In the Face Fails: That hurt! (August 2017) || FailArmy
Date : February 8, 2020
By ShaMagic

Ever before been put in the face by a fish? No, well we've got a great one for you! We have actually obtained some amazing in the face falls short for you to delight in. Have a favored? Let us recognize in the comments below.


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Video clips:
Young boy Blows Chemical Combination right into Eyes
Man Mistakenly Kicks Female in Face While Post Dance
Man right into Obstacle While Ice Skating
Uncle Unintentionally Strikes Round Into Children Face
Person Obtains Hit by Dummy's Hand
Female Hitman with Racquetball
RC Aircraft Hits Individual in Face
Lady Faceplants After Embarking on Hill
Guy Surges Volley ball right into His Face
Pinata Knocks Kid Over
Man Flip Off Mat
Girl While Rotating on Pole
Individual Gets Plaything Stuck on Head
Boy Bounces Basketball right into his Face
Man Evades Coastline Ball Assault
Guy into Picnic Table While Riding Slip N' Slide
Woman Attempts a Cartwheel
Man Off Paddle Board in Lake
Cat Smacks Hedgehog with Tail
Lady Faceplants While Dancing
Child Hits Father with Shovel
Man Aims to Slap Pal Off Bridge
Man Scorpions on Slide
Individual Frontflips Then Faceplants
Young boy Obtains Hit in Face with Tetherball
Woman Bumps Head on Ape Pubs
Baby Topples Tower on Father
Person Out of Hammock
Person Knocks Over Youngster Attempting to Backflip
Kid Inadvertently Hits Brother With Bat
Grandmother Obtains Struck in Face With Sound Pong Sphere
Paintball Gamer Smashes Face Into Barrel
Underwater Face Hit
High Kick to Face
Child's Sibling Tricks Him
Punch Bag Resists
Lady Obtains Struck in Face With Design Airplane
Reclining Chair Hits Customer in Face
Grouper Slaps Angler in the Face
Bookcase Club Gets better
Lady Kicks Round Into Boy's Face
Trainee Can't Take Off Plaster Mask

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