CRAZY Secrets About Monopoly!
Date : September 12, 2021
By ShaMagic

Roll the dice for some crazy Monopoly secrets in this episode of our amazing Fact Show!
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Category: Fun


  1. Sebastian Wibisono

    imagine making a jackpot of a game , just to get the game snatched by a next door neighbours

    • Mr. Ghostly

      this video was posted 8 minutes and this one is 12 minutes what

    • Trevor Beatz

      @Mr. Ghostly idk

    • Arminius

      It happens a lot. Imagine designing a website where people can create a profile and then chat and game with each other, only for it to be ripped off by someone else, slightly altered, given a stupid name and making billions of it.

  2. ImissRengoku

    I have won the game over my parents 4 times = 3 loosing my sanity = 1 not loosing my sanity

    Idk y’all, I use the C A T piece

    • Julie Baker

      I will only use the Scotty Dog.

    • Jimi Mcglone

      Well long as your not puzzy footin around you should be Groovy

    • Phil From Riddle School


    • Anne Kinney

      Losing your sanity and losing your family are tough choices.😏😏

    • Jos Bar

      @Anne Kinney That was a very tactful way of correcting the egregious error of “loosing” vs. “losing”. I was wondering if anyone was going to point out that grammar error. =)

  3. Moonlight3301

    Imagine spending 70 hours straight playing Monopoly
    I will rather use that time to watch more Be Amazed videos

    • Natasha Mudford

      I hate Monopoly, and hate is a word I rarely use. Takes too long, based too much on luck and greed. Doesn’t have a suicide option, which is a common way out in real life.

    • NateworthyP90X

      @Natasha Mudford it’s been banned at my house based upon the fact the board has been thrown across the house and plenty of profanity screamed.

    • Americant

      I love making it into a drinking game with my friends and I play it on my phone when I have no opponents! Matter of fact I’m gonna play it now 😅

  4. Andy Breglia

    One of the opening shots reminded me of the old Donald Duck comics where Uncle Scrooge McDuck is diving into pools of money in his money bins.

    • soul3r

      Lol which shot? I know which cover you’re referring to but I couldn’t catch it😝

    • Andy Breglia


      Shortly after the first picture of Elizabeth Maggie.

    • baseball 1

      @soul3r who’s jesse

    • Laurie Jean Corvillion


  5. Jason Moore

    Imagine getting 1 million dollars and only have to payback $50 a month for life

    • Zachary Haney

      Also, if they decided not to pay, it’s only a contempt of court charge. Not really a big deal.

    • Noble House

      It’s just another example of the good old boys network. The boys got together and got rich. She got nothing.

    • unbekannt unbekant

      They then must live 1666 years to pay of the million 😂😂😂

    • chris headlam

      Hell I’ll take a lone like that bud.

    • the joker


  6. Zoe

    I realized that the monopoly man doesnt actually have a monocle 😮

    • Apapthegrape

      Mendela effects

    • eliana 91011

      he doesn’t have a momocle wtf??

    • Neil Smith

      No. That’s Mr. Peanut.

  7. Christopher Merlot

    The signs were there from 1991 but when I went into the now-defunct Sunrise Records in Toronto and saw the Metallica Monopoly I fully knew that band was lost to us.

  8. Y Brynecho

    When I was a kid my dad found a Monopoly game in the town dump. The board was just sitting there and there was an old worn-out purse on top which contained some of the money, chance and community chest and deed cards and some houses and hotels. My parents bought some money (you could get replacement money packs). There were no “men” so we just used Parcheesi “men” from other games. We played that old game for years, and without official rules because there had been none with it. Who says you need a solid gold game to have fun? LOL

    • Girl Power

      Me too

    • Marc a

      Love it. Awsome story

    • Phil From Riddle School

      Exactly who needs something you will destroy in seconds?

    • Y Brynecho

      @Phil From Riddle School Explain please.

    • Naleefa Nasurdeen

      amazing stoty

  9. Chuck M

    I have enjoyed Monopoly since I was ten years old, for almost 57 years and counting.

    • Randomtrickshots

      @StarApple hello krunker player

    • StarApple

      @Randomtrickshots yo

    • A.N. Johnson

      @BE AMAZED @ 22:03 you said Scranton, Philadelphia… There’s NO such place in PA. Did you mean Scranton, Pennsylvania? Just wondering, I’m from NEPA & Scranton, Philadelphia DOESN’T exist 🤔

    • DeadlyWayz Lodice

      @Chuck M nice one lol

    • DeadlyWayz Lodice

      @xThund3r Muff1n he never did that’s Mandela effect lol

  10. Lincoln Miller

    My strategy is to collect all the oranges, so my opponents land on them again and again.

    • Evan Krambeck


    • Crafter Daemon

      I do this, but I also try to get all purples too.

    • David Ho

      Yes. If you’ve read “The Monopoly Book”, you know that the Oranges are the best all around in terms of frequency of landing, return on investment ratio.

    • David Ho

      @Ellie Saint Yes, the Dark Blues have the biggest rents on the board, but with every thing else being equal, give me the Oranges and I’ll beat you more than 3 times out of 5.

    • thulsakhan

      @Ellie Saint I encourage my kids to buy Park Place and Boardwalk, and to build on them, then i build 12 houses on orange and the light blue they land on me over and over and over go broke and lose, EVERY TIME.

  11. Sonia Nevermind

    Poor Lizzie

    Also, I thought it was the playing cards that helped allied prisoners during WWII

    • Julie Baker

      They helped too. And even a pilot’s flight jacket frequently had a map of Germany printed under the lining, and the collar stays were often lock picks.

    • Gilhelmi

      The amazing thing is how many different things that we used to help POW’s escape.

      Almost everything that we sent in care packages could have been coopted to escape.

  12. Bryon Ensminger

    This game has ended more friendships and started more other fights then all the other games put together with the possible exception of poker

    • some dude

      Except Among us

    • Paul Kenny

      Oh, don’t underestimate the game Diplomacy.

    • Michael Theoret

      Anyone hear of the Game called Masterpiece? It’s a classic art trading Game ( there were depictions of actual Paintings on cards as “the item for auction” ) that I remember playing . I had certain play habits that amongst things would cause a person to pay a hugely inflated price for a painting after I would over bid but then “decline ” leaving the last bidder to have to pay. I had other tactics as well that weren’t against the gameplay rules but “raised a few eyebrows” concerning the “ethics” of sportsmanship. When asked after I had totally smoked everyone and won the Game ” Why do You play like that?” I answered in a Businessman’s type manner ” I don’t play for fun ,I play to win by any means .” I was fourteen at the time . Good thing I actually didn’t become a Businessman as I would not have been very ethical and most thankfully ( and FORTUNATELY ) I , learned , quite soon after my sixteenth birthday, that unethical business practices are what is wrong with the World and Society . I have actually taken up a very strong anti- monopoly , Pro- Socialist mentality since I was around seventeen and I am now vehemently opposed to what I call ” Predatory Capitalism being practiced by Fat-Cat Elitists growing more plump off the Toils and Strife of The Workers.”

    • LogiEmoji

      Uno: Am I a Joke to you?

    • Carlos A

      Nah. That would be the card game “Uno”😂😂

  13. Noah Leuthold

    I have played a Monopoly game longer than this so-called longest game. I started a game years ago, but never finished. So technically the game is still going on!!!


      all hail the new champion!


      I tip the golden top hat to you


      Lol 😉

    • Phil From Riddle School


    • Phil From Riddle School

      @RURAL COFEE one legend to another

  14. Weather Witch

    Oh this was interesting! I used to play Monopoly with my parents when I was younger 😊

  15. mamie monrovia

    as kids during those endless summer school breaks in the late ’60s and early ’70s, we could have a game last several days so we renamed the game Monotony.

  16. Jason Halverson

    played it with my parents a lot as a kid, dad was always the banker and most of the time he won. he admitted years later that he cheated all those times! LOL

    • Laurie Jean Corvillion

      Love this story!

  17. rushevents

    One of the best tips to win a game is to put the max # of houses on every property but do not upgrade to hotels. The reason is if you can tie up enough houses the bank runs out and opponents can’t put more or upgrade to hotels. It will piss them off but you will wipe them out.

  18. mrsbcamps

    I have a copy of the board game “Finance” which is based on “The Landlord’s Game” and a predecessor to Monopoly. It’s got painted wooden houses/hotels which I appreciate. I love vintage board games!

  19. Pete Heyde

    When we were children, we added some rules which I believe were devised around the time of LBJ’s Great Society. We would draw up documents with different amounts of money and a picture of Santa Claus instead of a president. We referred to them as “Farewell Checks”. When a “loser” was down on his luck, they would be given a Farewell Check as an alternative to bankruptcy. These Farewell Checks were redeemable in Monopoly money, and could be reissued when needed by the banker with some modicum of general consent among the players. Since most, if not all of the property was already sold, The Farewell Checks were a way to continue collecting money from losers that had no chance of ever winning. Kind of like “The Great Society” itself!

  20. E M

    Our family games used to descend into fights so often that it wasn’t until we all (me and my cousins) reached our 20’s that we finally “completed” a game