She Rolled A Monster Jam Truck!!
Date : November 1, 2021

Thank you to Spin Master and Feld Entertainment for sending us to Monster Jam event! Check out for an event close to you. Bring home the fun with the official Monster Jam die-cast and RC toys by Spin Master, available at Walmart, Target, and Amazon

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Category: Fun


  1. Roman Atwood Vlogs

    Thank you for watching and sharing. I know most people don’t get notifications anymore. Thank you for being here

    • Jaime Hale

      I get notifications from you

    • 8ig Mac97

      Man I missed the opportunity to see you guys the one day I don’t work, I missed yall.😢😢

    • Casey Lewis

      Fun fact. Your arm span is how tall you are. You guys are the best

    • Barsabus

      How much money are you given for uploading this crap?

    • kevin buck

      I’m a 38 year father of 5 and I wish I was 1/4 the father you ate to your kids you are a awesome father Roman

  2. Hi

    Can we all agree that when He uploads our days get better! 💖

    • Joe Allan

      Na that’s sad for you

    • Tommy 910

      And so does his bank account lol

    • Judge Venom

      Hell yes

    • Hi

      I agree

    • Sarah Stringer

      Yass I save it till I go to bed to watch!! Lol but when I see the notification I get so happy !

  3. Ryan Palet

    The fact that I remember and was around for the last time they were here at the truck place. Man. I feel old



    • tessa perovich

      This ^^^ 🤦‍♀️😂 I felt so old too.

    • GigaKubica

      Yup, I was 12 lol

  4. Promise Rigsby

    It doesn’t matter how old you are monster trucks are flipping amazing!!! I’m a year younger then Roman and still love monster trucks grave digger is my brother and my favorite truck.

  5. Shaw Lewis

    Can we all admit that monster jam drivers are the most friendly people ever

  6. Tuner Impala

    Is it me or has it been a while since Roman has said “warp”

  7. Daniel Werner

    Glad to see country has been back the past few vlogs, missed him!

    • sandyc6569


  8. T[A]P Me! To Have [S]EX With Me  🅥

    *Still rocking with the Atwood feel like I’m apart of the family but from far away ❤️❤️ someday hope to meet all*

    • you got it gaming

      your name lol

    • mushy


  9. Pig

    Who else has been a long time Roman Atwood viewer? Love his videos!

    • Martin Bollandsås

      been here since the ball pit

    • Zqud

      grew up with this man , crazy how quick time goes. my mother was right lol.

    • Mikeracexfy


    • Ryan Taylor

      Me been subbed since his very first video

    • Hi


  10. tessa perovich

    Cora at the ends of the videos 😂😂 she’s awesome. You guys are all awesome. 💙💕🥰 thank you for always sharing your life with us.

  11. Tony G

    Believe it or not, but the Atwood’s got me through a rough couple of years a few years ago. I lost over 100 pounds 🙄
    I’m just tickled to see Country back 💪👍

  12. rommhel asuncion

    coras reaction is so heartbreaking . . love the atwoods <3 hope to see more vlogs of the family "DAILY" hehehehe

  13. Neon Catfish

    I’ve been a monster truck fan way back when Bigfoot was running over cars in a backyard!! And I’m 63 years old I still love the monster trucks! Y’all stay safe!

    • Godwiredyou

      Big foot my favorite and then grave digger, wolverine, scooby

  14. The Lawn Care Nut

    Love Monster Jam – straight outta Palmetto FL! whoop whoop! 🤘

  15. Bilal Aslam

    That flashback of Noah from 6 years ago… It’s crazy how much he’s grown

  16. Stefan Penninga

    it’s so adorable to see how concerned cora was for the girl who flipped on her side

  17. Joris B

    So good to see Country, immediately brings up memories😁

  18. MissAnissa23

    I’ve been “a part of the family” for close to 8 years now, and it’s been a heck of a ride so far! I think we can all agree that we miss the crazy action-filled days, but are glad we get to see you and the family once in a while only if it’s just for an update. 😊

  19. Monster Jam

    Thanks for coming! It was awesome to have you at our event 🙌

    • Ductile Tiger502

      I was there 2-7-2020 at ppg it was awesome!!!

    • Rolls G

      I was there 2015

    • Lewis Sam

      Monster Jam PR team killing it

    • Kayla B

      I had my first ever date at monster jam 15 years ago. 😂😂 serious nostalgia.

    • Undefined Garage

      Please don’t be like everything else in the world and change! Stay ORIGINAL keep doing things the way you’ve always done with passion and love! This was awesome how you hooked them up too!

  20. Yizzy

    *“Be honest who else is a few hours late”😂*