Dreams Do Come True!!
Date : May 16, 2020
By ShaMagic

Today is nothing but fun and Family. Thank you so much for being here.
ALL orders today receive a signed poster from Brittney and I –
ends at Midnight pacific time.

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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my Wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

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  1. Roman Atwood Vlogs

    Today was amazing. Honestly the perfect distraction from real life. Thank you all so much for the highest level of support and for being apart of what we do. From our business to our family we thank you!! Have a beautiful day and we will see you soon.

    • Raymond Mathis

      Roman Atwood Vlogs Take care your little girl diversity

    • Tamara Canamore

      Love you mama mommy girls baby boy baby boy baby daddy love you mama mommy girls hot baby Lloyd boy mommy mama Tamara Roman Atwood vlogs new send message

    • Farre Karlsson

      Roman Atwood Vlogs

    • Farre Karlsson


    • Jerry R

      ???? wow ????

  2. Kketansa Art

    Matt from DEMOLITION RANCH has got a underwater drone camera. Please invite him to check the bottom of your lake ????

    • Kketansa Art

      @Blake Harter
      its a Pondake ????

    • Zev

      It’s a pond

    • Addison Horner

      Kketansa Art my dad talks abt that guy 24/7

    • Kketansa Art

      @Addison Horner
      Ooo… he must be a biggest fan ????
      and oooo…. ???? Matt has a daughter called Addy. You must be having some connection from there ????

    • Summer Love

      Kketansa Art that’s a great idea or maybe just get scuba gear and a GoPro to look at the bottom

  3. Gabby B


    • Zac Saleski

      @Eli Schmeidler Profile Pic on point

    • Alfred Mensah


    • K’s World

      Gabby B let’s hope ????????????????????????

    • peyton b

      Gabby B ~ ????????????

    • Landon Buchanan

      He already has a Zoo lol

  4. Cara Luster

    “What’s your favorite animal”
    “Chicken nugget”
    Me too.

    • Truth

      @Cara Luster and make you preggy

    • Brianna Villaronga

      @Johnnyswxrld they are the best.

    • Elayna Baynum

      Veritatem Inquirendam bruh????

    • Truth

      @Elayna Baynum 9/7/17 Cinco Flores

  5. Subaru Sakamaki

    Cora: *not scared of a snakes*
    *Later in the future*
    Cora: We bought a snake 😀

  6. amber rowe

    “What’s your favorite animal”

    “Chicken nugget”


    • Zac Saleski

      same….just same lol

    • Chatta299

      Hardly. Do people just go a,OMG with things which make no sense now?

  7. danielle tokarczyk

    Noah is such an amazing and phenomenal big brother… Seriously he’s the light of so many videos. Way to go, dude!

    • Lil Mizi

      danielle tokarczyk that’s true

  8. Christine Solazzo

    Noah is getting so big. Its crazy! What a great big brother.

  9. Bryce Dundas

    “That’s bowser!”

    Instantly demonitized

    • Rice Gum

      What does bowser mean?

  10. Corey S.

    Just bought a shirt, going to surprise my daughter, she is going to flip. Thank you guys, this is awesome of you.

  11. LtJackboot

    8:23 what a precious child 🙂

  12. Nathan Montoya

    This was really an awesome video Roman with you and the family Cora was so excited and I finally hear Noah talk more then I ever have.????????????????

  13. KiKi K

    “What’s your favorite animal”

    “Chicken Nuggets”

    Me Too

    • KiKi K

      @Brenden springston Why can’t I that is what i thought

    • rUnNiNgpOtAtO

      Brenden springston trueweee

    • Cara Luster

      Bro I said that first dawg

    • rUnNiNgpOtAtO

      Cara Luster yeh she did

    • Cara Luster

      @rUnNiNgpOtAtO huh?

  14. Jamie D

    I love love love seeing Noah and Cora together. They’re so cute!

    • Kaylie Brooklyn


  15. David Sk8te

    The video was called a “smile more hippo”

  16. Leilani Fletcher

    Noah pushing the pram was a bit cute Made me think about how good of a dad he will be he will take after Roman ????????

  17. Destiny McFarland

    Family vlogs are my favorite, especially when Noah is there. Love you all so so much, and love seeing all the smiles ????????

  18. Emily Miles

    “All aboard”
    “We’re getting off”
    “What do you say when you get off a train?”
    “Off aboard”

  19. kaseyike21

    Every one hear that grant thompson(the king of random)died ????

    • Roslyn Pettay

      kaseyike21 yup even though I don’t REALLY know him or know him personally:-(????????☹️????

  20. Cracke Zaynaa

    Awww. I been watching Cora since she was born. She has gotten so big.