Strangest Methods Of Cooking Food
Date : September 13, 2021
By ShaMagic

Coming up are some of the strangest methods of cooking food!
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Category: Fun


  1. Mary J Black

    This is what I signed up for here… Lemme watch till the end

    • julia007able

      Yup you said it 👏

    • Donnae McNeil

      Mary J Black my fav girl girl girl girl in z building baby mwahhh!!!!

    • John Raffaelli

      Well I must say they were all very very innovative ways of cooking and interesting some of them were a little on the weird side but I would say my favorite would be the very last one with just with the bread and the terracotta pot

    • Atiata Daniel

      You all are just insulting each other just because Mary wanted to watch the video till the end to learn some Genius Ideas 💡

    • dvd nunley

      Does anyone else feel uncomfortable about this unspecified genders voice. His voice is not relaxing if able replace this person. They are annoying.

  2. chrivo1975

    The woman spitting everything into the bowl almost made me barf. For some reason, the dishwasher method came second in upsetting me.

    • Zumo Lin

      When I heard cooking with your mouth, I literally thought that was it. But of course the internet hits me with a reality check and literally prepared the filling with her mouth and spat on the food. Disgusting

  3. Trudy Clay

    I don’t know of any hair dryer that will run on high for an hour they get overheated and shut themselves off

    • Sebastiaan Roest

      I knew of one that probably wouldn’t overheat, my mom’s old one which was the same model that barbers used 30-40 years ago (it was bought about 30 years ago and only 5 years ago stopped working (the casing started to crack way more than would be safe to use))

  4. ymctjmt

    Hot tip: fast forward through the mouth cooking to save yourself 🙏

    • Adam E.

      I read this too late

    • Isaiah Johnson

      @Adam E. same 🤢

    • Isaiah J Williams Sr.

      I’m still 🤢

    • Rascal / Joker is my husband

      It’s hard for me to get nauseaus from disgusting food videos, but that one made me gag.

    • Mehedi Hasan

      Thanks bro. 🤝🤝

  5. Danny Dasilva

    In the Azores in a town called Furnas we use geo thermal energy from a volcano to cook a pretty traditional soup made up of different types of meats, sausages and veggies. You put all your ingredients in a pot, lower it into a hole in the ground, and cover it. Come back a couple of hours later and you have some yummy food !

    • Amanda B

      Hey! I have family in the Azores and Cape Verdean Islands. Not every day I come across someone who actually has heard of them 😁

    • Danny Dasilva

      @Amanda B that’s awesome ! I grew up going to Sao Miguel every summer. It was my home away from home. Been more than a decade and I’m awfully home sick lol.

    • Sir Czer Roblox

      Grandma’s recipe?

    • Super Lego Fan

      I don’t want to go back to work until I get home to do something else for my kids to get out of the shower so I’ll let them go to work on Saturday so we will be out for dinner tomorrow morning so we can do that Sunday or Friday or Thursday night and Friday evening at my moms

    • Danny Dasilva

      @Super Lego Fan sounds like a plan

  6. Nick K

    “beating your meat” -> as I spit out my coffee from laughing,

    • You still looking

      I remember I was on ig and the guy that sprinkles salt on meat as a meme was teaching girls and boys how yo beat there meat…. They left me a wild comment it was funny af

    • Sir Czer Roblox


    • Darlene Fraser

      Yep! Continue slapping that meat! 😂 😂 😂

    • Captain_356


  7. tiredmummy

    Who in their right mind would eat at someones house when theyve chewed up and spat out ingredients!!!!!!

    • Michael Pettersson

      Someone that doesn’t know…

    • Taylor Maya

      That was the grossest thing I have ever seen

    • Surya Mukherji

      That’s probably for ur own cooking only. Anyways I heard stories, where in extreme dry regions of Africa, the women suck water from under ground sand and spit it out in containers and that’s how the family drinks water. They eat her saliva with it too, but better than not drinking water at all.

    • Amanda B

      That has to be one of the nastiest things I’ve ever seen 🤢🤮. Fantastic way to spread Covid, amongst other diseases.

    • Boaby George

      or slapped the fucking life out of it first hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  8. Ashlei Paginton

    The toaster thing with steaks can be done safely if you use toaster bags. It stops the drippings and is especially good for fish.

    • Tino1989

      Or can use a toaster that has the tray u can remove to take out the crumbs lol

  9. Grey Virus

    RAW MOUTH COOKING —- imagine Gordon Ramzy’s face watching that one XD

    • matthew livingston

      Na not for me..

    • ocean Moore

      Ewwww gross

    • zethphyr zinnia

      His eye will pop out of the socket 🤢

    • dogmiagy

      “Ei, lady, are you out of ur fkning mind??
      Hand oved the best, you are oit” 😂

    • Sir Czer Roblox

      No, not Gordon only, E V E R Y O N E

  10. Old-fashioned Coughy Pot

    When l worked in an aluminium smelter in BC; some “old timers’ would wrap a salmon or a roast in many layers of aluminium foil and place it on the ‘crust’ of a working Solderburg technology reduction cell or “pot” on a layer of “white alumina ore” for a period of time to cook in the radiant heat of the ‘pot’ or reduction cell. They would dig out the meats and fish after a while and have a feast in the lunchroom. l never indulged in the munching since there are many ’emissions’ coming off the reduction cell that are not particularly healthy for the human body; even though the old timers would say “It’s good! It’s safe! I wrapped it like 6 times! etc.” while they ate with gusto. The new regime/owners of the parent company put an end to such dinners when they assumed control & made the plant into something less fun & more work with less people and *way* more ‘discipline’ for the slightest infractions for good measure.

    • Chris Let's Play

      @Ryan Byrne hahah, sounds like me when talking about work
      For me it makes sense, but others who haven’t heard those words before are so confused 😂

  11. ericb31

    this reminds me of a story of someone who would put on a fireproof suit, light a grill, then pour LIQUID OXYGEN on it!
    big fireball, food cooked in seconds!
    he had to give it up because it was too hard on the grills, they were unusable after doing that only 5 or 6 times.

  12. Sky Slayer

    As a man who lives in Arizona, I once cooked bacon with frying pan and it worked, going outside isn’t much fun to say the least


      wow! I’m guessing going outside without shoes on in summer time is a no-go?

    • Sky Slayer

      @BE AMAZED pretty much

  13. Riche' Wilson

    The grilled cheese was absolutely delicious looking I wish there was more hacks involving the iron I seen somebody cook sliced up link sausage on one

  14. Tallon Péhar

    It took me a few rewinds before I noticed the miniplayer, confirming my reference theory.

  15. Chronos

    So he cooked a steak with a slapping machine. Humanity is truly amazing.

    • Elocin Always

      That was a chicken fail. He used a pounder on the steak. I worked that quite carefully.

  16. pegatan

    “The steak turned out perfectly! How did you manage that?” – “I hit it exactly 35.489 times.”

  17. Jon Smith

    I was going to say people cook eggs each year outside in AZ. We have a solar oven for cooking pizza for free just using the sun here because why pay when you don’t have to. Then the next story came up and I just laughed since it is currently 92 degrees which is usually cooler since it had been raining all day.

    • Omega Raptor10

      Yea but it was super hot today

  18. eMKayyoUwhY

    The old, more sarcastic voice, has been eliminated for a while. Also, who would like to see another “guest appearance” from the #1 sarcastic narrator of Be Amazed? It’s been quite a while

    Just to be sure, the current narrator is doing fine, nothing wrong with him at all! I do think that Be Amazed is not complete without the #1 sarcastic narrator.

    Both narrators fit well with Be Amazed….. The number of subscribers proves it 🎉

    • Sam Papageorgiou

      If by “sarcastic” you mean those terrible puns and dad humor then I can prepare you a spit hamburger in one sec.
      (In term of voice agree with you, i prefer the other voice, but man those puns every 5 seconds are sometimes so stupid it’s distracting!)

  19. nAmE iS nAmE

    Ah yes, as soon as he said “russian” everything about that clip makes perfect sense

  20. mug wump

    ” The researchers must _Lava_ good barbeque ”
    Stop… You’re _Magma_ head hurt with these awful puns….😱