Date : May 16, 2020
By ShaMagic

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Today we took the Goblin and the GTR to the dragstrip! We also attempted to Race country's red bike. haha. Finished the day with some fun family stuff and really cool pond stuff. Thanks so much for everything 🙂
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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

Category: Fun


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    • Javier contreras

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      RomanAtwoodVlogs I love corla she is so pretty



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      Roman Atwood you are the best in the World

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    Danger is real but fear is a choice

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      JQ Vlogs Go watch our videos and subscribe. You’ll love ❤️ it!!!!!

    • Chris Voorde

      Why so random?

  3. Suc Mie Toes

    I love how roman stays positive and doesn’t try to forget about zeus

    • Ralph Hathaway

      ???? you gust ????

    • Mafa

      ELiTe Gaming hgghggyggggccdqsqdraratauiqknagagayvayaystsfvsfqfaggsfagqgvafstsddsta

    • slaqit

      BreannasStuff Roman talks about him in the vlogs

    • Raymond Rodriguez

      Navic 33 true

  4. ICE_VegasAce

    on countrys bike theres a lever that you switch from when you turn it on to when you actually ride it, i have the same bike and that used to happen to me when i would forget to flip the lever over to run. LIKE SO ROMAN CAN SEE

    • Jon the lamb

      maoooooooooable choke is it the thing that helps it start in the cold

    • MasterSyke _26

      maoooooooooable i

    • Againsthell1

      Throttle cable is rusted

    • 302 diamond state

      maoooooooooable The rpms didn’t change at all when he used the throttle so I think the cable has rusted and snapped

    • Somberero Kid 2

      maoooooooooable its called the gas lever its there to open the gas valve to let gas in if you dont turn it on it will only run on whats in the the fuel line and if theres nothing in it it wont start

      You wouldn’t need to do that if it was electronic fuel injection so thats why it doesn’t apply to modern day cars

  5. Owen P

    You guys should go ice skating in the winter on the pond

  6. Eeyore_-

    Roman on country’s bike you need to check the throttle Cable.

  7. carter bostick

    is country the dude perfect panda ?

  8. Paul Axel

    Needs E85 lol

    • Itz Atomic

      Paul Axel why does it looks like clouds on the water

    • riley molony

      Paul Axel if u sub to me I’ll sub 2 u❤️

    • Kyle

      tekkman boxmb its awd f wheel can’t just spin by itself if it does that just means the diff is broken so you can’t only say spinning Front wheels. And He was used to driving Auto so he forgot to change gear. And he does know how to drive Stick. He prolly forgot to change gear on the Gtr because it doesn’t have clutch

    • DaltonThomas

      He’d have to upgrade his fuel lines. E85 eats up steel lines.

    • Brayden Huddleson

      Kyle it’s called diffing out

  9. Gio Gonzalez

    1 like for zuez

    • _MangoRage

      Gio Gonzalez 1 LIKE = WE LOVE Zues

    • Katie Burto

      I won’t like for zuez idk who he is but I really miss romans dog Zeus

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      Gio Gonzalez or 80

  10. Charles Grosset

    going through major depression these videos make me smile.. thanks Roman

    • Shane Francis

      Charles Grosset hey try to think positive what ever makes u depressed forget about just thing of good stuff what makes u happy

    • Tomo Lapis

      Charles Grosset Try not to think past 5 minutes time if you can. Just hang in in there. Hold on for another 5 minutes. Take the time you need to heal. Don’t pressure yourself by thinking “I should be feeling better by now”. Step by step. You WILL be ok. I have severe chronic, treatment-resistant depression. It does get better. I promise you. You take care.

  11. Janette K

    You should deffinetly collaborate with Cow vet cody! Cody Creelman!!

  12. RR GrApE

    Get country a Honda grom

    • ghost killer gn

      Bro Your adopted omg yes I love those bikes

  13. bailey dale

    No vlog today guys Roman .
    Has POSTED on Twitter he said he will be back tomorrow

  14. BigDaddyLade

    People act like roman is gonna buy country a 10k bike country drives a custom jag I’m sure he can afford a bike

  15. brzzy

    “safety is always numba one piorty” ????

  16. heaT

    For those who Dont have twitter: RomanAtWood: No vlog today…But, my girl and I are making big plans for tomorrow ????????. See you soon ????

    • Rhea Hepp

      Shockwave 7171 Thanks!

    • _MangoRage


    • Jack Neg

      In ontyer words he douesnt care about us

    • heaT

      in other words he is busy and if u think he aint busy then get a brain and a life

    • IMini Musician

      Shockwave 7171 7

  17. XpertNickGamer

    When that Derby comes I’ll purchase an ticket so fast!! I honestly can’t wait fr! Like if anyone else would go

  18. David Ly

    Goblin is FAST! ????????

  19. James Osa

    let me guess “I NEEDED a break from vloging cause my job is soooo hard”

  20. Matt Zimon

    I can just imagine Cora watching all of these videos when she is older. Can’t wait for when a vid says, “Cora see’s herself as a baby for the first time!!”