Men’s Spring Style & Outfit Q&A #3 – #AskGG – Colors, Materials, Open Weave, …
Date : April 2, 2017
By ShaMagic

Q & A live session – April 2, 2017 – 1:30 pm CST – See you!

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Here are the concerns asked

What are 5 fundamentals for a springtime closet?

I intend to get a traditional man's hat for the summertime – designs, do and also do n'ts?

Handwear covers in the spring?

can I put on a tie to a pair of academy green GTH-pants?

when dressing for spring, would you suggest sticking with the same clothing throughout the day? or could I likewise wear a different clothing in the evening?

Ideas on men's umbrellas

A lot of breathable fabric: linen, cotton, or fresco?

Exactly what do you think of Exotic patterns on connections?

What sort of trousers are your faves for springtime?

I have a charcoal wool suit and also a black silk tie. would a navy silk pocket square match it?

exactly what do you take into consideration dressing down? and when do you do so?
Are you mosting likely to make a video on espadrilles?

Can I have a light blue sweater under a jacket? or is that more of an autumn style?

Can you offers us tips to the best ways to purchase vintage on eBay? Is it easy/common to obtain scammed?

suede footwears in the springtime time?

What's your take on connection clips (connection bars)?

any suggestions for taking a trip/ travel style/ exactly what to load to europe for concerning 3 weeks in july?

How do you stay comfy in hotter temperatures in a fit?

Oxford t-shirts in the springtime?

Is it proper to put on velvet Albert slippers (a la Stubbs) in the summer?

Tweed in spring?

Double monk band footwears in Spring?

can I use a vest as well as a bow tie as well as not look like a waiter?

How do you really feel about light tinted ties with light tinted jackets?

When putting on a match in the spring, will it look weird in dark colors?

Just what's your take on motorist moccasins?

Just what is the connection knot today?

Opinion on natural leather woven shoes? do they last as long as regular leather outfit footwears?

Is poplin open weave?

What do you think of Fedora hats? People have the tendency to think of Indiana Jones currently days when they see them.

Supper Jacket Alternatives for Spring?

Can u tell something concerning a raincoat?

black tie dark red or white boutonniere, dual monk straps with black tie?

Vital colors for chinos? I'm just now building my wardrobe and also

want a base when it comes to lighter colour bow connections, just what is your point of view on seersucker bow ties?

Might you talk on the differences in between pure bed linen apparel versus linen/cotton blends, versus linen/silk blends.

Just what are the best footwears to wear with bed linen pants?

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