Funny Tourist Fails (June 2017) || FailArmy
Date : June 27, 2017
By ShaMagic

Ever see a person as well as assume, 'you must be from community'? We've obtained a number of amusing vacationer stops working for you to laugh with. Whatever from segway cannot selfie stops working as well as a monkey grabbing a person's lunch! Have a video of your personal? Send it to


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Visitor rallies crowd prior to strolling the plank however fails to deliver
Sea Lion Drags Girl Into Water
Segway Trip Ends Up With Several Fails
Monkey Bites Feeder
Monkey Swipes Bus Driver's Lunch
Sandboarding Faceplant
Llama Spits at Viewer
Youngster Gets in the Face by Blow Opening Stream
Lady Trying to Ride Luggage Cart
Segway Drift Fail
Operating of the Bulls Cameraman Flipped
Tidal bore Water Offers Individual Nutshot
Vacationer Takes Flaming Jumprope to Nuts
Tourist's Count on Czech Cocktail lounge Ends Poorly
Group Selfie Wave Fail
Iceland Windy Drink
Apes Bulge on Man's Head
Lady Flaunts Lack of ability to See Grand Canyon
Visitor Attempts to Walk Across Slab
Man High Fives Tourist During Picture Attempt
Person Off Paddle Board
Guy's Pants Obtain Stuck on Cable
Man Feeds Shark With Fish handy
Guy with Flaming Jump Rope
Boats Into Each Other Throughout Race
Guy Breaks Easy chair While Doing Handstands on It
Hot Air Balloon Almost Lands in Residential Area
Woman While Aiming to Trip Travel luggage Cart
Person Gets Face Loaded with Sand After Boogie Boarding Down Dune
Papa Tricks Kid into Climbing Stairs Painted on Wall
Child Has Unforeseen Response to Shock Vacation
Little Kid off Log and into Water
Bicyclist While Taking a Selfie
Wave Gets Ladies in Bikinis
Male Tries to Aid Lady Climb Down a Hillside
Guy Obtains His Ear Bit by an Ape
Person on Moped
Lady off Bike

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