shopping all the girl mom stuff !!

  10. Gibbo 129

    Missed u bro

    Where is Kountry we miss him

    • Chicken Nugget

      Gibbo 129 ya what happened to him

    • Jugger Majster

      Dude probably got a real job that pays and he’s tired of babysitting Roman lol.

    • EZ l p r e s i d e n t e d o

      so he got a real job? okay but what job? does he has beef with roman? they still on good terms?

    • CrasS CLAN

      @EZ l p r e s i d e n t e d o no

    • Emily Davies

      Lol I ask that every time

  11. McKalia Blair

    Brit make a channel omg I’ll be there ASAP ????????????????????????????????????

    • LaFlame

      I First Read she should do an asmr channel????????????

    • Joelean Irene

      Right? I’d love to see daily routines, get ready with me workout videos etc. I feel like it would be so cool!! ????

  12. Grace Battaglia

    Brit start a channel ????????

  13. leadedfeather

    HOLY CRAP! Whoever gets that random box is going to totally flip out and smile even more than evah!!!!!

  14. Anna Zuniga

    Love it when Cora grabs the camera

  15. Tanner Chadwick

    Roman, if your having vivid dreams like that, is has to be stress or anxiety… Hope your all good brother.

  16. Talk Talk f

    I love that you have a good store but the table is a fold up table gg good job guys good luck in the future

  17. Dean duP

    Stay strong the Joos dont like White Families!

  18. hailey

    I can’t believe that I’ve been watching you for 5 years now.

    • Jr Stamey

      cool iv been for 2 and its great! 🙂

  19. Tray Tary

    Every look diffrent???? except roman

  20. amaksim

    Yes Brit it would be so cool if you made a channel!