Date : May 16, 2020
By ShaMagic

Yesterdays Vlog –

Today I left Toronto, Canada and landed in Orlando, Florida for my next live Roman vs Fousey Tour. I had a absolute awesome day. Got to hangout and have some fun with Adam LZ Check him out here – I also spent most of my night getting my hand x rayed. Took at least 3 days to realize I actually broke my hand.. Crazy. Super dumb and embarrassed to share this story but maybe it's a good lesson for all of us! DONT PUNCH WALLS HAHA! Love you guys and thank you for being here. Smile More you are Beautiful! 🙂


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This is my life as a Father of my sons Noah and Kane along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013.

I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

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  1. Sydney Reil

    Dear Roman, (if your reading this) Please don’t feel bad we all make mistakes❣You are my inspiration❣You’re so brave for putting yourself out on YouTube❣I would like to thank you for being so kind to promote happiness and just being you❣I dream of meeting you and your amazing family someday❣I wish I could have come to your only tour stop in Canada (where I live) but it was to expensive and it was sold out.Can you please please please tell Noah that we are twins because we were both born on October 18th in 2004 and that is really cool in my opinion❣When I think of awesome people the first person I think of is you! I’m asking for lots of Smile More merchandise for Christmas❣ I hope you have a great time on the rest of the tour❣Thanks Roman really Thank you❣❣YOUR AMAZING, YOUR BEAUTIFUL, YOUR ONE OF A KIND, SMILE MORE❣❣????????
    (If your not Roman can you please like this or share this on Twitter to him so he can hopefully see this!!! Thanks so much!)

    • Twenty one piglets S

      Well done

    • Twenty one piglets S

      No really that was super nice

    • Hayday

      +Rico Obrien yah

    • Me

      That was the nicest thing I have ever read

    • Ugandan knuckles

      I live in Australia it would of cost me 50k to com to the tour

  2. Holli Dieker

    Am I the only person who is curious WHY Roman punched a wooden cabinet?

    • Alexis Lieberman


    • this is life

      Me too

    • Unicus Videos

      You don’t understand the stress he is under. Movie stars use drugs to coup, Roman hit a cabinet, so what? I have punched things when I am really mad. mountain out of a molehill here.

    • Holli Dieker

      @unicusDOTcom Asking a question isn’t making a big deal out of something. lol. I was simply curious, end of discussion.

    • MLG_Elevate


  3. Christian Francisco

    I once dislocated a fried chicken wing to eat it

    • Nathaniel Touch

      nice one !!!

    • Anthony Garcia999


    • Brock Walker


    • Victor Ortega


    • Nathaniel Touch


  4. Random Person

    See guys, he doesn’t break his hand back in place for us. This is why I love how much positivity he has and what he wants to do with us. He wants to share his every day life with us and he doesn’t want us to go through bad times without him there to help us to be more positive. He always reminds us to Smile More. Please like this because I really want Roman and his family to know how much he helps us. <3 SMILE MORE <3 =)

    • Random Person


    • MixVideos Yousef Fan


    • muscle man jr


    • Tyler Junion

      True that thank you Roman for all you do! 🙂 <3

    • Random Person

      thanks everyone for helping me out and agreeing with me =)

  5. Arianna Gatewood

    who’s else has never broaken a bone

    • Ayden S

      @Alvaro Sepulveda hold up WHAT

    • Colin's Corner


    • Sara Harper


    • Tiernan Wahl

      Mirrored shut up kid, I have a broken elbow and I had to get surgery for it, stop trying to make people feel bad for you kid


      Arianna Gatewood I haven’t but have sprained an ankle

  6. XxOrinocoXx

    I rolled me ankle but umm feel better roman can you please reply

    • AYE person

      Chloe Masri h

    • Eric Harris


  7. Han •

    I have split my head open, fractured my arm and broke a blood vessel in my foot

    • Lily Charman

      X Hannah X i have broken 2 blood vessels in my eyes 1 in each eye IT HURTS!

    • Ryan Clark

      X Hannah X oww

    • Ryan Clark

      Lily Charman oww

    • Connor Toyne


    • laughin888

      X Hannah X gosh

  8. Jacy Oreel

    I have never broke a bone but I sprained my left arm 1,right leg1,left leg 1,left thumb 3,and I got surgery in my ear to remove a back of an earring and I got 1 stitch!!!! IM A FAILURE AT LIFE!!!????????????????????

  9. Julia Lebron

    19:25 is where the broken bone thing starts

    • Aussie Asian

      Julia Lebron thank you, you beautiful person

    • scottydmac

      aweome! I search for sports science and I get a portable dj bouncer duder kickin it with some homies wtf cool. thanks, 4am I should give up at this point.

    • Embrace_ Nova


    • Dangdude

      Julia Lebron thank you!!!

    • ryz mae

      Thx I been lookin ????

  10. Kinga Bandych

    i broke my hand yestaday i had surgery it was so painful

  11. BWZ_ Kalypaly

    I’m 8 and I’m in hospital because a bully punched me and I broke my leg ????????????????????????????????????

    • Noe I Uvalle

      PS4 GAMER never let that bring u down

    • Karin Barney

      Hiiiiiiiiii Kal

    • David Gilstrap

      PS4 GAMER sorry

    • Alexandra P

      BWZ_ Kalypaly How?

    • Sharlet Williams

      I have broken my rest

  12. lksdmtngaming

    Wow you broke your Hand The Day After my Dad Broke his Leg

    • cathy cunnea

      I love you much you’re the best all the way

  13. PropBoy1 Halloween

    I have broken my Arm and wrist. I also sprained my ankle, I broke my arm by going on my scooter and rolling over a rock and landed in a push up position, my arm cracked about 75%, I ran down the stairs a year later and shattered my left wrist, not really shattered thought, just cracked. and I was running on ice with my friend and rolled my ankle as I fell.

    • U mum

      So you fractured your arm and wrist

    • Contortion Katy

      I have broken almost every bone apart from my neck and back

  14. Abby Shreve

    I’ve broken my finger 2 times from soccer, dislocated my knee 3 times from track, broke my ankle 1 when I was on a bounce house, and my sister dislocated her shoulder in soccer


    I have never broke a bone in my life which is 14 years in 5 days 26th January 2017

    • Shalene Mckown

      I’m am sorry please forgive me

    • Noah Rumley

      Alexander Macleo

    • Nate H

      Have you broken one yet?

    • D Mack

      U have the same b day as ellen

    • jumping_gingerr

      GINJA NINJA my bday is the 27th ????

  16. Tommy Locke

    like this and never break a bone


    I broke my hand yesterday

  18. It’s ur gurl Hannah

    I broke my big toe doing something stupid and then yesterday I was running and stubbed my toe next to my little one and broke it

  19. Katie Davis

    I’m a dancer and have been dancing since 3 years old, I’m now 19. Broken all toes and permanently dislocated, permanently broken my nose and dislocated it in a different place, broke my wrist on my trampoline, broke my ankle and sprained it 4 times, broke my knee and dislocated it, and also my arm and my shoulder bone have been broken. I think it’s just my back and neck to go now ????(not that I want to break them but it’s probably gonna happen????????)

    • Sarah Harris


    • Ashley Skelton

      I have not broken anything but I’m only 12 lol

    • Dangdude

      I luckily have not broke a bone I want to keep it that way ????

    • Shaina Emra

      WOW ????????

    • Central_NC Chickens

      Dangdude I have broken my arm, dislocated my elbow and shoulder, I have tore my Achilles tendon and I have crushed my pinky with a 400 pound cast iron tub and had to have surgery and put pins in it

  20. The real Crispy

    Who misses zeus the most every 11th like loves zeus