Date : May 16, 2020
By ShaMagic

Yesterdays Vlog –

Today Brittney and I rebuilt what was left of our house from Noahs Birthday party. I took Britt up to a super awesome and scary haunted attraction. I LOVED it! super fun and well done. Thank you for watching and being such a huge part of our everyday life. We love you! Smile More


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This is my life as a Father of my sons Noah and Kane along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013.

I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

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  1. Kendal

    Is it just me or does anybody else love Brittany’s scream

    • Sou_Desu

      Kendal Halsey who else like to report thos to roman jk

    • Billyyt O9

      Kendal Halsey a

    • Dan Reuter

      It’s sexy

    • Ender Master


    • DrkD34th

      Me! Lol

  2. Zoo Bear

    Feel bad for Brit, but that was way to funny!????????????????????

    • jamie drennan-sams

      Yeah I now right

    • Bob Joe76.9

      Zoo Bear 6908

    • Anel Salihovic

      Zoo Bear ????????????????????????????????????‍♀️????‍♀️????‍♀️????‍♀️????‍♀️ ????‍♀️????????????

    • Isabella Tomlison

      +Claire Tucker I’m 9 don’t say things like that

  3. Marshall Sexton

    Roman I think you have to marry her after this.

    • -Jay Brei-

      JeyReymos ????????????????????

    • Rey

      JaySMF Brei what

    • arturo perea

      Marshall Sexton he just has to propose to her on 10 million

    • Josh ludVlogs

      There actually married now

    • Shashank Vlogs

      Just saying that it has happened

  4. Alexandra Covarrubias

    roman should ask brit to marry him on 10 million subs like of you agree

    • Flkklb Ny

      you have dirt bikes

    • Tango vlog/ Toys/ !!! Gaming

      BlueMaster 180 hey guys give a like if it’s true LOVE am I missing anything?!?!

    • The Hooded Figure

      BlueMaster 180 he already has

    • Team JPT

      Rosa Coleman totally right, he should!!!!????????????????????

    • LilBabyEth

      They aren’t married yet they are only engaged

  5. Zoie Williams

    Aww poor Brit she was crying the whole way through

    • Katie Bagley


    • ItzLeafiez

      Katie Bagley9 ????

    • S2BM TBH

      Katie Bagley9 ?????

  6. peter finnegan

    Remember ur beautiful ur amazing ur awesome if ur feeling sad just SMILE MORE

  7. Leedle Leedle

    “SOMEBODY GET THAT KID A HAPPY MEAL!”????????????Roman-2017

    • James Connelly

      Logang sucks

    • Captain Africa

      James Connelly wait WHAT DID YOU SAY, DO YOU WANNA FIGHT I MEAN CMON OF COURSE HE IS GARBAGE naw he cool I just don’t watch him a lot

    • Nathan Suarez

      Logon paul is l.p a nd his name has l Logan paul took the l


      Kierden Freeburn lol

    • ItzLeafiez

      Emma Hitzeman dang

  8. Karissa C.

    To think now in April he finally got a telescope.

  9. djlovezashton thegoat

    “somebody give that kid a Happy Meal” ????????????

    • Brandon Currell


    • Axloit

      AldoIsMySpiritAnimal i

    • Ti Jo


    • Hayden Denton

      AldoIsMySpiritAnimal you are awesome and can you do more chunky cheese over night challenges

    • KK Cheer26

      AldoIsMySpiritAnimal ????????

  10. Ivy Reske

    I’ve been to a haunted Trail and I scream so loud three men deaf

  11. Pimpcess Jaii


    • Juan 123

      Playboi Jaiii he died 2 years ago and now your saying it now

    • Daniel B

      Every body does, he was and still is the most loyal dogs.

    • Mono Hope

      Juan 123 Okay, stop! That’s not necessary. My brother died 7 months ago, and I still miss him! You can still miss someone even if years or months have passed… so don’t act like that towards people.

    • Mono Hope

      Juan 123 also, it’s you’re* not your.

    • ~B~


  12. Wolfie cakepie

    By this time Zeus has already past and it breaks my heart to see him in Romans vlogs……. 🙁

    • Daniel B

      I hate watching old videos with Zeus because it makes me cry.

    • Austhetic Wolf

      Wolfie cakepie :cccc and you have wolfie in your name 😀

    • Morgan Kendrick


    • ~B~

      I enjoy seeing him. But I will not watch the video right after his passing.

  13. Jamie Rackley

    If he new she was pregnant then he wouldn’t of made her go through that

    • Grace Clark

      Jamie Rackley is she pregnant

    • Zero Logic

      Grace Clark in meanwhile she was ^^

    • ~B~

      She was only in her first month..

  14. reese pechler

    scariest place on earth! you went to my sisters room

    • Hannie Story’s

      reese pechler bahahahahah ????

  15. Elzie Randomness

    Looking back at this and I’m thinking poor brit I know how it feels????

    • Leticia Arredondo

      I hate you.

    • Landon Lootens

      geez wut did he do to u?

    • Hannie Story’s

      Elzie Randomness girl me to I was crying last year I went through my first walk through and I freaked out so bad

  16. Christian Lee

    Somebody give that kid a happy meal lol! ????

  17. Aydon Showdon

    I work in a haunted house, so I was laughing hysterically the entire time

    • IWillRaveToMyGrave

      Aydon Showdon I worked in the one they went through

  18. Sil ent

    That Dr. guy sounds like one of the guys from the movie step Brothers.

  19. NomzYT

    The scariest place on earth is….my schools bathroom!!!!

    • Bailey McGrath


    • Twick Uno


    • Ashley Skelton

      My school in kindergarten had the bathroom in the basement I know how u feel lmao