Russians vs. Rednecks: FailArmy Presents || FailArmy
Date : April 3, 2017
By ShaMagic

We made a decision to place two of our favorite failings together: Russians vs. Rednecks. Who had the worst stop working? Allow us know in the comments listed below! Have a few of your own? Send them to !!

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Guy Collapses Structure
Keg Stand Buddies Flip Drinker
Bird Attacks Guy on Phone
Mower Wheelie Fail
Girl Obtains Swept Away by Wave
Dad Makes Uncomfortable DIY Waterslide
Man Attempts to Flip off Dune
Dust Biker Tries to Do Trick on One Wheel
Rally Auto Wanders into Snow
Couch Surfing Fail
Auto accident Practically Hits Rollerblader
Mower Leaps over Green Car
Bear Goes up Tree in Community
Gun Flies from Man's Hands
Head On Crash Occurs Throughout Snowy Day
Tree Landed on Truck
Auto T-Bones Transforming SUV Triggering it to Turn over
Lawnmower Uphill Fail n/a
Guy Shovels Snow Straight into Wind
Firework Blows up Near Person
Car Crash at Intersection
Man Strikes Buddy With Wiffle Ball
Parkour Falls Attempting Void Jump
Guy Running Down Hillside Eats Dust
Hit as well as Run Occurs Right before Authorities
Guy Towing Truck Falls in Mud
Food Sticks to Plate
Man on ATV Detects Mud
Cars and truck Engine Bursts into Flames
Excavator Rope Swing Fail
Distribution Chauffeur Tosses Bundles right into Truck
Drunk Guy Falls off Tractor right into River
Scooter Crashes into Cars and truck, Flees Scene
Hillbilly Falls Off Raft
Motorcycle Attempts to Elude Automobile and also Collisions
Tree Branch Selfie Stick Ends Severely
Cars Crash Declining on Icy Street
Man Rides Plethora down Slip n Slide
Bicyclist Runs Light as well as Hits Pedestrian
Man Stands Too Near to Burning Oven
Snowy Road Cause Frightening Automobile Mishap
Genuine Homemade Backpack Flamethrower

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