Our New House!!
Date : May 17, 2020
By ShaMagic

Thank you all so much for joining us for another year of fun! We have so many new plans to make this year a fun one.

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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my Wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

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  1. Roman Atwood Vlogs

    Thank you so much for coming along with us for another year of fun! We have so many plans to make this year a lot of fun! Please go give Jamie love on his channel. Link in description. Thank you all! See you Tomorrow.

    • Erik Guiffre

      Roman Atwood Vlogs

      name erik guiffre

    • Erik Guiffre

      Roman Atwood Vlogs. ????????????????????????????????????????

    • Riley Harmon

      Roman Atwood Vlogs ????

    • Riley Harmon

      Roman Atwood Vlogs wrung 6t cbggijvcc CD zdxxxjjjhedtr

    • Erik Guiffre


  2. Maisie Boyland

    U should make a pineapple coconut g fuel (Pina colada) to represent your love for Hawaii

    • gladiator 1712

      Yes that’s great

    • Evan Hoyle

      what in the world Piña Colada’s are made with coconut milk and pineapple juice though?

    • Switch

      @Arrow_ 200 but he said pineapple coconut

    • Dakota Mccall

      What about a strawberry pineapple coconut

    • Ashley Carr

      Thats the first thing i thought lol

  3. Majorsx17

    Strawberry, Pineapple, Mango. Name: Summer Smiles

    • Matthew Patterson


    • Amusing Tree

      Majorsx17 change mango to coconut?

    • Majorsx17

      Let make sure Roman Sees this.!!!

    • Xact cactus

      SUMMER SMILES is great i love that name niceeee

    • hi sister

      yess i love this namee

  4. Master

    How about “smiling sunshine “ with like a Hawaiian Punch flavor

    • Crystalz Tube

      I like smiling sunshine but make it like mango flavored

    • Crystalz Tube

      Or pineapple

    • Alone L

      Master +6

    • DeltaEclipse

      I was going to explain this but im glad someone else did xD

  5. ryan lauty

    G-Fuel flavor idea “Deep Sea Splash” It would be a Pineapple Blue Raze berry Flavor Please like so he can see!

    • Fikkytheboss

      Hey just saying u can see brits boob if u zoom in on a post on Instagram she is in a pink suit thingy it’s something pink she is wearing

    • dokshockalou

      I was thinking pineapple mango. Or even like mango guava. Something really tropical

    • Qlippurz

      Kaitlyn Shorts Sorry but green apple gfuel is bad

    • Luke Differding

      ryan lauty that’s good

    • madeline breer

      ryan lauty it should be a jolly rancher blue raspberry

  6. Zoey Worthington

    I got some ideas Ice Cream Sunday , Piña Colada, Fruit Punch, Coco, Coconut, Please type back to me so I know if my idea was picked
    😉 :)☺????????????

    • zoinks!

      Ice Cream Sunday: Rainbow Sherbet is a Orange ice cream flavour.
      Piña Colada: Mix Pineapple and Coconut and you’ve got Piña Colada.
      Coco: So Chocolate? I don’t Roman having a Chocolate flavour.
      Coconut: Their is already a Coconut flavour well was.

  7. 7ames Depaepe

    How about this for a GFuel flavor and name:
    Flyin’ Ohioan’ and the flavor would be maybe a coconut lime to give that tropical feel 🙂 just a thought! Love all you guys!

  8. ar

    Roman and Gfuel do something like the fruits of Hawaii and it’s all fruits from Hawaii into one drink????????

  9. Heather D.

    @RomanAtwoodBarelyVlogs – you are right, I’d bet that both flavours are really yummy but they don’t scream “Roman” to me. I think with your love for tropical locations you have to get something like “Pineapple/Mango” or something like that. Just my 2 cents worth. xo Heather????????

    • ItzComplicated Games

      I am Canadian to????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Spartant 102

      Heather D. Think of romanade

    • Elle Clancy

      Pls do a vanilla milkshakes flavor from that gas station u and Noah would go to in the vlogs

    • Dukez Venom


    • Caineco420


  10. Jesse Cohen

    Make a tropical flavor like pineapple

    • TmzR

      there is already a pineapple flavor and there is already another flavor called Tropical Rain

  11. Nawf Bryant

    You should have a flavor that is called “Topical Punch” because we know how you much you like Tropical places !!!! It should have a bunch of fruits ! I think people would LOVE it !

    • zoinks!

      There’s already a Tropical flavour

  12. Traxx 101

    @RomanAtwoodBarelyVlogs i think you should do either pineapple mango with a twist of blueberry or a dragonfruit watermelon flavor would be nice

    • Priscilla Presley

      I like the idea of a dragonfruit watermelon or a dragonfruit mango.

  13. Spartant 102

    Or for the raspberry lemonade flavor it can be called romanade

    • Mo A

      Spartant 102 theres already a lemonade it’s for nadeshot

  14. Elle Clancy

    Vanilla milkshake from that gas station u and Noah would go to on the vlogs Roman or G-fuel I really hope u see this guys if u see this pls like it so they see it that will be so good for Roman and it means something to him

    • Sara and Kelsey

      Elle Clancy That’s an awesome idea

    • Brooke Akers

      Elle Clancy yes!!!!

    • thedizzle 27t

      totally agree

    • Olivia Przytulski

      Elle Clancy right

    • Jerry The Scary

      From UDF

  15. HTTV

    3:59 “the dogs opened it by themselves”
    As she is hold on to the gate

    • Rachel

      Tarry Talbot the dog could shove it open

  16. Alexander Amjad

    At 5:03 pause and look at romans arm

    • RagingMcRib 79


    • G Money

      Alexander Amjad he’s shredded

    • Jeana Marcellis


    • Adrian X

      Weird flex but ok

  17. AnThOnY :3


  18. Savannah Tageson

    G-Fuel flavor: Swedish Fish

  19. Mia T

    You should do green apple for the Roman Soldiers

  20. Jacki Storm

    am i the only one whos watching this on literally Christmas of 2019