Date : May 16, 2020
By ShaMagic

Yesterdays Vlog –

Today I had to go into the doctors and we had some really fun special guests come in. Did a horrific challenge video and got really sick. thank you all so much for the daily support.


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This is my life as a Father of my sons Noah and Kane along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013.

I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

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  1. Yolex Pavon

    roman why don’t y’all make smile more cast rap for the people with broken arms or legs

    • Boblob1234.

      +RomanAtwoodVIogs . Stop faking go the chanel

    • Stamprince

      i was thinking that to

    • Joe Parker

      +RomanAtwoodVIogs . why would you pretend to be roman?

    • katherine ellett

      +jmanyes like a cast wrapping or a bandage he is on about and the amount of broken bones done is unbeliveable

    • Not Huncho

      +RomanAtwoodVIogs . I hate wannabes like you

  2. Dj whip cream Productions

    Can I get a like for my profile picture ????

    • Anestyx

      What about me bitches?

    • Toronto b00ty gaming

      +SpongeBob SquarePants hell ya

    • gianna marie

      +RomanAtwoodVlogs your not the real romanatwood dummy

    • Patrick

      +RomanAtwoodVlogs yey

  3. Luke Rockswold Films

    I think Roman was actually really mad. I haven’t seen him act like that before.

    • Malik Bumbrey

      nice i really need a new phone

    • Mario Cee

      Naw he was being good sport

    • Shania Keil


    • Tide pods

      +MILK CRUNCH gaming that’s not the real Roman atwood

    • Luke Rockswold Films

      @***** When do you see the vodka full and when do you see the vodka empty?

  4. amyxxx

    You wanna know who is beautiful

    Read the first word
    Have a great day:)

    • amyxxx

      +charlie richarson np

    • Caitlyn xx

      Aww u 2

    • amyxxx

      +catgomez thanks

    • Adrian Collins

      Amy_the_gymnastXx I is ugly doee

    • E F


  5. swimster

    I stayed in a cast up to my hip for a month. My leg felt so bad.

  6. Sewellbgamer

    Dam Roman back at it again with the hospital

  7. rainbow guesser

    you need to make a smile more cast

    • Molly Evans

      rainbow guesser I was thinking that

    • zahier Williams


  8. Eve Whiteman

    Roman you should make smile more casts it would be so cool. I love you Roman

  9. OJ W

    I am very tempted to buy mataliq acid

  10. Kitten Bell

    That stuff is called Vet Wrap…. we have an entire box… we use it for us, for injuries, sprains, cuts etc; for the chickens, dogs etc… it’s amazingly handy, every house should have some!!!

  11. Frida Ramirez

    smile more watch

    • tuckie Bros

      Your video are the best.

  12. jj got the juice

    what did happen

  13. yjasmina kreku

    Guest you won’t throw up 30 min later he throws up

  14. Olivia

    I know how you feel I broke my arm from a bully 2

    • bobbi PINER

      Olivia my bff did the same thing

  15. Random Cat

    I’m sad.but watching you makes me happy.

  16. ƎƨoĴ

    I miss Zeus????????????

    • Storm.


    • ljs vlogs

      I miss zeus too he was the best german sheperad I have ever seen

    • Nater Potater

      M don’t remind me of Zeus????????????????????????????

    • Beth Charter


    • Ainsley Waterbury

      me to

  17. Pancage Romero

    I miss zues

    • Grace Parry

      Pancage Romero so do I????????

    • ITS Marmy



    Who else is watching this to see zeus

  19. Christina Otto

    Hey instead of my rap I ordered a smile more rap

  20. guuguu74

    I had similar cast on leg, when they amputated toe… wrappings can be removed and re-wrap as needed….