Date : September 12, 2021
By ShaMagic

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I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

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  1. YoBoy PIZZA

    Anyone else here watch the entire video??? #TrueRomanSoldier

    • Cory Patterson

      @Addisyn Petrovich wazzzaaaaa

    • Irfan Hay


    • Syncable

      why does noah act so strange

    • Zachary Green


    • coop dog


  2. andyisyoda

    I watch every second. Always do. Perhaps some of the toys could be taken to children’s hospitals.

    • Gain Iga

      Well, I mean its nice and all but they sent it to them for them to actually play with

    • Esteban Ruiz

      Andy I watch you’re vids when you had 10k subs

    • Maddison Alford

      andyisyoda k

    • Maddison Alford

      Good idea

    • Katie Smith

      I agree

  3. Sara Embur Ell

    Roman, you REALLY need to put a ring on that girl’s finger…she is 1000% a keeper πŸ™‚

    • Kelsey Lo1349


    • deadpool fan

      @Steve Humanist hahahahahahahaha

    • Dazzman Hutchinson

      He did

    • Garrett Lamm

      Already happened

    • Ryguy27

      There married now

  4. Fdddvvv Fdddvvhhh

    I feel bad for noah he dosnt get nearly as much as kane, show noah some love and send him some cool stuff in the P.O. box

    • Someone -

      paige73 yo put he put the comments 5 months ago I think he still didn’t even have an iPhone.

    • LaDonna Barnett

      Roman this is kayden barnett i watch your videos every day i love you guys so much i live in Summersville wv i wish i could meet you i love you guys so much bye

    • romy s

      Major Boys you can’t say that because you don’t know that. He may have an awesome life with both his parents

    • Hunter Weikle

      I know

    • Fedora

      @romy s In a older vlog it didnt look so.

  5. Eryn

    rewatched almost 2 years later all the way through without skipping 😝 Love your family Roman πŸ‘πŸ‘

  6. Vee

    Lmao I would love to continue seeing more of these in present time. I understand it takes A LOT to edit a video this long, but it was amazing to watch and feel the excited with you all, πŸ˜‚especially Kane’s excitement.

  7. Janet Johnson

    I love all of your vlogs! Watching your family is the high light of my day!

  8. Jen D

    I saw 1 hour 9 minutes and got so excited to watch! I sit and watch your videos for hours a day, so this long vlog was great! Im a relatively new subscriber, been watching one year. Last month i decided to start watching all the old vlogs as well! Congrats on baby girl on the way

    • Bros Perfect

      Jen D what about the other 4 secons

  9. Hannah Fitzpatrick

    Who else felt really bad for Noah when he was the only one that didn’t get a sticker

    • Sam Fletcher

      Hannah Fitzpatrick but he’s not Britneys son

    • Samuel's Apple stuff

      Hannah Fitzpatrick m

  10. Brandon Rosales

    Roman,when I watch your vlogs it makes me smile

  11. The joker 12

    Some day i will work hard enough to have a good life like that with my family

  12. purplechickie32

    This came up in my “Up Next” feed. Such an overload of love sent. The simple answer is to promote a charity to send things to instead. I know that reality is not so simple. I appreciate the work, energy, and time spent on these vlogs. Thank you for your effort in making people smile. Sometimes takes a lot.

  13. Vicky Kimball

    Actually I rewatched the whole video. Really amazing to see the love and support for your family. The kids have grown so much and now Cora will be added to any future mail openings. Looking forward to her reactions. Big Hugs! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†more!!

  14. Squirrel

    watching this and realizing that they are actually getting married now

    • Saved Henry

      its been 2 years since they got married????? where did that time go

    • ItsJacobM

      @Saved Henry now they in a new house 😭 times flying

    • Lewis Haslam


    • Lewis Haslam


  15. hailey a

    Thivs isnt the longest vlog anymore : )

    • crazy for myself

      Panic! At The Chemical Twenty Phan Pilots why

    • Ibrahim Malik

      @crazy for myself wdym why, he has another video that is longer

    • LUCUS King

      @crazy for myself gy

    • LUCUS King

      @Ibrahim Malik gyyjhhhhhhfw ref and

  16. Liv Green

    Who is watching when they are actually engaged πŸ’β€οΈ

    • fouad petrus issa


    • jasmine shaw

      Im whatching when they are married

    • DankGod

      Olivia Green married

    • jhock429


    • jhock429


  17. Cache Jolie

    This is the video I would watch when my mom says one more video before bed πŸ˜‚

    • Jayqen


  18. lmaoidontknowmeeither

    This vlog never gets old, always come back to watch this video love it

  19. Splash _CSC

    I love how the boys appreciate every gift! So genuine! What a joy! Lets all smile more like the boys!

  20. Splash _CSC

    I understand that the mail backed up and happy how you enjoyed the artwork! I did watch the video straight thru and love and smiled and laughed so much!!!!! Thanks Roman Clan!