Date : May 16, 2020
By ShaMagic

Yesterdays Vlog –
Today the boys and I had a little fun with the RC truck. Brittney struggled with some strange sickness and we all tried this super crazy paste the girls in the family made.. Smile More my friends 🙂


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This is my life as a Father of my sons Noah and Kane along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013.

I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

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  1. hardkicks

    Anyone agree that Roman Atwood is by-far the best YouTuber ever?!? LIKE if you agree!! Smile more 🙂

    • 165 Xoxo


    • Liam


    • Ciara O'Pray


    • Hashem Zayed

      you are right

    • SuperLukejc

      +hardkicksHD syndicate is better vlogs..

  2. Lynette Mchendry

    Brittany must be pregnant like if u think Brittany is pregnant

    • Dopefoots Dank with Sweet Daddy Dopefoot

      I have 2 kids and you don’t get sick like that from being pregnant you just puke when you first wake up (Morning sickness) so she’s not pregnant she’s just sick ????

    • Allie Banks


    • maikel alex


    • Wendy_NF

      nope it’s definitely periods, woman will definitely notice it

    • Kristyn Rodriguez

      Nah i dont think she is….shes just sick…ik how she feels…im sick rn too and i feel exactly like her….so yeah…????????????????????

  3. Gissel L

    Orale Way! the workers where jamming to Mexican music!! Comment if your proud to be Mexican!! ????????????????

    • The DIYchanel


    • Jorge Lara

      Yo Si soy verdadero Mexicano I si I am proud to be Mexican

    • Jesus Moctezuma

      Right here!!

    • Michelle Romero

      Proud! ???????? ????????✊????????????????????

    • Corazon Nayarita


  4. Hydroz

    anyone heard mexican music, when roman when outside to see the building

    • matt__reed1999

      Those were the landscapers

    • Lazy Boy

      Yeah I’m mexicain I was dancing when I herd it lol

    • Marisol Espino


    • Martin contreras

      They’re my compas

    • Dany Mondragon

      i was like i know this song

  5. fatima Moren

    when you hear Mexican music in the back???????????? anyway what is the building for??

    • fatima Moren

      @This is Illuminati thx

    • Charles Garcia

      Sounds like Texas.

    • Maciel

      Right??? ???????? i mean they always do the best work lol

    • Xiomara Figueroa

      +GAGE SHIFLET I know

    • Jean Smith

      fatima m

  6. Jose Trujillo

    I’m proud that Mexicans are building Roman’s Store. #SmileMore 🙂

  7. Nienke Groen van Wettum

    If you put melted chocolate in the LEGO icecube thing, you get LEGO chocolate 🙂

    • PKchuGaming

      +Nienke Groen van Wettum haha goed bedacht ;P

    • Nienke Groen van Wettum

      +Dennyboy099 Idee van mijn moeder voor een traktatie 🙂

    • Lily Vidal

      +Neil Magee I know she’s dumb

    • maria jarrold tv

      +Nienke Groen van wettum really awsome

    • LaurEdVa Productions

      Nienke Groen van Wettum smart

  8. LyndsayJager Vlogs

    Brittany is always so pretty. Even at her worst ❤️

    • Amanda

      IKR! She is so lucky to be with Roman too…

    • knightarnaud

      +Lyndsay Jager When Roman said the looked like a Zombie, I was thinking that she looked very good for being sick!

    • LyndsayJager Vlogs

      @knightarnaud Right

    • YRN_Calebb

      Ha yeah

    • Amoree Williams

      I know right

  9. Ross

    Use your security camera footage to create a time lapse

  10. myPlay

    Hello, if anyone is interested in *downloading the full album*
    *in top quallity(384khz) The link is in the comment below*

  11. Whale's Vagina

    16:20 “This is not puff puff pass!” -Dale
    Dale and Pops are a good time LOL

  12. mlemmon923

    10:40 Brit hit that dab

  13. Kris Funk

    17:30 I love when he freaks out after eating it. It comes out of nowhere.

  14. Liam Welch

    I really wanna send them a condom so when they open it. Its just a condom just sitting there

  15. Ashley O.

    Things to remember:
    Just smile
    Smile. Your enemies hate it
    Keep smiling
    Smile. It’s costs nothing
    Always smile

    Thanks for vids Roman! U always make my day!! You are 1 of the reason why I smile.

    Thanks guys

  16. Aoife O'Regan

    Who else is watching old vlogs waiting for the new one

    • Ellie Sunderland

      Aoife O’Regan meeee

    • Douglas Souza


    • Jessica Bunch

      Aoife O’Regan me

    • Kathryn Snyder

      Me it seem so long

    • Damien Tolan

      Aoife O’Regan me

  17. Arvin Godeloson

    21:07 Kane’s eyes are so Gorgeous

    • Gamerboy 1177


    • Geovanna Souza

      I know right

  18. Bill Gong

    WHO LIKES ROMAN”S VLOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lucía vasquez

      I DO

    • Bill Gong

      meh 2

  19. Irving DDB

    Its funny as hell that i hear that mexican music! Is there anything we dont do? Lol

    • Kevin Gonzalez

      Irving Perez that’s what I was hearing I was was like is that Mexican songs

  20. Johannesmannen

    10:41 dab!