Date : May 16, 2020
By ShaMagic

Yesterday's Vlog –

Today Brittney and I flew out of Ohio to have some fun with our new special guests! This week is going to be loaded with some fun and exciting vlogs. Today I had a idea to drop 1,000 lighters into a bonfire. It went PERFECT!! DO NOT TRY THIS!! Smile More

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This is my life as a Father of my sons Noah and Kane along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013.

I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

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  1. BBM Show

    who else watches demolition ranch and vet ranch (: !

    • Average Gaming


    • Sydney McCabe

      Melanie De La Cruz yes I love vet ranch

    • BBM Show

      Vet ranch is probably my favorite out of all his channels ! I like so close to vet ranch that i want to one day go and donate in person lol

    • BBM Show

      Also anyone want to check out my channel? Just thought I’d ask.

    • Ivan Castrejon

      +Jair Castrejon Thats cool ARE WE RELATED are your parents from mexico or no

  2. Oliver Cosgrove

    like for Zeus not to be sad

    • Jamie Credland

      Oliver Cosgrove .

    • Dustin and Landon and TY

      Oliver Cosgrove k

    • Allison Pujol

      Michael Stahl


      Like BEGGER i dislike llama

    • chocolate operator

      @Oliver Cosgrove bet you cant

  3. Soul Qveen

    I skipped by mistake when he said, “Actually I haven’t failed. I’m going to figure it out.” And then, I skipped right to where he said, “I’ve figured it out.”

  4. S.M.

    4:55 who else is looking at the dude behind him


    omg i saw san Antonio omg omg they were in texas!!!! ik its a late comment but omg

  6. Allan Caccam

    that’s was freaking awesome – Andrea

  7. TYLER Bailey

    that girl with glasses tho ????????????????

    • Jamie Cassel


    • Jamie Cassel

      TYLER Bailey girl

  8. Johnathan Smith

    ther was a guy photo boming in the back round

  9. thecoldbloodgamer

    when people say don’t try this am I the only one that wants to do it more

    • Unholy Maine

      No and its ar

    • Unholy Maine


    • Jeremy Job

      I do to

  10. Brett Brown

    man roman what an aswome way to wast lighters,aswme vid dude

    • fortnite clips

      Awesome not aswome

  11. Mary Kennedy

    romanatwood I want to meet you but I can’t meet you
    by the way I’m in Ireland in limerick roman your the best
    ceep the videos up

  12. Wyatt Brinson

    like 4 zeus

    • Lorri C

      Wyatt Brinson oooooo

    • Jesse Drew

      Wyatt Brinson I

    • Sheepdog Smokey

      Gone but not forgotten, I’ve said goodbye to too many pups in my life.

    • Its_Me_CWB

      Jennifer Smith Zeus is dead

    • Switch Playz 847

      Its_Me_CWB duh

  13. Dominique Golden

    Funny he named his little girl after the Walmart lady by mistake

  14. Katelyn Bourne

    The girls name was Kora and so Is the baby’s and this was a long time ago

    • Chr0nixXD

      I noticed too

    • Sara Burke

      If u look at the date and the day their daughter was born it’s super likely she was consived this night or this week and they ran into a Kora ………that’s just bonkers!!!!!!!

    • Sid552

      That’s what it remiindeed me of

    • Lorri C

      Katelyn bourne droririffjjfirkrisosieididiiiiiiiiiiididgjfutjg

    • Leslie Carter

      Katelyn bourne ygtttttfgttf

  15. Shawn Martinez15

    I love how the girls name is kora and that’s there babies name

    • Savage CoolKam

      RShawn Martinez15

    • Preston Hayes

      I noticed that and then I saw this

    • Insert name Here

      What ?

    • Erin Kaur Love's Sabrina Carpenter

      I know right that’s crazy

    • Lou Sanus

      Cora with a c

  16. Anthony Torres

    OMG Kora he said awesome name so he liked the name

  17. Molly Doyle

    ZEUS!!watching this vlog!watching you…….?
    Always remembering how nice you were is making tears form…..and….
    You were always so loylety for everyone you met!!!
    And now…were left with NOTHING!!!!!You’re GONE …left us in tears but atleast your not in pain!????????????????????????????????????????????GOODBYE-family and freinds amen.

    • Noah Buth

      Molly Doyle amen

  18. Logan Gillett

    I’m having a blue jolly rancher right now it’s pretty good

  19. Khangura Supra

    Watching in 2018 thought Zeus would be her today

  20. XJ all the way

    Little did they know that they would name their baby girl after that Wal-Mart employee.