Date : May 16, 2020
By ShaMagic


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Stuntman Challenge –
Yesterdays Vlog –
Today was a lot of trial and error 🙂 Stunts off the new smile more building and fails off the roof of my house! Having such a fun time with the Dudesons.


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This is my life as a Father of my sons Noah and Kane along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013.

I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

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  1. JEJKT Pranks

    6:40 kanes like IM OUTA HERE

    • Nick_Mantekas


    • Lloydy___

      I did laugh! In my head though

    • adnan almogbel

      +JEJKT Pranks lol

  2. TYT Cross

    Who will hit 6 million subs first? Roman or The Fine Bros? ????

    • travestytingz

      Or are u taking about react

    • Jack Davies

      +Lol Kom they are talking about how they trademarked the word react and reaction videos so everyone is unsubbing from thefinebros

    • HenPlays

      +Lol Kom its a thing I that’s happening recently they lost 1mil SUBS in 3days

    • Hello

      +Lol Kom …. you are new to YouTube

    • HenPlays

      @Valentijn Joppe they were at around 15mil at one point now there at 13mil

  3. SXLLY 2K

    Who else whatched the beggining twice

    • JonCormany Vlogs

      +LETS OPEN IT technically I did, but only because they showed it again later in the vlog

    • Hamza Heljezović

      +JonCormany Vlogs Jon you fucking deserve so many joke awards ????????????????????????????

    • Tommylee Rigney

      me ????????????????

  4. Stephanie Warzetha

    no such thing as a bad idea how would we discover milk if somebody looked at a cow’s utter and thought “I wonder if I can drink out of that”

    • Ashlyn Taylor

      we discovered milk cause a farmer saw that when a cow gives birth the calf drinks from the utter of the mother. Not because of your idea

    • Stephanie Warzetha

      +Ashlyn Taylor it was a joke. but thats cool u actually know y

    • Leslie Frisle

      It’s spelled udder

    • Doug Hausmann

      ynninmjhn Johnny

  5. Phantom_Reunited

    4:40 Assassin Creed Character confirmed!

    • guergues lotfy

      [ * ] Phantom_Reunited [ * ] ???????????????? IKR first time I see Edge does a swanton bomb on Jeff Hardy

    • Mark Perez

      [ * ] Phantom_Reunited [ * ] gmn

  6. TheNukeMan

    “This just became a bad idea.” You know it’s a bad idea when one of the dudesons says so.

  7. Terrence Bacchus

    And tell little cute Kane I love him too and tell him hi

  8. RedsFan4life

    Jarno:”Did you see the speed like.. wow”

  9. aha

    500 G̥ͦu̥ͦy̥ͦs̥ͦ W̥ͦi̥ͦl̥ͦl̥ͦ L̥ͦi̥ͦk̥ͦe̥ͦ T̥ͦh̥ͦi̥ͦs̥ͦ W̥ͦi̥ͦl̥ͦl̥ͦ B̥ͦe̥ͦc̥ͦo̥ͦm̥ͦe̥ͦ B̥ͦi̥ͦl̥ͦl̥ͦi̥ͦo̥ͦn̥ͦe̥ͦr̥ͦs̥ͦ!

    • Minecraft youtubers 194

      Can you spell?

    • isabel Coltman

      why do people
      not like this?

    • Plambo

      50 Guys who like this will help him learn to spell correct…

    • Mewtoo EXtreme

      iRobloxOderHunter if u spelt it right i would

  10. Nestor Veitia

    I wish this guy was my neighbor!

    • Cole Casavant

      You would just be like when is our daily explosion going to happen to day

    • Levi Digby

      @Cole Casavant ok dude

    • Archie Smitham

      This guy has a name

  11. frivolousbloom 8

    4:42 he did a swaton bomb

  12. The Lyric Generator

    this was so funny

  13. rainbow to emo

    I love how the dudesons act around Noah and Kane

    • ImSoBxtly

      rainbow to emo same

    • gabe Percy

      rainbow to emo fi

    • Isaiah Valenzuela

      rainbow to emo

    • Lillian Caster

      rainbow to emo ec

  14. ALPACA


  15. debee xing


    • Luke plays

      It was quite satisfying just the noise of the scraping no

  16. jungkook

    i was dying when the one DudeSon (forget his name sorry) with the hat jumped from the house bc he was just wiggling when he fell xd

  17. amy guillen

    I wish Roman was neighbor I would go to his house every day and play with their son’s ????????????

  18. Cece Hare

    Who’s watching after Zeus passed

  19. Kezella xoxo

    After watching this vid so many times and just realised it is on my birthday I think my 15th birthday

  20. izzy west

    they need to collab again this upcoming winter

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