Our Biggest 4th Ever!!
Date : May 17, 2020
By ShaMagic

Our Biggest 4th Ever!! | Subscribe:
Today was the 4th of July! We filled it with fun and family. Thanks for being here and watching.
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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

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  1. Roman Atwood Vlogs

    Thank you so much for watching today and joining us on our 4th Of July Vlog. Thank you so much! Smile More

    • MattCat 54 Gaming

      Your welcome

    • Hilda Hernandez

      You are welcome

    • Ignacio Torres

      I want some of your fireworks so cool

    • Tiffany Jones

      @Casey Lee wi

    • patrick Milleson

      Love the video

  2. Masen Fish

    What happened to country

    • Nelson Duel

      Masen Fish he moved away

  3. 5timesthefun

    Romans neighbors get a free amazing show each year lol 😉

    • Yad .A

      5timesthefun what he has neighbors?

    • Edgarrr

      When you do Pat for a firework show ?

    • Bob The

      @Yad .A he even mentioned about neighbors a couple vlogs ago

  4. Maya Abouzenni

    When Roman has a better show then ur city ????????

    • Ryan Nack

      Maya Abouzenni my city never had one, but if they did it would of been nothing like Romans.

    • Bob The


    • Anthony's Gaming

      i now

    • David O.

      Once you live in a city like Miami it’s a lot better

  5. Mikey Casasola

    i thought his hat was a make america great again hat????????

    • Austin Bloomer


    • ##AotearoaForLife##

      hoepocalypse savior how was Obama a better president for America?

    • T.I.W.G Group

      Mikey Casasola if you didn’t vote than don’t be complaining

    • Cadet Katie

      Hes probably a Republican though

    • Cadet Katie

      @Alpha Storm he’s making it great Again by deporting innocent Mexicans. they are humans too

  6. Motion.

    Roman my parents got divorced last summer and I wanted to give up and not leave the house or talk to anyone but your videos have really inspired me to keep going thank you so much for making such family friendly videos

  7. Brokennn Stank

    Im from norway
    When we in Norway selebrate oure national day we have ice cream and hot dogs. Hope you had a great day..

  8. Daniel Yermolov

    who likes fireworks alot put thumbs up on my comment

    • Raul Cervantes


    • Jason Gonzales

      Daniel Yermolov I love fireworks I love seen them light up and the sounds of it plus the smell to

    • CodyBPyrotechnics

      Daniel Yermolov ME

    • iOS MUTANT


    • Aaron Campbell

      MEE BICH

  9. Nathan Blanchard

    I feel so bad bless her it was romans moms last July

    • Sunny Big

      I cried so hard

    • Ryder Parry

      At least she will have lots of fountains in heaven this 4th????

    • adriel brito

      Can sum1 tell ne what happend

    • Ryder Parry

      Romans mom passed away

    • adriel brito

      @Ryder Parry ouoo i feell u fell u its not even fun with not her no wonder the vl9g waz boring

  10. BTE Tunic


  11. Fused -

    Best YouTube channel ????????❤️

  12. TerriblePerson

    Anyone rewatching in 2019?

    • Eduardo Alvarez


    • Boostedforlife 1


    • David O.

      More like 2020

    • Finns amazing Creations

      TerriblePerson iam in 2020

    • KEVOO2Xx __

      TerriblePerson 2020

  13. Carson Collins

    Obsessed with fireworks Great show loved it

  14. Chicago Bulls

    Phantom fireworks overcharge so crazy, I know stores that sell some of the same stuff for way cheaper

    • Smile Dog

      Alien fireworks

    • FiBTL18

      @Joshie Films Most all of “phantom brand” fireworks are just rewraps of brothers brand cakes and items. Since they have a business relationship with brothers. So you’re not really getting anything exclusive to phantom or better in quality since its the exact same thing. They’re the same brothers products sold every where else. Just different wrappers. so yes phantom over charges for them. They over charge for all their stuff in the store. You can get the exact same fireworks same quality same everything for hundreds less else where. If you shop at phantom at all even durning their buy one get 2 free deal you’re still over paying by $15 to $30 per item on average compared to a good bit of other stores regular retail prices.

    • Venom

      Chicago Bulls red apple is better it’s only in Nevada tho I go there all the time

    • Mobile God

      FiBTL18 If there is a buy one get two free then you could probably get more free stuff if you buy enough and some people have the 50% off deal for buying $400 worth of stuff and after buying the $400 worth then you get free stuff

    • FOURSTAR50

      The money is worth Phantom & that setup he needs racks he could afford a Class B show anyway

  15. BlueBirdy Share

    My dad’s birthday is on Fourth of July

  16. Ramiro Ceja

    Who else is watching to get pumped for the 4th

    • Da Don

      Meeee it’s almost hereeee

    • Tyler Roberson

      Right now yes

    • Fractured Skyline

      I mean it’s 2019 and the fourth right now but I mean yea



    • Eduardo Alvarez


  17. whooptydoo

    I would to have a house like that and parties like that on fourth of July

  18. justin pm

    Who else is watching on July 3 2019.

    Missing Roman mom.????????????????

    • ben dover

      Is he wearing a trump hat

    • The Weirdest Side of Youtube

      ben dover no it says you’re beautiful, one of a kind, smile more!

    • The finally

      I’m watching on the 5th

    • Amber -


    • Xavier Marcotte


  19. Nxbulism

    I think everyone’s mom like fountains lol

    • Lillee Gillett

      The FBI it’s safe

  20. Spk_clappy

    Who’s here in 2020 to get ready for this year 4th of July????

    • Melissa Johnson

      Spk_clappy ne

    • Cookie CC

      Spk_clappy I am

    • thatpyrokid 808


    • Lone Wolf

      we may not be having a fourth of july so im watching just in case we dont have one

    • Spk_clappy

      Lone Wolf don’t let a pandemic ruin your celebration that happen once a year. This is my favorite holiday and I refuse to miss it so if you do make sure your careful when you do it you