COOLEST Houses in the World!
Date : September 13, 2021
By ShaMagic

Coming up are some amazing houses and coolest houses in the world.
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Category: Fun


  1. Mandar Pagare

    me looking at my house :
    my house : don’t even think about it

    • Ornni Kibria


    • Cecilia Tjhung


    • Michelle Robinson


    • Dark shadow_Gacha

      Lol same

    • Sushila Gupta


  2. DaidriveCJ

    Very cool and intriguing houses!
    Also, I must say that this newer announcer is ever improving, he sounds so much more natural than his first video. Keep up the great work!

  3. Isaac M.

    This makes me wanna build my own house now. I think I will do it.

    • Riley Hunter

      Is it just me or is that the house from GTA 5 @ 15:24?

    • Andromeda

      Yess sure must do that! If you’re interested in building your house in Atlas Mountains, Morocco, then just message me, I have land for you starting from $10.000

    • Simone Henry

      That’s the spirit

    • Blue Flamingos

      You should but that would need a lot a materials either if you’re building at least just one small house or you could use what nature gives you

    • Isaac M.

      @Blue Flamingos great idea

  4. Carrie Blodgett

    The egg house is so environmentally friendly

    • M&E ME

      @Kristupas Rimša Shut up that not appropriate!

    • Kristupas Rimša

      @M&E ME whos mad kid??😭😐😐

    • M&E ME

      @Kristupas Rimša idk actually

    • L͜͡i͜͡l͜͡a͜͡

      @Sebastian Astill that’s cool and very wholesome it can be free no paying rent too

    • Caponezheater

      And claustrophobic.

  5. eli felts

    is it just me or would the boat mansion be the coolest house to live in, i mean just imagine living in the ocean for your days on a modern mansion boat, would be so peasful ☺️

    • Mary Pat elhattab

      I would love it!

    • rat

      The sea creatures don’t think so

    • Dayanna Garcia


    • lauren davies

      Cool 😎

    • kgosi brandon

      Your actually right

  6. Jacquelyn S

    Normal people: *house built for zombie apocalypse*
    Me: “ah yes. That’ll do for the purge”

    • Hai Anh

      @gotcha exotic eli I guess it could work as a film set.

    • sarea reyes

      Normal people: house built for zombie apocalypse
      Me: “ah yes. That’ll do for quarantine”

    • gotcha exotic eli

      @sarea reyes 😮 true true

    • Lcx - PUBGM


    • suzihda solomon

      Normal people be like ok, i have a good house for the purge- Rich People we have a triple bind security with a gun in every room with booby traps, and a panic room that should do for the purge, Normal people see the rich peoples house. Wow are house sucks compared to theres. But the rich people die on the purge while the normal people live

  7. Josias D. Busiquia

    The cement factory house, La Fábrica, is featured in the 3rd season of Westworld.

    I instantly recognized the “colossal cement silos”.

  8. Demolisher playz

    When the Egg House is fully grown you could be a legend at Hide and Seek

    • Nichole Martin

      You could be there for hours

    • sorry no videos found record in 2022


    • Adan Ramos

      Ohhhhhh yeaaaaah

    • TOCA AVA1

      hmm i dont know

    • Princess Keira

      I would do it if I was a Hyder specially if it went underground With a pool

  9. Jennifer Gloria

    I would honestly rather have the egg house then the house N.A. Lack of privacy is one of my biggest pet peeves. I don’t even like to open the window in my living room.

    • 🌹gachablox🌹

      I know

    • RedRoseSeptember22

      Also, what’s gonna happen to that glass house when another big quake hits Japan??

    • Gary Stein

      @RedRoseSeptember22 Hi

  10. Jack Gouldstone

    imagine asking a friend over for a sleepover and saying my bedrooms a bit small but it’ll be ok and they just see an egg smaller than a car

    • lado ahmed


    • Jads

      No imagine asking ur friend to come over and u say sorry my room is small but it’s bigger than his whole house

    • mike light

      I think that’s just stupid

  11. Jamiroquia Girl

    That egg house could help so many who are homeless. They need to be everywhere.

    • Rain M.

      Especially in the USA Los Angeles n San Francisco, there are too many homeless on the street! They sleep in the boxes n pee in the boxes….disgusting smell everywhere

    • x_x_Pro_SuS

      Ye true nice

    • With Joe조셉과 함께


    • With Joe조셉과 함께

      only bad people won’t agree. right?

    • Zindhu Zanjo

      @kalai selvi poor u know mean (s)he doesn’t have that much money
      2nd poor : it means he/she is miserable
      Eg:that poor child thought he was going to play soccer.

  12. Shadow Veil

    The little circular house in Australia needs the ladder replaced with a circular elevator, and add a bathhouse off the bottom floor, and you could live in it.

  13. Snails are Dumb

    “Ghost” house… makes sense, that house is dripping with ectoplasm

    • Kristine Anderson

      looks like a marshmallow

  14. Ambrossia Lynn

    The steel house – I’ve actually seen it grow from the late 80s to 2002, when I stopped going out to Lake Ransom… we were always curious, shame he died before completion.

  15. scronx

    i love love LOVE this stuff. Have never seen some of these before. Encore!

  16. Jennifer Sanders

    Love the energy home, built-in like the water homes beautiful at the beach!!!!

  17. sfghhhcvwtw

    imagine being deaddrunk in beverly hills mansion with all the glass and stuff xD

  18. Vacation With Family

    Oh my these are amazing. My favorite one was the cliff house.

  19. Rotex Income

    Whoever runs the commentary of this video is a dope guy with dope vibes…. Much respect man keep killing d voice over.
    Thank u 4 making my day

    • sofia

      No I could not live in egg house

  20. ZoroDork

    I have always wanted to live on an island or by the ocean cause swimming and animals are 2 of my most favorite things 💧