Biggest Style Mistakes Men Make & Why You Should Care About Your Appearance & More 360° Video Panel
Date : March 26, 2017
By ShaMagic

This is a Panel conversation, where you find out behind the scenes stuff, opinions and design related things from a few of one of the most well recognized design blog writers and also youtubers.

It was recorded in 360 ° at the Art of Charm head office in LA. Unlike normal video clips, you can go to the left as well as right as well as see individuals speak. It is ideal watched in 4k.

2:54 Largest Style Errors Guy Make
8:07 Flip Flops & Cargo Shorts – Should you use them or otherwise?
11:56 Intentionality – Ways to be extra intentional regarding your personal style
19:48 Pedicure – Should guys obtain a pedicure?
23:02 Maleness – Just how do we define manliness
24:50 Why should you respect exactly what you look like?
26:14 Design As A Device
29:10 Facial Hair – Should you grow a beard?
32:45 Manscaping – Should you groom your body hair?
35:28 Style Things you should understand?

See to it to follow all the men:

Art of Charm:
Order of Guy:
Sparta Strength:
Distilled Man:
The Modest Man:
Uncomplicated Gent:
Tanner Guzy:
Jay Butler:

Many thanks to Videographer Xiaoyu Hugh Hou that created this 360/ VR video clip material.

To find out the best ways to create your own 360/ VR video material, take a look at CreatorUp (@creatorup) on YouTube:

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