They Kicked Her Out!!
Date : May 17, 2020
By ShaMagic

Yesterdays Vlog –
Welcome to day 3 of our very productive and fun trip to the beautiful Bahamas. Thank you so much for being apart of our journey. See you Tomorrow.

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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my Wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

Category: Fun


    • Matthew Mcpeake

      Sorry man we wouldn’t understand what that feels like because we’re not rich

    • Yo Bro

      Y’all should go to Alaska

    • Eoin Mcglinchey


    • Aubree Stan

      Has nick Stan comment on any of your videos

    • Angie Morin



    Man roman u should start uploading daily everybody is waiting for a vlog every month


      @Kasia_R true


      poop pee dumbass if anyone quit there job they would be broke in a few years. He’s definitely worth more than you.

    • White Boy

      @shafika he seems smart I’m sure he has investments in real estate and other things

    • Patrick Bennett

      Im a fan but he only films when he travels so it’s considered a business trip

    • doosmoos

      ShafikaTH 07 he already have enough money

  2. De Bunk

    The g fuel flavor is definitely going to be tropical

    • Joseph Quinney

      Berried treasure

    • johnny guy

      kingspudgun was

    • EVC Loud

      Simba isn’t there already orange?

    • Chris L-w

      Wait.. didnt gfuel already have a flavour like this a few years ago?????

    • The Lost French Fries

      It’s gonna be called Bahama mama

  3. Mootan Applesauce

    3 vlogs in a row, I feel spoiled. Thx roman


      @Serkan Ister you take a joke dumbass

    • tcluz Yt

      Thx for jinxing us

    • Mootan Applesauce

      @Serkan Ister what’s your problem

    • Serkan Ister

      @Mootan Applesauce shut up

    • Mootan Applesauce

      @Serkan Ister literal have your been on your period for a year now

  4. Who

    7:32 *LAMINAR FLOW* !!!!!!!!
    if u know u know

    • gmoneyfresh8

      Turbulent Flow

    • earlyFrontier197

      Javardii Yeet SMARTER EVERYDAY

    • Baseball King

      Javardii best comment of all time

    • Happy While

      Thank you school

    • CutFN

      Smarter every day I watch him but that’s not limiter flow

  5. kingspudgun

    16:02 his new g-fuel

    • MR.Hellboy 1

      I liked the sneak peek of his flavor

    • maddy stutting

      It kinda looks like a peach ring flavor or something orange

  6. Andermite

    16:00 Sneak peak of the New GFuel Tub

  7. davesporcic

    3:23 you’re welcome

    • Isaak Lothert

      davesporcic thanks lol

  8. FestiveProject

    16:02 Romans new flavor in background?

    • VoxParanormal

      @ThatOnePro more like a tropical flavor

    • Yung Droza

      @VoxParanormal I agree it’s going to be something very tropical after all this work went into it in the Bahamas.

    • Nate Ubbelohde

      Or maybe mango flavored

    • Jake Will


    • David B

      Looks like pineapple to me.

  9. Deniukas06

    I bet his Gfuel flavour is gonna be called bahama mama


  10. AppointedDog

    At 16:02 you can kinda see what his favor of g-fuel is ????

    • Cuz Cuz

      Pineapple Mango???

    • Kennedy Chyzowski

      Mango and pineapple

    • Barrett Sendrowski

      AppointedDog tropical pineapple

    • Danny


    • Brain PUBGM

      Bahama mamma is the flavor

  11. Grim

    16:02 Hmmmm..

  12. Allen Miller

    6:02 we can see you g fuel flavor

  13. Sushi

    18:30 from outside it looks like a different kind of movie shoot, ngl

  14. Dylan Ferguson

    17:33 Brits popping!

    • V S

      There nice

    • James Wilson

      Do u have snap?

    • Matt Rosson

      Yea she is

  15. Errat1c

    4:25 playback speed .25
    EDIT: you will actually thank me later

    • K M

      So nice thanking u now

    • jonah stamper



      What is it

    • Kody Ogreysik

      There was nothing there

    • K M

      @Kody Ogreysik put earphones and full volume 0.25 speed at 4.24 to 4.27

  16. Landin Was here

    Roman- “did the rain follow us?”
    Brit- “cheeseburgers.”

  17. Maddie Fairbairn

    i feel like its gonna be called “Bahama breaze” or something along those lines

  18. Tim Kerr

    6:40 NO! Heck NO! It’s like the ocean sneezed in your mouth!
    8:18 HAHAHAHA!!!

  19. Mr saccz

    Your one of a kind …”SMILE MORE????”