Genius People Who Beat The System – Part 4
Date : September 12, 2021
By ShaMagic

It's big-brain time: here are more genius people who beat the system!
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Category: Fun


  1. InfinityGaming

    Can we all just appreciate the fact that be amazed never disappoint us with his content

    • star war kid ct5

      Where amazed at be amazed.

    • cooler


    • cooler

      @Esmeralda Ake yyi

    • Danfog YouTube

      its true he never disappoint us

    • SemiArtic

      @Hai Anh honestly

  2. Minecraft Axolotl Plush Channel Super Gamer Boy

    The parking spot for that car looks amazing although the idea surprises everyone

    • Mandi Priest

      Hey uh wear you get that plush

    • Minecraft Axolotl Plush Channel Super Gamer Boy

      It’s my YouTube channel Logo

    • Gamers Life

      Nice Axolotl ❤

    • Minecraft Axolotl Plush Channel Super Gamer Boy


    • Dreyfuss Hudson Productions


  3. Anthony Young

    LMBO, the Squadron of Flying Mowers (and actually seeing them flying in formation) at the End WAS HILARIOUS!!!


      It’s a bad shop, but yeah.

  4. Abheek Bhattacharjee

    Man i listened to this ‘prisencolinensinainciusol’ its just genius. 😂😂

    • Kindle

      @frogkinggentile o

    • FutureGMChess

      Hey did I kinda beat the system by copy pasting this instead of typing it

    • William Ramig

      Sounds like Simlish.

    • animefan

      @Jason merveen true

    • Come On Fhqwhgads

      At first I thought it was unique, then I realized it had actually been done many times.
      Chacarron – El Chombo, but fake Spanish.
      Splatoon OST by Caitlin Koi & Animal Crossing PST by KK Slider sound Japanese & English at the same time, while actually being gibberish.
      Many songs by Yoko Kanno, who also mix-matches real languages in songs.
      Anything on the radio in The Sims.
      Songs from the more drug-fueled years of The Beatles.
      Some Doo-Wop & Scat jazz songs have little to no real lyrics.

  5. Cristela Hernandez

    I personally admire all of this ideas, they are genius 🤩🤩🤩

  6. Liberty Lost

    My husband, the coupon king, has been hiding items for years. His brother worked for the newspaper and would give him the “Black Friday “ ads, a few days early and my husband would go through the store hiding what he wanted to get. 🤣😂🤣. I promise, he isn’t cheap, he is just frugal. At least that is what I have been telling myself for years now. 😁


      Mam, he ain’t cheap he is smart af so is his brother GENIOUS🙌👍👏👏👏✨😁

  7. DutchSweetShid

    We lived in a house with trees in the street, on the sidewalk. Every tree stood about a car’s length apart from eachother, except in front of our house. The previous owner couldn’t park his car in front of his house so he moved one of the trees a few feet in the middle of the night, no one ever noticed lol

  8. DinoGamer

    18:27 bruh I’m scared I was literally working on Pythagorean theorem homework when he said that

  9. Bro. Rey Escalante

    One year for Christmas we went to go see Santa Claus. My three young daughters, myself and my wife. My daughters were aged 1, 4 and 7 years old at the time. This is what I did. I showed up at the mall about one hour before my children did with my wife. Then I went to go see Santa Claus. I had the list of presents my girls wanted for Christmas that they had mailed to Santa. I asked him if he could do something for me and I told him what I wanted. He said, “Sure, if you buy a gift for Toys for Tots. No problem. He took the Santa letters and put them in his pocket.
    A little later when my daughters came up to speak with him, Santa laughed and said, I have something of yours. Thank you. He then pulled out the three letters and you should have seen my 4 year olds face. She couldn’t believe he had them. Afterwards she told me that that was the real Santa Claus.

    • ThatRandomScripter

      @Davinci K *that was wholesome

    • Heshani Hansamali

      World greatest dad

    • JackFrost

      that is just… wow

    • random studios

      Lmao smart

    • heribert mueller

      @neal2lee1 you catch on spices and not on main ingredients of the meal. The whole meal is fake, why not to flavor it by your taste, no Santa in any case.

  10. Austin Rogers

    The fishing one is genius. I watch a lot of videos like this and I am stunned by a motorized reel. If you know anything about fishing, it absolutely kills your arms.

  11. Penny The Husky

    Some years back, my brother in law who was like 15 at that time, he used his computer chair with the hoverboard to roam the house. He even used it to get the food delivery from the front door. That’s a sight i am never forgetting!

    • Robert Femi-Ewetuga


    • Rebecca


    • Rickytroy arboleda

      Nice story seems fake

    • ABCD

      @Rickytroy arboleda *sniffs* it smells like hate

  12. vCxmpForDaVC

    Let’s take a moment that he never clickbaits

    • NadaLovesCake


    • Steven Hansel

      yeah but he’s FORCING us to FUCKING SUBSCRIBE

    • JDTV


    • Nicholas Halim


    • TornadoSirensOfMN

      @Last Stand Slover not better that ddof (daily dose of internet)

  13. Shane Grable

    “Everybody knows that technically correct is the best kind of correct…” 😂😂😂

  14. Angus McCredie

    In my high school every student had a separate email created for them, this was so they could access any students school account. But it also allowed them to put YouTube on restricted mode which pretty much filtered out a huge chunk of content to watch. But all I had to do was use YouTube logged out which turned off restricted mode and when ever heard another student say “I can’t watch this video b/c its restricted” I would give them this tip.

  15. Matthew Cox

    “Parents are good at this kind of thing.”
    Well, they learned from the best…

  16. Rose Blite

    Back in the early 1970’s, to keep my two sisters and I from begging for sips of soda from glasses, and taking huge sips leaving almost no soda left for mom, she had a great trick. First, she gave us black coffee with no cream or sugar in coffee cups. Of course, being children under the age of 5 (I think I was 2 or 3 when she pulled this on me), we tasted the coffee and didn’t like it’s bitter taste. Now comes the trick, she would have friends over and they were always drinking from coffee cups, but they were not drinking coffee but soda. My sisters and I would hear her having fun with friends, think they are drinking soda, see the coffee cups and never once ask for a sip. That is some next level sneakiness.
    [You can use this is a video if you like]

    • Julia Okrzesik


      If you know you know

  17. 101 Psychotic Neutron 010

    The “dye” word you mentioned in the nonsense song was a real word.

  18. Coreupt7118

    I remember I snuck my game boy advance into 2nd grade… it was rainy day so I knew we would have inside recess… so we have to choose between going to the library, staying in the classroom, or go to stem… I knew the stem teacher was on vacation for the next 2 months ‘cause our school had a tv when you walk in saying which teacher is in or not… I told my substitute teacher I was using my GameBoy for a project… to see if video games really effect your brain… he believed it and I got to play my gameboy every day until my normal stem teacher got back… and it became so normal for me to play on my GameBoy in stem my substitute forgot about it and didn’t write anything down the paper thingie that the sub uses to tell the normal teacher what happened! 😂🤣😂

    • rolli HD

      that is genius!

    • rolli HD

      and apparently they do not

  19. Yannis Catalin

    Just love This
    his naarrator .. Him Thomas peter,and The one who narrate BRIGHT SIDE

  20. dee 'Evil

    Let’s appreciate these legends