Hitting Rock Bottom
Date : August 29, 2020

Today I wanted to try something completely different. I wanted to just talk to you. No distractions or fun stuff. I hope that it brings you some joy. Thank you for listening.

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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my Wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

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  1. Rwd Master

    It’s true everyone hates everyone at the end of the day we got each other love you all

    • EAGL3S



    Finally somone is saying the truth, we need to stop hating, like this is not good how the world is becoming.

  3. Patrick Schmidt

    This is just a very an insperational speech, im gonna use this to get trough everything

  4. AcidLime_

    I miss you King. I feel, as do hopefully many, that this is exactly what everyone needed during these rough times. Stay healthy Atwood’s <3.

  5. Colin Askew

    How does a video like this even have dislikes? Like how sad and angry of a person do you have to be to dislike something so positive and inspiring?

    • Sean Frosty

      Exactly what i was thinking. Its awful

    • Mya Anderson

      Seriously how does he get dislikes.

    • tanjil rahman

      Maybe some sort of bots xD

  6. Dawson Nance

    I remember my low point and God bring me back up. The low point was an extremely blessing, Roman thank you for this heart to heart. I love everything you do. God bless my man.

  7. Jerardo Haro Ornelas

    Now this … now this is why I used to wake up at 7am for that winter and summer videos you made you always tried new things you were always going up and up all the time always became better and better thank sm Roman I’ve been watching you since I wanna say 2012 or before that when you made those pranks with Brit and I’m 16 now and you’ve always been an inspiration to my brothers and me being including ❤️ I hope everything goes up from this

  8. TheViewCrew

    This is entirely what I needed right now during this pandemic. I literally try so hard to better myself financially, mentally, socially, but no matter what i do, i fail in one aspect or the other. This video for me is a reminder that there is greatness waiting for me at the end of this dark tunnel. I know if I’m patient, everything will slowly work itself out. With the kindness of you heart, youre keeping millions in check and i respect you for that???????? Love you brother ❤✊

  9. James Downard

    I have to confess I was beyond pissed and fell off the Attwood wagon when they fell off the earth.Turns out I was more angry and reactive to them leaving because what I lacked in my day to day.i apologize for my thoughts and anger was misplaced and rarely do I admit I was wrong,but I was.

  10. Matt Chaffe

    I feel the exact same way, where I got out of high school, went to college for two years to take video classes, but the classes weren’t up to my standards. I decided to take some time off and work. I’m thankful to have a job at a local music store. Music is one of my favorite things in life. I hope this will be a turnaround point where I can have fun with both music and video making, and enjoy it! Maybe some day the money will be there for me to get me own place and raise a family. And I’m with you man, I love the Lord and what he does in our lives! Thank you for the video! This really made my day!

    • Lakiesha Ingram


  11. Phil Ouimette

    I loved this video. The lowest point in my life was 10 years ago today when I lost my grandfather. 10 years ago today I lost my best friend. But if it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t have had the people that I love, my family, to push me to continue high school because I was on the verge of pretty much quitting high school, and they pushed me to continue and finish. They pushed me to continue on with school and I graduated high school & COLLEGE!

    That’s 8 years of school and I went through that without him.

    But if it wasn’t for him leaving this earth I would have ever had the courage to go on with my life. I probably wouldn’t even be here on this earth if it wasn’t for my family pushing me.

    What Roman is saying is true. Use your lows to make highs in your life. I love this video I love this family and I am a Roman soldier for ever.

  12. EarthIs FlatAf

    As Jesus said “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

    • Mya Anderson

      EarthIs FlatAf true that

  13. TDurrGT

    Noticed something was missing all this time: These uplifting speeches we always need ????

    • Caleb Baker

      For real

  14. Skater Arod

    “I LOVE GOD, I LOVE THE LORD” YESSSS ???????????????????????????????????????? God bless you and the fam Roman

    • Jared Barclay

      Love hearing him say the lords name! Side of him I never saw before.

    • ThatGuyWithTheZ

      @Jared Barclay Same here!

  15. Kay Jay

    This is honestly what I needed to hear right now. Im stuck mentally, financially, emotionally. Life is not easy on us right now and im only 22. I have no dreams or aspirations. Im feeling stuck. I know im stuck on a hurdle right now trying to figure out how to get over this, wanting to give up completely. Thank you for sharing this today because I truly needed it. Much love to you and your family.

    • Sean Frosty

      Good luck to you. You can do whatever you want. Do what you love money will follow

    • DeefxWOP

      Dallas Tietsort huh?

  16. Peter t Nguyen

    When he said “on this ball, together” all the flat earth believers would think differently ????

    • Gold Gaming

      Why spread negativity?????

    • John McKee 68

      @Gold Gaming are you a flat earther

    • Gold Gaming

      Absolutely not. But imo all this does is spread negativity

  17. Amit Parekh

    I mean I can’t imagine not clicking on a Roman Atwood vlog. I would definitely watch , especially if you talk about current events. Like big stories or topics going on that need some moderating.

  18. Tyler Cg

    I’m sorry but how is this man getting dislikes? Who believes he’s not speaking facts?


      Exactly People who dislike are just a bunch of keyboard warriors. They just ignorant.

    • Aidan Lenz

      @DAMAN_NZ DAMAN_NZ sometimes ppl accidentally hit it on phones i do it all the time

    • random shnakins

      @Aidan Lenz but 1.7k , maybe I geuss

    • Mya Anderson

      Tyler Cg he speaks the truth, and not it the truth.

  19. Ron Fejza06

    Who else gets goosebumps when Roman says “you’re beautiful you’re one of a kind ,smile more” ????

    also Roman every single video u make is perfect so do whatever u think it’s best for u

  20. Redolessence

    You are a source of inspiration for so many of us, Roman. Please never stop doing what you do.