Date : May 16, 2020
By ShaMagic

HUGE HAPPY 12th Birthday to my Son Noah 🙂
Yesterday's Vlog –

Today was my boys 12th Birthday party. We had so much fun and Noah actually broke a little bit when he got his gift! Thank you so much for being such a huge part of our crazy little family. We love you so much.


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This is my life as a Father of my sons Noah and Kane along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013.

I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

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  1. Katie Y

    Who else is re-watching old vlogs? Is it just me?

    • Ty Hackney

      I am

    • Jake Repmann

      Loser Katie hey it is in your name

    • Talon Heibeck

      I’m in 2019

    • Levi B

      Make the same videos but way cooler

    • Tyler Stancill

      I am

  2. JamesBrooks7

    For my birthday, I want the zeus drama to be a dream and wake up and see him in the vlogs ????????

    • Raigan Valtierra

      Me too bro

  3. Gunnar Cooke

    roman is awesome

  4. Henry_yo

    Who is watching in 2018

    • Ethan Ward

      Henry_yo 2019

    • Kai Purcell

      2019 sorry man
      Like your name

    • D4rk Edits

      Henry_yo 2019

    • Kendra Ayers


    • jamason951


  5. Gaz BMX

    When Noah was opening the boxes I was laughing so hard just because of John’s hilarious commentary ????????

    • Rory_Emery

      If that’s a puppy, it’s probably dead.

    • Irish Lion

      ”He’s crying because of the boxcuts..” Haha that made me laugh

    • MaximaL_SchnappS :-:

      Life is full of pain!

    • Sweet Rock

      His name is actually spelt as “Jon”

  6. Burnt Toast429

    This made me cry but they were tears of joy

  7. Junior Echavarria

    Watching this back again and seeing Zeus just makes me wanna cry????

    • redring _

      Yes I know

    • XXgacha-emma XX

      Me too

    • W00liES


    • Robin Leach


    • Hayden Clark


  8. Jacob C

    Who is watching after the proposal?

    • Blqke

      jacob christensen mr

    • Roberto 310

      Your mom
      That’s who

    • Megan Parnell


    • Majd Shabib 9d

      Im watching in 2019

    • Brooke Ironhawk


  9. Jared 13

    It’s hard to do a cap

    *CAPS IT*

  10. Carter Busby

    16:24 the little baby just chilling out in the background ????????????

  11. Cody Lowe vlogs

    When mom says the pizza rolls are ready 2:41 at bottom right

    • Shmuckgaming 2

      I’m crying lol

    • Andrew Langellier

      Cody Lowe vlogs lmao

    • UptownCheese773


    • Maria Ochoa Gutiérrez


    • I love ur Channel btw


  12. Katelyn V

    Who else is re-watching in *2019?*
    *just me? Ok then…*

    • bangfroggy


    • Yelloboi Gamer

      Katelyn V me

    • •Unico Music•

      Tina Wagner whoooosh

    • Robin Leach

      Me and Zues was alive????????????

    • Vannos Gaming


  13. superbro man

    Who cries every time the see romans mom????

    • Andrew Aguilar

      superbro man me

    • Rezz Native

      superbro man when he lose his mom? And how did he lose his mom? ive been very busy with school and homework

    • Kendra Sage

      superbro man what happened

    • My Makeup Junkies

      @Rezz Native She had a accident while they were in the Bahamas she came of a little scooter and hit her head and passed away.

    • My Makeup Junkies

      @Kendra Sage They were on holiday in the Bahamas and she fell off a scooter hit her head and passed away.

  14. itzsaaccc

    Rewatching the old vlogs and seeing Zeus ????????

    • Andrew Aguilar

      itzsaaccc don’t make me cry

    • Keller Costello

      me to

    • KoZa Mystic

      itzsaaccc what about romans mom

    • jessica anderson

      Please don’t make me cry

  15. Lo Cro

    who else is watching this in 2019 also at 3:08 who else saw the project zorgo mask

    • Dan_ 250e

      He is part of project zorgo

  16. Ssteven playz


    Thats what she said

  17. Freddie

    Who hates all the comments that say who’s watching in whenever and after something like no ones cares

  18. X Finity

    Brit loves Noah, you can see the tears in her eyes when Noah was crying ❤️❤️❤️

  19. 0303 OsKr

    Who else is re-watching in 2020

  20. AdventuresWith BO

    If you are watching in 2020

    • Outdoor Videos

      AdventuresWith BO meeee

    • krOdyssey

      Is the Noah crying cringe