Date : May 16, 2020
By ShaMagic

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Today I had to travel from LA to Rochester NY. Brittney told me she would do some vlogging so she took over most of this one 🙂 Thank you so much for being here and for always coming with us for the ride.
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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

Category: Fun


  1. Antisocial.

    who vlogs are the best


    early squad where u at?

    • Johnnyofree


    • Shelley Shaffer


    • Anthony Battaglia


    • Taylor King

      BOTH A

    • Jennifer Hornburg


  2. My name is CZAR

    I wonder how Roman gets when he’s mad

    • Mr.Nose

      Verity T damn that was a while back, completely forgot about it

    • Bacon Man

      sulman sajad It’s been shown and said that he punches things.

    • nikko

      Mr. AnklesTM it was that long ago? feels like it was last month..

    • sierra

      He punches things and breaks fingers

    • Miranda L.

      Verity T there’s multiple vlogs that suggests he punches stuff, like a lot.

  3. Chris Karg

    Name the cat thunder since you have flash

    • APNamed Ant

      The soloist violist !

    • Shianna Gambill

      Troy Edwards she was

    • Noah Isaac

      That’s actually an amazing idea!

    • Chris Karg

      TheoryGuy no

    • Mary Ann Arthur

      Yes exactly

  4. Drewsefer89

    Use Dawn dish soap in the bath for fleas. It’s safe on Kitty’s and suffocates fleas.

    • dragon rage

      sebastian dawn is a soap

    • dragon rage

      it dont count as flea treatment

    • Ghostii Sings

      dragon rage
      Yes I know dawns a soap. I use it for my animals, and to wash my dishes.

    • James Hubbard

      Drewsefer89 thanks it helped my dogs

    • James Hubbard

      Same with my cats

  5. Kayci Riddle

    Coras smile made my day. Like if agree.

    • brilee Necaise

      Why Don’t We Loves ¿

    • Jay Campbell

      Why Don’t We Loves ???? yes

    • Ryan Stamps

      I know right

    • John King


    • Jodi Jacobs


  6. wet willy

    “Omg if I call “her” a girl one more time” gg

    • Electric_Bathbomb

      Clorox Bleach I guess you’ll be getting a drink then?

    • Kelley Ruden

      Clorox Bleach

    • Kelley Ruden

      Clorox Bleach p

    • Kaylee Spencer

      Clorox Bleach
      I love you

    • Noor B.

      OMG your everywhere

  7. oli braid

    “If i call HER a she one more time” ????

    • BraveTamedHamster

      oli braid ikr

    • MitchGardnerVlogs

      I was gonna point that out if no one else caught it ????????????

  8. Jennifer Samaniego

    Lol that is a hotel???? it’s the Hyatt regency???? I love that hotel it’s amazing????

  9. amelia sutcliffe

    Whos watching this in 2018

    • Christina Felbaum

      I am

    • Wendy Snyder


    • Aliviawashere

      2019 brooo

    • Daniel Cearley


    • Lil Duncan’s 69

      amelia sutcliffe nah bru I’m watchin in 2019

  10. Lunar

    The kitty is sooooo cute, I think you should name it Kara, like Kara the cat. But it’s your cat it’s your choice

  11. Hailey Armer

    The Baby gave you a ????????up

  12. Shawn Blea

    I Luv Kittens!! They’re SO CUTE

  13. Gabriel Norkunas

    Roman your girlfriend bought a cat

    • Cassandra Smith

      All he is cute and I got one to

    • Cassandra Smith

      I Roman

  14. Jagger Smith

    I live not to far from Rochester

  15. Madison Morris

    I saw u at the airport but I was so nervous to say hi lol, hope we meet again

    • •.Rouge the Bat ·.

      Madison Morris it was me I look like him I am his twin

  16. Hannah Franklin

    Don’t worry if he gets mad just say a marriage is when One is always right and the other is the husband

  17. Onghi

    I miss zuse in the vlogs????????????like if you agree

    • wackygamerO9

      I agree with that

  18. wolf girl love

    Its been officially a year since this video has been posted

  19. Aliviawashere

    Who watching in 2019???

  20. Connor Tilford

    She said if I cal HER a SHE one more time. ????

    • Tiffany Schatz