Mind-Blowing Facts About Space
Date : September 12, 2021
By ShaMagic

Space is a fascinating topic. Lets find out about some amazing space facts!
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    Hope you’re all having a great day!

    What’s your favourite fact about space?

    • K13

      Are you able to breathe in Mercury?

    • dmg0425

      nice video

    • Vittorio

      Spuish erath

    • Corruption


    • Linnea Bambenek

      Probably that it goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and…
      Oh you get the point.

  2. Last But First

    All those flat earthers jokes had me rolling.

    • Alexander Taylor

      You said it man. I don’t need a cheap rocket to tell me the Earth is 🌎


      @Shamus Mcreary its a coke

    • Shamus Mcreary

      @SCIENTIST you mean joke and obviously

    • Remi Pougnard

      Me too

    • purpleplays

      @e e patroling tryna catch me ridin dirty

  3. Jumanne Howell

    The only things more mind blowing than these facts are the puns on Be Amazed

    • Gamer Kid

      @Dhruv Singh all are good

    • Dhruv Singh

      @Gamer Kid but they got better puns

    • BlueKit Gaming

      @Riley Mohekey the hel

    • Riley Mohekey

      @BlueKit Gaming ?

    • andwele christian lim

      @Timekid SteveSpaceSpaceSpaceSpaceGaming yes eggcellent

  4. Quietly Curious

    “The earth isn’t round.”
    Me: * scrolls down to look for flat-earth comments.*

    • Mia Isabella Caro

      I’m the 1k like!

    • Michael Harrington

      @Nicholas Gardiner Really? You want to be a grammar cop, and correct someone for using *your* instead of *you’re* , but didn’t mention anything about them (in the same comment) using *all* in place of *I’ll* ?

    • Nicholas Gardiner

      @Peter Souza Say it with me now Peter, oblate spheroid.

    • Jackson Callow

      Ig swaga

    • Steven The gamer

      Me too but there’s nine

  5. Tom

    Huge respect for the cameraman who traveled around the universe just to record this.

    • That one Poo

      @jibi vino r/wooooosh

    • Epic.Fam!!


    • Skid

      He is shaggy

    • Rhys Agdamag

      They just animated it

    • NeutralNitesh

      They animated this they didn’t record it

  6. HĪM_YT - max retardation

    “Ninth planet”: yeah I’m cool
    ( ! ) Pluto will remember that..

    • always in september


  7. Kristel Pas

    I learned so many facts and discovered so many about space,thank you for this it’s amazing!!!

  8. bryan martini

    “counting all the stars might seem like an impossible task, but with a little bit of METH”

    • Youssef Tamer

      He obviously meant math, but what I heard was something different 🤣🤣

    • brittany harbick

      What the &%$&

    • brittany harbick

      I use meth

    • Nooby Banana

      You know the space is infinite and black holes will never stop growing if they eat some things and how black holes are made Giant star explosion

  9. Clampitron

    The star that blew in 1987 looks like an hour glass as in time. Anyone else see it? Though it’s fitting that a star in space would then blow up and look like time itself😂

    • # Pinkskies57

      Yep I thought that to its an hour glass

  10. Howgetuser

    he was going hard on those flat earthers

  11. Nicholas Valentine

    I could count 3 stars a second, give me the job!

    • Vels Hyem


  12. Not Barney

    When he said the Earth isn’t round I thought we were dealing with a flat earth person lol

    • Marcel Fuks


    • Dino E


    • Gavin vids


    • Kermit the hedgefrog


  13. Papyrus toppat member 10 [•FNF•]

    “UY scuti is the biggest star in the whole universe”
    Quasi star : pathitic

    • GamingWith Eli

      Stephenson 2-18: Pathetic (to Uy scuti)

    • Dino E

      @GamingWith Eli R131A1: a star with over 300 times the weight of the sun to uy scuti that’s only 9 time sun mass and way to oversized: pathetic again

    • Ewan OSullivan


    • William Wedd

      None to man kind

    • Monke Ooga Booga

      @Ooga Booga brother?

  14. Easwaran Vb

    Nerd life
    Someone: Girls are from Venus
    Me: No venus is inhabitable

    • Easwaran Vb

      @MagnaGamer they would also have very sharp eyesight to see through sulfur

    • MagnaGamer

      @Easwaran Vb yup

    • R1ze humorous

      Actialy if venas was a little farther away from the sun and had a little h2o it would be habitable for some species of lizards for about 56 yers

    • Easwaran Vb

      @R1ze humorous hmmm ok

    • cool

      @Easwaran Vb yeah and then they call you “smarty pants”😒

  15. JoeMcNap

    “it´s a bit squashed. as if someone sat on it” must have been the heaviest and dumbest Flatearther trying to make it a pancake to proove earth is flat.

    • Squiggles


    • Nicholas Gardiner

      @Chad Conklin A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and you don’t even have that. Start over again go back to pre-kindergarten And educate yourself until you’ve earned a doctorate degree in astrophysics.

    • Mater Ben The Amazing


    • Tiffany Lynn Randall

      God sits* on it 🙏

    • arth 20

      It took me some time to understand this

  16. Unkempt

    This guy had a really bad experience with flat earthers

    • Dev Goswami

      Did u know beast boy is a flat-earther?

    • Unkempt

      @Dev Goswami who’s beast boy?

    • Dev Goswami

      @Unkempt a character from teen titans

    • Duflacko

      9:20 but a good experience with meth I guess

    • Mark Alexander

      Who hasn’t? They so stupid lol.

  17. Dogecoin Stocks

    My favorite thing about space it that we haven’t discovered most of it and we are still trying with god and Jesus on our shoulders to help us guide our way though it

  18. Julexar


    • David Hmar


    • Peratauis Valie

      no nasa is no pluto planet

    • Emaaad Sheikh

      @Peratauis Valie dude stop saying that Pluto is nota planet they already know that idiot

  19. อีดอก 😼

    I have no words, after doing all of that I feel EXTREMELY small..then I think about bacteria and feel bad for them

  20. Mr. Claytoon

    Fun fact: who disliked the video are flat earthers