Our HUGE summer Water Battle!!
Date : May 16, 2020
By ShaMagic

Checkout Yesterdays Vlog –
Here we are again! Nothing but a full day of family. Thank you so much for being here with us.

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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my Wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

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  1. Good vibes Only

    I literally just want to spend a day at your house with the Roman fam

    • Michael Bittar

      Me too especially him too and everyone

    • gouldsbrough

      Same. I feel like I know you from somewhere from your picture on your comment

    • Good vibes Only

      Derek I I meant to add an s like romans fam

    • Nicole Markel

      Same here ugh

    • Angelica Blair

      Me too

  2. Roman Atwood Vlogs

    Thank you so much for watching and sharing today. Nothing but family 🙂 Checkout Yesterdays Vlog – https://youtu.be/u0Wl57kTNv4

    • Kerry Chaney

      Happy birthday roman

    • Mairead Faux

      Roman Atwood Vlogs I really really want to go on my birthday to I’ve always always like your videos even the one where you got the truck and drive through stuff once I nearly find one but I didn’t go on to combine today today today no

    • Scott Hickey

      I wish you could come to my house me and my brother been a fan for a hole tow years we love your videos even now I’m 8 I still love your vlogs

    • Connor Sutter

      Roman Atwood Vlogs I like your vlogs

    • Dark Grimlin

      You are awsome

  3. GC QLDRGIRL Persistent Pain Warrior

    U don’t owe us anything. No mater what the footage is, we love and admire it.

    • ONLY1BEAST 700

      GC QLDRGIRL Persistent Pain Warrior this needs the most likes

    • Matthew Jorstad


    • Carrie Parks

      There is literally nothing I wouldn’t watch because at the end of the video I still feel inspired to do something great with my day! Roman Atwood is probably the most influential person in my life and I have been watching since 2013 so I basically love and adore this family and we live so close I get to experience some of their magic!

    • multi game bros


    • ITS RAX

      GC QLDRGIRL Persistent Pain Warrior Hey roman soldiers help me reach 1000 subscribers i love yall❤️

  4. Brock’s Garage

    Who remembers when Noah used to dab in the back ground of the vlogs randomly

    • Damon Haberstroh

      Brock FTW y a

    • Nicolas Oliva

      Shut up

    • Elliott Froude


    • Gizmo6701

      Brock FTW ???????? I do!!! I miss it!

    • Skylar Coles

      Brock FTW me

  5. Moomoo Ussery

    A catch up video would be wonderful. It’s so good to see you vlogging and having a blast with your beautiful family. Thank you, Roman, for this great vlog. Smile more and God bless you all.

  6. Logan Carr

    You should keep doing daily vlogs or even vlogs three times a week. That is what your best at

  7. Rachel Lontos

    You should sell mystery boxes at smile more. Like each box has a unique choice of stuff. And the more expensive stuff is the bigger the box

    • NetherZone Gaming

      No cause they arent sellouts like some games with their mystery box crap plus in some countries like mine it is considerd gambeling and it is iligal.

  8. Natalie’s Vlogs

    It would be cool if y’all put sand around the pond so Cora can play in the sand!

    • RileyJB

      @Jake Jeffries Well she could be wearing life jacket or arm bands

    • Jaci Rothbart

      Yes they need sand

    • Ayla Roth

      Candy Natalie I think that’s a great idea

    • Jaden ._415

      ITS RAX Clout chaser stop commenting for clout

    • Yung Droza

      They need make it look like a beach that would be dope! and then get inflatable palm trees haha!

  9. Lexi Fields

    We love how there’s just a pair of Gucci chillin’ in the background!!

  10. ALASKA 382 -

    Who remembers when Noah used to dab in the background of the vlogs randomly

    • vSellout

      Yeah I remember looking so hard for that

    • MrAgux

      I was just thinking about that hahaha

    • mauvepoet7756

      I remember that

    • Hayden Reese

      You stole this comment

    • mauvepoet7756

      Who cares camy and synergy reese

  11. TXC_Scooter

    1:25 thank me later

  12. Life2.0

    You’ve been such a inspection to my life in so many ways I can’t even explain thanks

  13. Chloe May

    So sad to see Roman’s dad in that corvette by himself???? I hope he’s doing okay!!

    • Bagel

      @Big Itchy You really needed to correct her? ????

    • Bagel

      I have a feeling that’s why Roman rubbed the seat ????????

    • Emma Kline

      what happend i stopped watching roman for a bit is his dad ok?

    • Caineco420

      Emma Kline romans mother passed away

    • I'm a Big Boi

      @ITS RAX nah I’m good F U

  14. Mohib Dossani

    seeing Roman’s dad leave alone in his corvette broke me. ????????❤️

    • Jaci Rothbart

      Mohib Dossani I left that on a whole leave



  15. Fitch Tribe Productions

    Best part of the vlog: Why is the sink on?! Love your vlogs Roman, so glad you’re back at it!! Been watching you since the beginning! Much love man. ❤️

  16. Mimi's Favorites

    Your dad catching a nap…he’s probably not sleeping well at night. Hugs.

  17. TheLegendChief

    It hit me so hard when he was sitting on top of where you jump into the pond. Your dad was just sitting there by himself. I hope he is doing great

  18. Fickle Pickle

    “Scared of a hose” My dog is scared of a coat hanger ????????????

  19. Maliboo

    *You should build another house on your property, for your Dad. I bet he’d really love to be close to you guys & a fresh start/new surroundings would probably be GREAT for him????*
    *Sending you guys so much love always!! You have a beautiful family & so much more to smile about.. (you see what I did there?) Honestly, though. A million & one XO’s❣️*

    • Caineco420

      Maliboo awesome idea

    • Mightyhenry Mtb

      Good idea

    • SPWN_ Aayan

      And half of his property is already empty he should make a shouted for his dad

    • Vickie Mizer

      Yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!! That would be a some

  20. Double Trouble

    You should just do mail time a little in each video like old times when you picked a couple of packages and open it!