Funny Kid Nominees: FailArmy Hall Of Fame (May 2017)
Date : May 21, 2017
By ShaMagic

Take a look at FailArmy's funniest youngster fails of all-time, as well as vote for your favorite to be included in the end of year Hall Of Popularity induction ceremony and video. Remember to send us your personal fail video clip at if you've got one!


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Dad Launches Child from Airbed right into Wall surface
Pizza Toss Lands on Youngster's Head
Little Boys Opt for Gelato Truck
Youngster Obtains Fool Stuck in Hair
Kid's Basketball Hoop Goes on Little Young boy
Kid Does not Know Ways to Use Slip 'n' Slide
Little Young boy Covered in Blanket Faces Toys
Kinnect Gone Wrong
Girl Pours Vinegar for Volcano Experiment
Woman Faceplants Grabbing Easter Egg
Toddler Places Cereal Box on Head as well as Falls short
Young child Gets Messy while Consuming Soup
Puppy Little Young boy Nutshot
Mom Inadvertently Kicks Football Round into Young child's Face
Little Kid Cannot Find Safety glasses
Little Girl's First Stroll on Ice
Little Girl Mistakes a Condom for a Glove
Little Woman Afraid of Her Own Shadow
Little Young boy Tore down in Inflatable Castle
Little Boy Unloads Soft drink on Face
Youngster Tries to Trip Sheep
Youngster Scared Awake
Kid Gets Pooped Terrified out of Him
Child Via Trashcan
Kid Attempts Bench Press as well as Stops working
Woman in Box
Thrilled Dog Overturns Child
Dancing Youngster Drops Ice Cream
Little Lady Freaks Out Obtaining Influenza Shot
Infant Overturned by Goat
Children Get Stuck in Claw Device
Slow Slide Fail
Little Witch Gets Phase Scare – Like a Projectile
Kid Tries to Buy Mom Maxi Pads

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