FailArmy Versus: City Fails vs. Country Fails (July 2017)
Date : July 2, 2017
By ShaMagic

Yee-haw! Hey there city slickers as well as country folk! We have an unique compilation for you. Today we have a face off in between living life in the city as well as living life in the country? Which do YOU CHOOSE? Allow us know in the comments! Make sure to submit your video to


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Drone into Skyscraper Twice
Girl Skateboarding in Brussels
Building Exterior in Japan Collapses
Bicyclist right into Female
Poorl driver
Road Performer Into Group
Fire Hydrant and also Bicycle rider
Bus Backflip Fail
Man in Costume Off Bus
Human Pyramid Fail
Guy Slides Throughout Race
Female Misses Demolition As a result of Canine
Russian Man Off Veranda
Man Tears Down Lampost
Man Shoves Lady Holding up Subway
Innovative Escalator Flight Fail
Walkway Slip
Train Presses Cars and truck Off tracks
Farmer Canal Dive Fail
Cowboy Breaking Steed Fail
Ostrich Takes All the Food
Alpaca Spits at Camerawoman
Jumping Youngster Breaks Ranch Fence
Unicycle Trick Fail
Silo on Parked Automobile
Tractor Barn Demolition Fail
Lady Obtains Gone after By Chicken
Shirtless Branch Tug o Battle Fail
Corn Device Fail
Hay Stack Faceplant
Cowboy Dance on Table Fail
Hay Bundle Numerous Back Flips Falls short
Excavator Rope Swing Fail
Man with Power saw in River
Individual Attempts to Trip 4-Wheeler Up Tree
Bob Feline Dirt Surprise

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