Throwback Thursday Fails: Try not to laugh! || FailArmy
Date : March 25, 2017
By ShaMagic

We chose to go back and take out some of our favored falls short! Delight in Throwback Thursday, as well as allow us recognize just what you assume in the comments below. Have a few of your very own? Send them to !!

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Human Slingshot Double Flip Ends in Flop
Guy Faceplants Table after Slip 'n' Slide
Sparkling wine Bottle Opening Fail
Father Tosses Snowball at Little girl's Face
Cartwheel Touchdown Fail
Woman Falls on Butt after Damaging Goat Head
BMXer Goes Somersaulting Over Handlebars
Guy in Sunglasses Falls off Chair
Electric Massager Cable Causes Power Blackout
Male Faceplants Concrete after Bouncing on Pogo Stick
Woman Breaks Light making use of Hula Hoop
Girl Falls off Tree after doing Cartwheel
Bowling through Legs Fail
Woman Faceplants Turf after Failed Jump Effort
Man Strikes Head Trying to Glide into River
Man Rides Bike Down Stairways
Plain Clothing Kayaker Falls in Water
Woman Falls off Kayak Casting Web
ATV Motorcyclist Flies off Track
Parkour Kid's Foot Goes through Roof covering
Ski Jump Collision Fail
Large Individual Breaks Tire Swing
Woman Flies over Bike Handlebar
Girl Fails to Catch Candy in Mouth
Bench Backflip Head Hit
Pals Break Bring up Bar
Rope Swing Bail Fail
Cars and truck Loses Tire while Wandering
Wakeboarder Wipes Out on Make shif Rail
Model Rocket Nutshot
Motorcyclist Flies over Handlebars
Bass Strikes Diva as well as Diva Strikes Back
Rollerblader Falls on Butt
Teen Kicks Round right into Buddy's Face
Male Tips Over in Spinning ATV
Wheel Flies off Big Rig
Unicycle Train Fail
Parkour Stops working at the Flight terminal
Man Falls in Flooded Street
Wakeboard Flip Fail
Youngster Flies out of Trampoline Cage
Child Pulls Out Table from Under Friend
Female Repays on Spouse with Firecrackers
Sandboarding Release Fail
Person Falls Off Rope Swing
Lady Falls Off Steed
BBoy Falls on Head after One-Handed Spin
Aggressive Woman Plays with Hula Hoop
Snow sled Jump Faceplant
Bicycle rider Flips Over Handlebars in Woods
Omelet Flip Fail
Guy Crashes into Barrel Trying to do Flip
Cliff Jump into Rock Fail
Block Tower Falls on Child
Pedestrian Tosses Mug on Top of BMW
Little Kitten Cannot Jump
Arrangement Toss Fail
Husky Screams Loudly
Kid Fails to Make a Skid Mark
Girl Stops working at Kitesurfing
B-Boy Falls Hard on Butt
Table Jump Fail
Rollerblader Smashes Nuts on Rail
Individual Gets Tangled in Jump Rope
Skier Falls off Cliff throughout Race
Kid Eliminates Throughout Class Rant
Mahi Mahi Runs away Boat
Car Stuck on Tracks Hit by Cargo Train

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