She Had A BABY!!
Date : May 16, 2020
By ShaMagic

Thank you so much for watching today! So much inside this video. I am linking everything below. Please check everything out 🙂 Also, What should we name the Newborn?

My brothers super fun inventions
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Category: Fun


  1. Roman Atwood Vlogs

    This story truly blows my mind still!! Thank you for watching. So much in this video so please look in the description for more details. Thank you so much.

    • Alberto Cuevas

      You should name him stormy

    • angelica rodriguez

      Yo more rc vids please

    • James Maaka

      CeCebean Chilson sane

    • Cyndee Boyko

      Melissa Brown ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. Lexi Loves

    Name him Blue because he came “out of the blue” ????????
    Edit: thanks for the love, didn’t think my bad pun would get this many likes????????????
    Edit2: OMG I THINK ROMAN NOTICED MY COMMENT!!! Wow! Thank you guys for liking this so he could notice it!!!

    • AHey Wazzzup

      Lexi Loves roman really read this comment

    • NotDar

      Anthony Shay Lolzerz

    • Lexi Loves

      My Angel Ikr!!! I just started school so I couldn’t watch the vlog until now but I’m thrilled that they even noticed it!!!

    • iSkrillz

      EnemyIsDown eyyy r6

    • Kristin Boffo

      Mine was clue…

  3. Zyther

    Name him Hercules which is the son of Zeus

    Like so Roman sees

    • Alpha Wolf

      Nah if he has a German Shepard then that’s a good idea because Zeus is a dog and the baby is a donkey

      Do u understand bro


      that is a good name

    • Zyther

      Who ever is reading this I wish you the best day or night????

      Small channel any support helps

    • shar martin

      @campbell holt Yup, Heracles is the Greek version, and Hercules is the Roman. He was born with the name Alcides.

    • Zane Kirkwood

      I am leading about them because I am in Year 5

  4. Kyle Davis

    Definitely name the baby donkey Dust. You have a whole donkey family. Empire’s Pixie Dust 🙂

    • Danny Taggart

      @Tracy Crawford litterly what I was going to say

    • jeremiah 21 sean

      I agree

    • dabby mcdabbs


    • ~B~

      I just gave u your 666th like.

    • Isabell King

      Or stick

  5. ツAirikaツ

    You should name him Dust. So it will be “Pixie Dust” 😉

    • Kyle Conlon

      U copied that

    • ツAirikaツ

      @Kyle Conlon copied what?

    • Kyle Conlon

      @ツAirikaツ u copied that joke from brody borger who has more likes and wrote in earlier than u

    • Anthony Davis

      @Kyle Conlon Just bc they said the same thing doesn’t mean they copied them

    • yoPlusinn

      @Anthony Davis not when it’s by every worc

  6. Faith Felicia

    Omg I like Asher it means “blessing” bc her baby donkey is such a blessing and miracle to come to this world so I think Asher is perfect for him ????

    • premiere

      You could say that about literally anything

  7. AnimexFanxP

    someone drop more dogs like Zeus to him :DD

  8. Dark reality 9

    Since it was first a mystery where he came from just name him mystery

  9. Connor Rose

    Hey Roman I met you at a campground recently when I saw you on your golf cart so I ran for a picture but I was too nervous to say that I have been watching you for well over 3 years and I’m such a huge fan of the family and it still feels insane that I saw you and got a picture thank you for all of the laughs and thanks for the picture I wish I would of said this in person so I’m writing this

  10. Joyce Reece

    Wow what a blessing! He is adorable! Everything happens for a reason. A gift from heaven!

  11. Lachelle Miller

    I think the perfect name for little guy would be Mystery

  12. Ethan Estrada

    You owe us 595 push ups One every day

    • Carturtle 11

      Omg I remember that it’s been so long ????

    • Jay Tea

      jesus, i dont even have words for that…

    • Josh Aiken Crucero

      Jesus christ..

    • aqua


    • Luke Adams

      Ethan Estrada WHY

  13. BigCountryClub

    Maybe name it mystery?
    Because you never even knew pixie was pregnant….

  14. Aurora I.

    y’all talking about the new baby donkey ???? but did y’all see dales inventions?? ????


    keep eye on flash cause if he get’s too close to the baby he could get kicked

    • Izzy Wharton

      He could get hurt badly

    • Omega

      Izzy Wharton no one gives a shiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttt

    • Morgan Botha

      ITSYABOI animals know to watch a mother and her baby flash will know not to go near him

  16. Dan Preece

    You should make a NERF war area in your garden with the boxes

  17. noah saide

    I didn’t know u guys went to church good for you that’s great guys keep it up

  18. Millie Lennan

    Yes name him Hercules after your old dog Zeus

  19. Em H

    You should name him blue because the phrase ‘ out of the blue’