Ninja Fails: Sweep The Leg! (March 2017) || FailArmy
Date : March 28, 2017
By ShaMagic

We've got a fresh batch of ninja falls short for you. Including nunchuck nut shots, sword stops working, as well as a few kicks to the face. Have a favorite? Leave it in the comments for us! If you've got any one of your own send them over to!!! Cheers.


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Initial Hyperlinks:
Amateur Martial Musician Offers Himself Nut Shot with Nunchuck N/A
Parkour Professional athlete Tries to Jump to Shake
Guy in Bodysuit Falls short on Trampoline
Lady Aims to Jump In between Obstacles
Legendary High Kick to Face
Youngster Fighter Falls short at Roundhouse Kick
Man Accidentally Turns Onto His Buddy
Guy Tries to Kick Buddy in Face
Youngster Strikes Individual in Groin with Nunchuck
Female Fails to Headbutt Pumpkin
Person Freaks Out Over Titan Spider Web
Punching Bag Video game Kick Fail
Fighter Knocks Down Punching Bag
Man Shows Off Martial art Falls short
Guy Breaks Samurai Sword on Snowman
Man Attempts Front Flip and also Slides on Grass
Person Accidentally Kicks Close friend During Sparring Match
Girl Slides during Karate Kick Training
Guy Attempts to do Hurricane Kick and Falls on Pet cat
Ranch Backflip Faceplant
Woman Falls Attempting to Kick Buddy's Hand
Man Falls Trying a High Kick
Lady Can't Cross Devil Steps
Martial arts Kick to Head Fail
Parkour Trainee Misses Landing
Individual Dances with Nunchucks
Girl Tries to Kick Guy
Guy in Martial Arts Attire Flings Body over Fencing
Person Hits Confront with Bo Staff
Man Crashes down from High Kick Attempt
Slideflip Fail Lands on Head
Girl's Hair Catches ablaze while Flinging Nunchucks
Guy Falls Into Frozen Water at Play area
Individual Attempts to Dismount after Doing Handstand
Amusing Ninja Kick Fail
Youngster Chucks his Nun Chucks on his Nuts
Wooden Board Strike Fail
Person Puts Opening in Wall During Handstand Attempt
Man Unintentionally Kicks Coach Across Area
Woman Falls During Salmon Ladder Effort
Individual Unintentionally Hits Own Balls With Stick
Guy Turns Off Of Closet and Falls
Child Falls During Martial Arts Method
Woman Freaks Out Mid-Air
Guy Tries to Do Spinning Flip on Beach
Salmon Ladder Fail on top
Man Tries to do Handstand on Stool
Door Opens Mid Handstand
Red Tee shirt Parkour Bar Jumping Fail
Kickboxing Headshot
Man Attempts to Blackflip off Tree Trunk
Aspiring Ninja Combats Unseen Challenger at Bus Quit
Guy Cannot Use Nunchucks

Ninja Stops working: Sweep The Leg! (March 2017)|| FailArmy

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