Fails of the Week: That’s A Good Idea… (April 2017)
Date : May 5, 2017
By ShaMagic

Friday implies it's time for Stops working of the Week!! We've obtained some excellent pranks, a couple of amusing spills as well as some bails in the snow. Let us understand which clip made you laugh the hardest and make sure to send us your videos at!!


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Child Tries to Scare Papa
Broken Guitar Hits Guy's Nuts
Man Stumbles Off Skateboard
Motorcyclist Attempts to Ride Across Water
Guy Gets Afraid Playing Virtual Truth Video game
Surfer Flies from Boat
Travis Pastrana Crashes while Riding Mobility scooter
Individual Saves Self From Diminishing Rail
Travis Pastrana Attempts Flip as well as Obtains Appealed Head
Accident at Bike Race
Guy Attempts to Rotate Guitar as well as Breaks it
Hill Riders Accident One After the Other
Round Strikes Teenager's Face
Girl Falls Over While Exercising Yoga
Man Tries to Do Feat on Airborne Rope
Youngster Obtains Started the Head Throughout Rubgy Method
Travis Pastrana Crashes Hard on Double Backflip Effort
Wave Tears down Ladies at the Beach
Person Attempts to Walk Along Slackline
Hill Cyclist Falls From Foam Pit
Biker Flies Over Foam Pit
Guy Thinks He Could Jump over Shrub
Travis Pastrana Crashes Attempting to Do Double Backflip
Guy Falls While Aiming to do Trick on Equilibrium Board
Motorcyclist Falls Off Bike
Guy Falls While Kicking Punching Bag
Guest Falls off Motorbike
Athlete Obtains Stuck on Ramp as well as Falls Off
Yogi Falls Backwards
Travis Pastrana Nose Dives After Jump
Individual Falls Off Chair attached to Forklift
Brandon Schmidt Bangs on Back After Three-way Backflip Effort
Lady Falls off Monkey Bars while Attempting to Do Crises
Dad Breaks With Trampoline
Jolene Van Vugt Crashes Hard before Target market
Woman Wipes Out While Tubes
BMX Motorcyclist Bails on Feat and also Lands on Head
Individual Bets He Could Raise 185 Pound Benchpress
Youngster Falls Off Swegway Into Puddle

Fails of the Week: That's A Great idea (April 2017).

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