MY NEW TRUCK!! She Loves it!
Date : May 17, 2020
By ShaMagic

Today is full of fun and family. Please give some love to the guys that made this all happen here

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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my Wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

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  1. Roman Atwood Vlogs

    Thank you all so much. check todays description for all todays info. See you Friday. Smile More

    • Katelyn Allen

      Love your vids a lot

    • Katelyn Allen

      I love e your vids I have been watching your vids since 2 years ago

    • Baby Baby

      Roman Atwood Vlogs

    • Melisa Sinderson

      Roman Atwood Vlogs no thank you

    • YO-YO WILL213

      Roman at wood i watch u every day I’ve watch every single vid????????

  2. Tyler Andrews

    Roman is such an inspiration we love the Atwood’s

    • Connor

      Farts&PoopLive what the fuk

    • Drew Weidmann


    • stone hurdle

      @The Organ Donor dang if she is you are evre one in the attwood family are supper nice I wish I could meet romen irl

    • jennifer Loy fairhurst

      …because they spend a lot of money???

  3. sghsjd whgfkshahake

    Comments: like this comment if you were a true fan of Roman since before 2019

    • Maddox Bullock


    • Jody Johnson

      i am

    • Tiernan Northup


    • William Poindexter

      It’s been about since 2011 for me

    • At Home Detail

      How bout since 2013??

  4. wallacetf

    i love how roman has accidentally opened a donkey sanctuary at this point

    • Caroline_cat Bridges_kitty


    • Mid Remy


  5. Fivo Nine

    Me: saving up for Monster Jam
    Roman: Freestyle Monster Truck Event in his backyard????

    • Amanda Eccles

      No kidding!

  6. Alexis Watson

    Yo where’s Noah been?? Haven’t seen him in ages it seems like! 🙁

    • Optifresh

      Connor White okay sure lmao

    • Connor White

      Austin King Bryan is always at crossroads bar also.

    • Optifresh

      Connor White okay buddy


      fbfireiregrehiuderfrediferiusreheireifrehidvreierirreiidregeiri 3

    • Grady Miller

      @Connor White nobody cares about your lies

  7. GavDawg

    Roman: nobody’s ever given me anything like this.

    2 seconds later Tanners army truck comes in frame

    • Angelo

      GavDawg plus he got an 80,000$ Gtr for free

    • Parker McKowen

      Dominick Angelo def way more then $80000 brand new

    • yoboimike

      Lol rember when he drove the school bus in the pond

    • Billy C

      stock GTRs are starting around $150k

    • Big daddy josh

      @Billy C 100k

  8. ChrisBubbly

    Roman is literally the father that I’m gonna be when i’m older, great man!

    • Amy Kristic

      Hope this comes true for you bc we need more husbands and Daddy’s like this and the kids your age have no clue!

    • ChrisBubbly

      Amy Kristic I wanna be the best dad I can be for my children in the future… especially since I never had one growing up, it’s gonna come true????????????

    • Covid -19

      ChrisBubbly I don’t know my mom

    • Jean Phil

      You mean you will disapear for months without giving reasons?

  9. Zachary Coke

    Roman: *Has monster truck*

    neighbors: “Honey grab the popcorn and chairs, roman has a monster truck today”

    • Jayden Sanders

      Tisovskiy 25 your not trying to promote your channel? Even though that’s all u did

    • Ethan Smith


    • valarryplays123

      Next day gets a tank

    • B MW

      No he did not ownen it he rented v2 vids aka overkill evolvusition


      rekjbererfrefrehfrehrehdierfreifrederfrehdiferisfrehifrefreiudreiuifrefreifrerei 3

  10. Snox x2

    Yo roman ive been watchin you for like 5 years keep it up.

  11. MrAwesome 016

    That was the most meaningful “I love you” I’ve ever heard like this comment if u agree so Roman will see this —–>

  12. Kevin Hernandez

    Who’s been watching Roman since the pranks ?

    • Ashley Smith


    • Mohammad Almazrouei

      Me then I stoped and I’m back

    • Anthony Rauso

      i have been

    • Official Vinsanity

      Good old days

    • littleswaghere


  13. jrod yeye

    I love how you say it’s your monster truck and then you whisper to the camera it’s not actually mine then why do you say in my new truck

  14. Jostein Seppola

    Greta Thunberg probably doesn’t like monster trucks.

    • Kill em' to enjoy the silence

      They stole her childhood.


      ergrjkebebirehirrehbierbrgrehibireirehsidrfrei 3

  15. Opps_Vizion

    Damn I remember watching this channel everyday sober as a kid couple years ago now I just get high all day ????

  16. Newy Rider

    Next on off the ranch “don’t tell mere”

  17. Dj Haynes

    Been watching Roman sine he started i remember when he he first got his gtr for free

  18. Hannah Campbell

    The name for the truck should be “The SmileMonster”

  19. Trail_Force 1

    Who’s been watching since he was picking up Noah in the fields and acted so suprised

  20. Cayden Palmer

    Bro I still remember when they were living in their old house