Date : May 17, 2020
By ShaMagic

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Today we finally made it out into Scotland a little bit. I pulled a couple of harmless pranks, got my hair chopped off and went live! Super great fun day and more of a RAW vlog for you. Thank you for watching and showing so much support. See you Tomorrow in Manchester, England. Smile More 🙂

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This is my life as a Father of my sons Noah and Kane along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013.

I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

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  1. Please Ask Me If I Care.

    Fousey’s nose ring is almost as ugly as his personality.

    • Jimbo Slice

      Werock659,,, you hit the nut in the nut sak…. who cares!!! That’s putting the full amount of text with the full amount of OWNED!!! Cudnt hav shot it all over anyone any different!!! you rok!!!! rok on!

    • Jimbo Slice

      please dont use foul language on these comments, my 5 year old read them. Thank you please!

    • Please Ask Me If I Care.


  2. Laz

    Roman Soldiers are the strongest in all of YouTube ! Like if you agree !

    • ONX TY


    • Silent Human

      I think like half the subs live in Scotland ????

    • KoRe arquus

      I stay in Scotland

    • T- rex killer1000


    • n9qv

      same m8

  3. Anie Reyes

    Who likes Roman better than foiousy thumps up if u like roman.

    • Kc_ the_1st

      What grade are you in?

    • Anie Reyes

      I’m in 6 grade

    • Aestheticalyy

      +Casey Couture ^^

    • Kc_ the_1st

      Oh we’ll then it makes sense

    • Tigre de Bengala

      Roman 100%

  4. Ryan Kane

    You think everyone’s polite until you meet the neds and junkies

    • Lee Taylor


    • Bass Boosted

      Your right

    • Strike1st Games


    • XtremeMurr720

      Glasgow in a nutshell

    • Lucy Mathers

      Love your profile picture ????????

  5. justcallmepops22

    Anyone else scottish? feeling kinda proud right now, glad you guys had a great time!!


      justcallmepops22 yep

    • Chelsey_ Champion

      justcallmepops22 ye me lol

    • Devsters quad style Dev


    • Explosive games

      justcallmepops22 I am

    • Ellie Playz Roblox

      justcallmepops22 I am lol

  6. Sibby Martin

    I live in Scotland. Anyone else here? ????

    • Repeat fm

      Sibby Martin aye

    • T1E 130

      I’m from Wales

    • Sinkie 09

      Sibby Martin Aberdeen

    • Mappy 123


    • Paul Achia

      Scotland is a Shiet Hole

  7. Zeb

    Your da, your da, your da sells Avon

    • Dannyboy 10


  8. spoffy ison

    yer da sells avon is one of the funny insults we have

    • Simply Makeup

      spoffy ison ah yer da sells avonnnnn

    • joshua coombes

      yer da punts pollen nd yir maws a slag

    • Ian Dorans

      spoffy ison YER DA YER DA YER DA SELLS AVON

    • ManManBoyBoyMan

      Aye we do

    • Callum Higgins

      Yer maw punts council

  9. Goggsy99

    Polite? In Glasgow? Surely not ????????

    • The Meme

      stormi forever how can you be fae the east end but be such a wee posh bam

    • Carly forever

      @The Meme I’m not posh

    • Matty N dav

      stormi forever I’m sorry but Glaswegians are possibly the worst people in Scotland they are not polite please don’t try to flatter yourself you dirty mink

    • Chris Phelps

      The Meme hahahaha think ur hard mate come to paisley ya weapon

  10. Doogle 25


  11. Freiya Robertson

    I live in Scotland

    • William Durant

      Freiya Robertson no.

    • The Degenerate Gamer

      William Durant what?

  12. Sam Miller

    He’s obviously on the good side of Glasgow when he said there nice

    • laura stevenson

      It’s Millertime1000 ___ He was probably in a place called Shawlands

    • Aaron Crawford

      GOVANHILL!? That’s not the good side! Hell he was outside a coral xD


      Should of went to dundee

  13. RMF

    Lucky you never got stabbed acting like a dafty round my way haha


    I’m from Scotland

    • wolfgirl2006 gaming

      sick Gamer I am from scotland to

    • lil

      wolfgirl2006 gaming ats mental

    • The Degenerate Gamer


    • Chanelle Mcbride

      Aye same here

  15. Charlotte Xxxx

    Is it just me or does anyone else live in Scotland

    • Carly forever


    • Cool text Stories

      Charlotte Xxxx yA


      Charlotte Xxxx meeeeeeee

    • Billy -

      A bit late but me

    • 20 subs Before 2021

      Charlotte Xxxx I do

  16. Fat Head

    I live in Scotland and if I did that I would get battered ????

    • Ryan Kyle

      Bitter Lemon jumped more like ya bawbag im fae Scotland

    • obamaschildren

      Fat Head a ken

    • Carly forever

      I don’t talk slang and I’m from glasgow

  17. Bex 123

    I live in Scotland n like if u agree that iru-bru is the BEST drink in the world

    • Derry Patterson

      Bex 123 it’s no the best but it’s better than maist drinks in the wurrrrld

    • NievePinchesWine


    • Cameron C

      Nah I prefer red kola

    • Cool text Stories

      Bex 123 yusss

    • Scott Harper

      Bex 123 I live in Portugal

  18. Benjamin Forrest

    You know your a true scot when you have a piece and crisps wae a can of irn bru ????

    • S A U C E

      Benjamin Forrest shut up

    • Ashley* *

      There’s nae thing such as a “true Scot”

  19. Lëigh Röxie

    Irn bru is the best drink you’ll ever get cause it’s Scottish

  20. Glasgow Rangers

    When you come fae Scotland this is really funny ????

    • Dzaki

      Glasgow Rangers fae?

    • Billy -

      Dzaki “fae” mean from

    • Dzaki

      Billy A thanks, what language is that?

    • Emily The Weenie

      Dzaki it’s just scottish slang

    • Dzaki

      @Emily The Weenie thanks