Brain Freeze Is Real!: Fails of the Month (June 2017) || FailArmy
Date : July 1, 2017
By ShaMagic

The end of June implies one point, it's time for Falls short of the Month!! We located some awesome video clips to take you right into July. Including some mind freeze fails, rope swing stops working, and immediate fate! Have a favored? Allow us recognize in the remarks! If you have a video clip of your personal, submit it to


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Diva Trips Off Stage
Quad Vehicle driver Crashes right into Lake
Guy Tries to Flight A Snowmobile in the River
Kid Faceplants Doing Gymnastics
Pair's Photo Destroyed by Wave
Little Lady Using a Tutu Falls off Bed
Guy Fails to Jump off Trampoline Appropriately
Lead Singer Trips Off Stage
Young boy Faceplants Doing Acrobatics
Dust Bicycle rider Wipes out right into Puddle
Little Girl Spins Steel Pole Around Extremely Rapid
Couple's Picture Destroyed By Wave
Wakeboarder Damages Fencing
Bro Shoves Dandelion in Sister's Mouth
Individual Breaks Glass Doing Curl Flip
Man Attempts To Lots an ATV on a Pickup
SUV Gets Hit by Train
Chauffeur Blows up of Automobile as well as Hits Parked Cars
itten Autumns Aiming to Capture Computer Arrow
Guy Falls Down Deck Stairways
Lady Hits Her Directly Chair
Drunk Man Faceplants right into Laundry Basket
Child Elephant Chases after Birds
Woman Trips Over Travel luggage
Longboarder Encounters Video camera
Male Stumbles Off Ski Chairlift
Lady Falls after Hitting Good friend with Pillow
Man Fails Throughout High Bar Technique
Man Crashes Bike Attempting to Wheelie
Cyclist Falls Off and also Inadvertently Trips Friend
Man Falls Off Roofing system Aiming to Enter Swimming pool
Male Gets Struck by Golf Ball While Taking a Selfie
Supporter Faceplants After Backflip
Boy Loss as well as Scorpions While Working on the Beach
Motorcyclist Obtains Struck by Vehicle
Man Faceplants on Bar Throughout Backflip
Segways Unexpectedly Stop
Buffalo Feeding Goes Out of Control

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